Fantasy Kids

Jack skipped happily from the bus stop to his home. He was very happy; today at school, he’d won a prize for writing a story about a boy who defeated a very scary monster. It was Halloween, after all.

He jumped onto his lawn, grinning, running up the steps to share the exciting news with his parents.

A cold breeze caused his hand to stop on the doorknob. Jack turned around.

There, on the yard of the house that rested at the opposite side of the street, stood an old man. He was rather large, with bright white hair and a fluffy white beard. He wore a plaid shirt and fishing pants with big brown boots.

“Hello, kid!” the man hollered, waving from the yard.

 Jack hesitated. His parents had always warned him not to talk to strangers. But the neighbors had just moved in, and the man seemed very friendly. So, Jack took his hand off the knob and used it to wave back instead.

“Hi!” he shouted, smiling at the man.

“Would you like to come over for a cup of tea?”

Again, the words gave Jack pause. He did like tea––as long as it had lots of milk and sugar. But his parents would certainly be angry if they found out he’d skipped his usual vegetable snack for sugary drinks. 

“I also have some cake. Chocolate, if you like.”

Jack walked across the street without a backward glance. His parents would be furious. But when there was cake available, Jack simply couldn’t resist.

The man smiled at him as he stepped into the yard. The man placed his hands on his very large hips. “And what’s your name, my young sir?”

“I’m Jack. Who are you?”

“Oh, I have lots of names, but people around here call me Nicky. Come this way, Jack. I have some treats for you.”

Jack followed the man across the perfectly manicured lawn and up the porch steps, where lights warmly illuminated the beautiful roses planted all around the structure. The man opened the door and walked inside, with Jack following closely behind.

Immediately, Jack was hit with the most wonderful aromas. He could smell baking of all kinds of goods––wafts of chocolate and fruity scents and the most delicious smell of marzipan (he only knew that one because his mother adored the treat). He walked through the entry hall, gazing around him, staring in delight at the red and green walls, decorated with pictures of what he presumed were the man’s family. He could see the round, bearded face in every frame, along with what looked like a few different people––a pretty young woman with blue hair and a piercing through her eyebrow, a very short man with the widest smile he’d ever seen and the brightest patch of red hair atop his head, and another man who was tall and lanky––and who scowled in every picture.

Jack stared at the walls in wonder.

“Ah, my family! I’m sure they’re all around here somewhere…” the man glanced around the house, crossing his arms. “Hello? Anyone? Come meet my new friend, comrades!”

“Nicky, are you mad?”

Jack jumped at the sound of the woman’s voice. He looked up to see the woman from the picture frame standing on the top of the staircase. Except, now, she had bright pink hair down to her shoulders and a piercing through her nose.

“Why, there you are, my dear.”

“Don’t ‘dear’ me,” the woman snorted, trotting down the steps. Jack’s eyes widened at her shoes. They were massive black boots with very tall heels. “You brought a child here? You proper lunatic!”

“Hush, Farrah. Be nice,” Nicky scolded, wagging a finger at the woman. "He's here for some cake."

Jack stared with wide eyes at the both of them, suddenly feeling like he was in the middle of an argument.

“And what’s your name, then?” The woman––Farrah––snapped at Jack.

“M-m-my name? I-I-It’s Jack,” he stammered, taking a step backward.

Farrah’s hard eyes softened as she looked at the boy. She crossed her arms, frowning, before turning to Nicky. “What’s this about, Nicholas? You know we don't––don't share our family recipes.” She raised an eyebrow.

“You know I hate it when you call me that,” the man sighed. “And don’t worry, dear. I have my reasons.”

She stared at the man with narrowed eyes before her shoulders slumped in defeat. “Oh, alright. Come this way, Jack. I just made a chocolate cake. You’re welcome to have a slice.”

“And some tea,” Nicky added, face brightening. “Can’t forget about that, can we, boy?”

Jack followed Farrah nervously, unsure when she was bound to snap at him again. But she seemed in a decidedly better mood when she walked through the door to the kitchen. Jack gaped in awe as he stood in the doorway.

