Laxmi got the power !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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                   Laxmi got the power !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Laxmi” ! “Why are you banging the plates? Wash them properly”…….shouted the landlord pointing towards the lean , weak girl sitting in the corner of the kitchen washing the huge number of utensils. As she was merely 10 yrs old , she wasn’t able to grip the plates too well and therefore they were slipping from her hands every now and then.

“Oh! You are good for nothing ! “- “Such a creep you are”, blabbered the lady when Laxmi seemed to ignore her voice. “

Laxmi , a young girl was  forced to wash utensils in people’s houses. She hailed from a very poor family and they hardly had any source of livelihood. A drunkard jobless father, a younger brother and a sick bed ridden mother – were the only people that she could call family.

Yes , these were the only people she had. On her way to work, she would often see children her age , going to school . She would imagine herself wearing the school dress and entering the magnificient building of the school.

The shops selling ice-creams and candies would often water her mouth as well but she knew she could hardly afford them . However , the delicious taste and flavours kept on lingering her mouth in her fantasy.

She cursed her destiny so badly, her parents, her work, her house, her dirty clothes and what not the list was long.

One evening, she was late from work and as she walked  her way back home the weather suddenly changed and it started drizzling. As she was nearly midway, she could neither move forward nor return back so she took refuge in a deserted temple at the corner of the road. The temple was really in a bad shape and its structure was almost decaying or coming off. There was no place to sit per say so Laxmi made herself sit on a old rock just outside the temple.

Something caught her attention while she was sitting. Her eyes were drizzled with something that was emitting some golden flash of light. “Hey, what is it ?”, she asked herself. As she drew a bit closer she could see an amazingly beautiful statue that appeared to be made of gold. It resembled some king like figure.” Is it a King?”, well she was not sure. But the golden statue was really beautiful. Just then some strange sensation inside her body took place  and she burst into tears. She literally vomited out all her struggles, her fears, anxieties and worries in front of statue . It appeared as if she got some secret friend to confide to.

Yes , she shared all her secret dreams, wishes and desires that she had kept in her heart, guarded from the whole world, her friends and her family as well.

And she did feel good after that. More relaxed and more confident of herself. She felt very lighter and much bolder. There seemed to be no fears or anxieties in her as if some magic happened and her new friend had taken away all her sorrows.

The rain stopped and Laxmi realized it was quite late, so she bid goodbye to her new friend in the temple premises and headed her way back home.

On reaching home, she was scolded by her father who was concerned about her whereabouts, since evening as she had never been that late before. She did not respond and quickly rushed to the washroom to change her clothes and wash her hands as she had to prepare dinner. Her younger brother was also very hungry and was crying for food.

They had very little cereal and some rice for the evening meal so she quickly completed her cooking and served whatever little food they had , to her father, ailing mother and brother. There was hardly any left for her and she headed her way to the kitchen to fetch water for herself. As she took the glass in her hand she could smell some sweet odour coming from one of the pans. “Oh lemme check!!” she said to herself. Though, there was nothing to eat ,  still she pulled the cover of the big vessel. Her eyes were opened wide as they could be . She saw small pieces of cakes, pastries and candies that she had longed right in front.

“Am I dreaming?” She pinched herself. No, it was for real. With shivering hands and dry throat she picked up a piece and gulped it down. It tasted like heaven, nothing was comparable to it. Yes , her wish of having the delicious food was fulfilled. She was a good girl, so she shared the tasty stuff with her younger brother, mother and  father. They all were aghast to have such a treat. When they asked her from where did she get all this stuff, she just made a excuse that there was some party in landlord’s house and they had given her these items for home.

The family didn’t care much after. That night , LAXMI was not able to sleep properly, she was just too happy.

The next morning, while she was passing by the school gate, wishing that she were inside it suddenly she heard someone honking at her. It was a huge beautiful car, and a pretty lady sitting inside gazing at her sharply. Suddenly the vehicle stopped beside her and that lady asked her politely to sit inside. She was terrified, however hesitantly she sat inside and the driver headed towards the car parking premises.

“O Dear ! Why are you shaking so much? Be comfortable, lets go”, saying this the lady smiled at her and took her hand. She could feel the velvette touch of the skin and was also aware of her own hard skin texture. They both headed for the principal’s office. As they walked past the grand staircase, the brilliant infrastructure, big decorated hall, paintings, trophies and beautiful school stuff left Laxmi just “Awestruck”.

“Come in madam”, came a strong voice of a lady from inside. Yes , it was the Principal as she addressed Laxmi’s aquaintence . She requested them to sit down. “Hello madam !! how may I help you. “ “Well” the lady replied – “This is the child I am looking at for financing education, I want you to take her assessment and grant her the scholarship which I want to give for her entire schooling!!!!!!!!!!!” “ What ! Laxmi almost fainted on hearing this. “ It was unbelievable for her !”

A stranger lady is making my dream come true? Is it real? Am I dreamning? – she screamed with joy.

“No , my dear you are in the school” – announced the principal in affirmation. “I will fetch the details of the child and she will be on from next week.”

Laxmi touched the feet of the two ladies, thanked and hugged them. Thereafter, she rushed to her home ……she wanted to break the good news to her folks.

“Oh ! I wish things were better at my home as well”, she felt a warm splash of light in her eyes and felt as if things were getting better. She reached home only to be amazed that her drunkard father , had not drunk since morning and was offered by a neighbor friend  to join some good job. A team of doctor students had also visited their home,  who were taking survey of terminally ill patients and assured the family that they would take their mother to their hospital and get her treated for free as a part of some social work cause subject, in their semester.

“Wow, my little brother could be admitted in my school, if I request the kind lady.” Laxmi thought in her head.

Yes, and we know her wishes did come true. Yes, it was the golden statue which had the powers that were bestowed upon Laxmi and she could now turn her life and design her life the way she wanted.

After all, the strange looking friend of the temple had blessed her. Laxmi was now on cloud nine. She had realized the power of dreams, of heartfelt wishes and she dint mind it at all. Well, why should she? J

July 03, 2020 16:43

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Delano Mighty
13:47 Jul 15, 2020

A good story. Focus more on describing what the main character is feeling or experiencing at the moment, rather than stating it outright. Also, consider looking at how her new powers could cause conflict with her employers or her family, for example.


Alkaa Sharma
15:55 Jul 15, 2020

Thanks so much I will consider it


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Corey Melin
20:24 Jul 04, 2020

Very uplifting story. A few spelling errors which can be corrected by re-reading the story or there are free grammar checks that I use myself. Overall well done.


Alka Sharma
19:25 Jul 05, 2020

Thanks so much I'll check that


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Ravi Joshi
17:30 Jul 03, 2020

Fantasy come true👌👌


Alkaa Sharma
03:25 Jul 08, 2020



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Amcomputech Sol
16:55 Jul 03, 2020

Amazing 👌👏


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