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I was traveling the WAYS by mirror to get to Cafe Shi. Meaning? Well, it was daytime, so I could not get there by moonlight and my other means of transportation were elsewhere.

I arrived late. Sneaking in, I sat and listened to Ender, the storyteller. You, if you read Cafe Shi before on Minds @talon123 will recognize him. If not? Let this be a lesson in listening to other people’s stories.

Yes? Oh? You. Wonderful. Come, come. Let me see. Sit, the lady will serve us tea presently.

What have you gotten for me? A story? I hope so. Me? Why I had just hopped to London for a bit. I found this on a table. Tales of Beedle the Bard wonderful tale, it would seem of magic and stuff like that.

Who wrote it? Some Rowlings lady. Lovely hand drawings. What is it about?

Why some silly movie? Harry Potter or something another. Have you seen it?

No? Neither have I. Too many books to read. Too many places to explore. But I must say the pictures and drawings in this book are lovely.

Makes me wonder about the author? She must have a wondrous story. And the book? It seems some lady gets this book in a story with some wizard.

Wonderful, I would say.

What, how did I get it?

Well? I’d rather not say.

But if you must know. A lost and found box at a pub.


Well, I drink and sometimes as an alternative mirror reality things get lost.

I was looking for my well. My book and ran across this one. And? I asked how long had it been there. Years. Meaning? I was in some advanced future where people did not read books. They had screens on their phones and did not read per se. They skimmed. They did not hold a book in reverence and awe or wonder. Only to flip to the next page lit by some light in a technology that is ruining their eyesight.

And? Well, I asked if I could have it. The pub owner said sure why not I was going to throw it out anyway.

And with that and another order of rum, I was off to here. Why here?

Holidays at Cafe Shi are so wonderful.

Now what story did you bring me? Nothing new? Well lets read: The symbol of the Hallows found in “The Tale of the Three Brothers” Weird looks like Skipper’s triangle in Gravity Falls?

Weird. I wonder which really came first? Meaning?

Well in Spacetime travel did Rawlings think of the triangle first or did the cartoonist at Disney or did Disney think of it first and this is some sort of weird translation? Mirror realities and such, you know.

Let’s read some more.. Weird Wizard and the hoping pots.. Sounds so similar to Fantasia and those stupid brooms. Or the original story that happened in what was that story called? Something something Magical what not in Bavaria. The twist was not a cup or a broom. There the genie made it into some turnips and the tale had something dealing with the morality of do not be greedy.

1300th century morality of some hungry poor soul wanting a bag of turnips that never emptied. Weird, I know.

But that tale had a moral at least. Which was? Well, unlike Mickey mouse chopping the brooms and getting out with the wizards’ help. Or Harry getting some piece of an evil person I see in the book. Well, the lady, if I recall correctly after asking for the bag of turnips, made the fatal mistake of asking to be as powerful as a genie or a genie.

The exact wording I forget. It was a long time ago. And the story? Why yes, I think I will make a movie of it. Why not? Everyone is doing it. A short movie. But would anyone watch? I doubt it.

Anyway the moral of the lady, turnips, and genie was not to be too greedy for what you wished for.

Now lets see? What else in this book? A fountain? A once a year answer to the person’s problems? By a witch? Sounds like the Skeleton king or was it the Horn King’s story. I wonder did she grow up on Disney or did Disney grow upon Rawlings? You know, Spacetime is like that.

Meaning? The oddity is unrelated events seem to be related and how? There is a math equation now showing how unrelated events influence outcomes. Meaning?

Example A B C seems rather 1 2 3 and the next should be D 4 but something outside the Spacetime comes in and knocks D 4 into Z 1000000. Believe me, I did not believe this until I entered the mirror worlds.

And now? Why there are genies, djinns, and ghost everywhere and most of them don’t remember their names or what they were to do. Which is an oddity. In yet?

Well, let’s get back to this Rawlings book. Warlock’s Dark Heart? Peter Pan? Wild. I knew Peter when they called him the Shadow of Death. What you didn’t know? Peter and I went on trips together often. It was the most wonderful trips. Me being a pirate and him being well. Death, I suppose.

And what did I learn from him? Well, being alone is awful. That is why you should always have a library card.

The tale of three brothers? Eh? What about three goats crossing a troll bridge? Seems rather wildly nice. Now the real question in the mirror reality worlds. Which person wrote this first and which made their own version first? And again with magic. Magic is wild not what one would expect. There is real magic. There is also technological magic. And the two can hardly be told apart. So? Which was real? Magic of Disney or Rawlings? Or the Dyson sphere called heaven? And Death? Death is a clone of someone who has fallen from grace. Sad. Those tories are Jewish lore now. But they change daily just like who owns what and what is new is old and what is old is new.

Why? Simple: there is always a bit of truth in a tale and there is always a bit of question.

You should really try some tea. Please Ms. A cup a tea. Cafe Shi will be serving soon enough. Um.. Yes, tonight a story. Now lets read some more of this book. It seems it is a rather expensive book. Several million dollars per this note here. Humor. I wonder in what year and if I could get that much in the Magical Bookshop. Mr. Whoo would love this, I think.

What? More on mirror realities? Like what?

Like what broke the mirror realities? Bill Gates of course is one cause but not thee cause. No, the CIA had their hands in Montauk projects and trying to kill the God of this universe. Shame is great. But that is not here nor there in this story.

Mirror worlds? Well, they collapsed after Finn’s treasure was taken, of course.

Meaning? Why Finn was or is or will be SPACETime conflict a fairy after all. I believe he was or is the hidden name of the ferry or smith in fairy legends to be specific. And without the treasure stolen from some guy out east. On fairy creek to be precious. Well, the fairies now have their reality for a time.

A time? Well, seven million years to be more actuate. How do I know? Why there are mirrors there too. And I? While being pirate and friend of Pan. I travel where I please, of course. Please pass the crackers.

So you still have not told me a story. Reflecting in a mirror is all a figment of one’s imagination and after all. I hunt with the boogie man these days. You should see his trophy room. In still? I wonder. Will the Dyson sphere let me in? I used to be a good soul, you know. And now?

Now I wander the mirror, realize dying worlds and wonder. Oh, Please that tale you can find online to Wondering Minds through The Multiverse. By the author of this, of course. It will lead you down a rabbit hole to the mirror worlds of Borges. 

It will take you two arms of galaxies where nukes went off in Hawaii and?

Why? You want to know why? JFK of course is why. The secret of Babylon. What secret? That Britney Spears is right we are all clones of one kind or another. That this. All of this is because in some realities JFK walks out of NASA and says. HEY FOLKS we have been in contact with Aliens. And with that religion dies and God is somewhat delayed by this is this or that is that. 

Oh, you really want to know?

Sure why not.

The vaccine is metal causing dementia like symptoms. However when the Wi-Fi is turned up to a certain frequency poof zombies. And those zombies attack giants and those giants attack humanity or what is left of humanity. And humanity?

Humanity is sterilized and those not are pulled from their bunkers and raped to death. Kind of wild ending no?

Well, what did you expect my tea has not come yet?

With that tale I entered and said my hellos to Ender and his listener. And?

Well, the comments are my story. You see we are clones and what he does in one world.. I must do nother.. And? Well,he may take a left turn. And I a right turn.

July 07, 2021 22:08

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