Baked goods lay upon every inch of countertop. He spotted all sorts of cookies; ginger snaps and chocolate chip and sugar cookies with every color of icing one could imagine. There were piles of brownies and homemade candy bars. Cakes of all shapes and sizes lined the walls, some with five tiers and some with one and some that even seemed to defy physics. To his surprise, despite all the treats around him and the hours upon hours of baking it must have taken to create such masterpieces, the kitchen was absolutely spotless.

“You made all of this?” Jack asked in wonder, staring around him.

“Of course, I did. Some would say I have a bit of a…sweet tooth.” Jack didn’t notice when she winked at Nicky.

“It smells so good!”

“Wait until you take a bite,” she said jubilantly. “Come. Sit here.”

Jack scooted onto a bar stool and waited politely as Farrah rummaged around the kitchen. Nicky came to sit beside him. Jack’s mouth watered as he watched her cut a thick slice from a large chocolate cake resting near the stovetop. It was smothered with chocolate icing. She plucked a fork from a drawer and set the plate in front of him.

“Here. I’ll get the tea. Dig in.”

Jack sighed in content as he prepared to take his first bite. As soon as he brought the fork to his mouth, he jumped, the fork clambering against the plate as he dropped it. For a very squat man had just walked in through the door.

“I’m a wee bit ravenous, Farrah. Mind cuttin’ me a slice? Or two? And can ye’ toss me that plate o’ cookies?”

“Bossy as usual, Pat. You prick.”

“Aye! Watch yer mouth; there’s a chillun here.” He gestured with his head to Jack, seeming to not be at all surprised at the strange young boy sitting in the kitchen.

Farrah scowled. “Grab the food yourself.”

“Nicky,” the man said, nodding warmly to the older man.

“Patrick,” Nicky returned, smiling at the short man. “Was wondering where you were.”

“At the bank. Gotta go back, ye’ know. Just stopped by for a bit o’ sugar.”

Patrick nodded to Jack quickly before stealing a plate of cookies and a tray of four large cake slices stacked on top of one another, and then slid out of the kitchen without another word, chewing on a candy bar as he left.

Jack closed his mouth with a snap. He hadn’t realized it had been open in surprise. He turned back to his cake, finally ready to take a bite.

Until another man walked through the door. The tall, lanky one from the pictures. And, just like on the walls, he was scowling, his bushy eyebrows furrowed in annoyance.

“Hey, Bo,” Farrah said, lifting her eyes from preparing the tea to give the man a brief nod.

He only scowled.

“Bo, why don’t you say hello to my new friend here?” Nicky said politely, smiling.

The tall man––Bo––glared at Jack with distaste, suddenly stopping, his nose wrinkled. He turned back to Nicky.

"You brought someone here? A child? To our home? What gives you the right––"

"Hush, Bo. The man's got a purpose," Farrah said, shrugging.

The man, Bo, glared at Jack, who felt suddenly very small. Bo turned to yank one chocolate chip cookie off a cooling rack before stomping back out of the kitchen.

“Who was that?” Jack burst, staring with wide eyes at the door––and wondering who else might wander in.

“Oh, that was just the Boogeym––”

“That was Bo,” Nicky said hastily, shooting Farrah a glance. “He’s not a very…energetic fellow, I suppose.”

Farrah snorted.

Jack finally turned back to his plate and grabbed his fork quickly, shoving a bite of chocolate cake in his mouth before he could be interrupted again.

He sighed in content. It was heaven––full of rich chocolate and a fluffy, buttery texture. He devoured the cake in less than a minute.

“Something tells me you liked that. Here––wash it down with some tea, yeah?” Farrah placed a mug of tea in front of him.

Jack took a sip carefully, unsure if it was boiling hot. To his surprise, it was the perfect temperature. And it was delightful––he could taste an array of fruity flavors, complete with a touch of honey. The liquid was silky and smooth as it ran pleasantly down his throat. Immediately, he felt warm and cozy, as if sitting by a fire.

“Woah,” he murmured, staring at the tea.

“Good, huh?” Nicky said, winking.

Jack looked up, smiling. He felt very content.

“Jack, I wanted to ask you something,” Nicky said gently, clasping his hands in front of him and resting them on the countertop.


“I wanted to ask if you wanted to be…my apprentice. I’m getting rather old, you see.”

“What’s that?” Jack asked curiously, cocking his head to the side. “What’s an––an apprentice?”

“Oh, it’s like a student of sorts. I would be your teacher.”

“A student of what?”

Nicky smiled, the corners of his eyes creasing. “Let’s call it the gift-giving business. Come on; follow me. I have lots to show you.”

*Note: Do not attempt at home. In other words, please do not go home with adult strangers. Probably won’t end well.

October 23, 2020 16:12

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Lina Oz
16:13 Oct 23, 2020

Trying to get better at writing children's/kids stories. Hopefully readers get the references; if not, please let me know! Critiques welcome.


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Lani Lane
15:47 Oct 28, 2020

I think this is exactly what a kid's story should be! I'm having so much trouble writing for that genre lately, so this was so helpful to read. :) I wish this were longer! Really wanted to read more. :)


Lina Oz
17:44 Oct 28, 2020

Oh man, I feel you there. Kids stories are so challenging to write (also, I can't even remembered what I read when I was younger. Like, what type of vernacular am I supposed to use??). Thank you for the read and the comment :) I loved your most recent kids story, the Minecraft one!! So cute :D


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E. Jude
10:24 Oct 25, 2020

Haha! I loved this story! The way you described all the foods even made me hungry, but I did have a bit of a feeling Jack was in trouble. It was creepy and innocent and sweet and cute and so on all mixed together to make up a vibe particular to this story. Well done! I would love it if you could check out my stories too!!! XElsa


Lina Oz
00:51 Oct 26, 2020

Thank you so much for reading my story and for your kind compliment! I'm a bit slammed with work this week, but I will get to your stories as soon as I am able :)


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Molly Leasure
17:27 Oct 23, 2020

What gift-giving business? Nicky is a child smuggler, plain and simple. This is adorable. From the references to the nonchalance Jack has about the entire situation. It's fun and light, like a kid's tale should be, but its also a bit twisted in regards to the, uh, life lessons. But I like that about it, haha. By the way, did you name him Jack in regards to Jack Frost? And, say, Rise of the Guardians? I adore that movie. Haha. (I see he used to be Elijah though ;)) My lil' notes ~ "Nicky scolded, wagging his fingers and the woman." I'd ...


Lina Oz
17:48 Oct 23, 2020

These edits are incredible. And DANG IT I thought I threw all the Elijah's in the garbage. Forgot to take out all the trash, I see. And yup, I LITERALLY was like "ya know what, just turn this into a Rise of the Guardians fanfic" so here we are. I will make all those excellent edits ASAP! They are hilarious, by the way. Thank you so much!!


Molly Leasure
01:22 Oct 24, 2020

Haha! It was just one, not bad, not bad! YES, I KNEW IT. I adore Rise of the Guardians!!! >:)


Lina Oz
23:52 Oct 24, 2020

Ah me too!! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve seen it, and you’ve reminded me to add it to the list for the holiday season!


Molly Leasure
03:28 Oct 25, 2020

I watch it like every Christmas/Thanksgiving/Easter/etc. LOL. Not entirely true, but I watch it more than I probably should. Fit it in around my soppy Christmas romance movies that I watch all year 'round...


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Leo Reynie
14:38 Oct 30, 2020

I really liked it! Although I do think Jack a little bit of an idiot XD, you're story well captivated me and I wish it was longer!


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Pamela Berglund
00:35 Oct 29, 2020

I apologize, but this story made no sense to me. It was supposed to be about a family recipe and instead you were telling a christmas story....nicky and making the chikd an apprentice.


Lina Oz
01:14 Oct 29, 2020

“Family recipe” refers to the “secret” that the family kept (that they’re fairy tale creatures), which is a quote in this story: “You know we don't––don't share our family recipes.” I made slight references that the family members were holiday fairytale creatures—Nicky is Santa, Farrah is the Tooth Fairy, Bo is the Bogeyman, and Patrick is a leprechaun. At the end of the story, Nicky—Santa—asks the child (Jack) to become his apprentice. Jack is an allusion to Jack Frost, another holiday fairytale creature. It is meant to be a playful piece a...


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Pamela Berglund
17:34 Oct 29, 2020

Oh. Thank you. I'm sorrry that I didn't get it, but now I understand it better and feel that it was a good story.


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