dear diary

i have an exiting story to tell let me start from the begining


 "and cut that's a wrap", the director called 


Nancy Larmon age 17 exited the set. she was as perfect as you could get. platinum blond hair and blue eyes. "nancy awesome job,'' said Shane who happened to be nancy's best friend. 


"It was ok I hated playing the part with Gary. He smelt like fish and kisses even worse", nancy stated. Shane leaned in for a kiss. nancy pushed him away. 

"aw come on nancy we are perfect for each other", Shane whined 


"not to me, I need to find the perfect someone" 


"OH MY GOD, nancy you've been saying that since I don't know forever." 


"ya well," nancy started but just as that Michael Fitzpatrick stepped in. he was just as perfect as nancy he had amber hair and his eyes look like eternal fire. nancy found herself staring at him. 


"oh brother", Shane cried 


it was love at first sight 


the director called everyone over 


"everyone this is Michael he will be taking over Gary's part" he announced 


Nancy felt so happy 


"ok everyone let's take it from the top", called the director 


"and action'' 


Michael was playing blake and nancy was playing Katie 


"Blake don't leave'' I love you", nancy acted 


the rain cued 


"Katie I don't love you anymore," Michael said 




"no buts I'm leaving" 


just as "blake" went to exit the door on set "Katie" pulled him back 


"let me show you why you fell in love with me " 


"you have 10 seconds before I leave-" 


"Katie" cut him off by pressing her lips against his he put his hands on her waist.  


"you win I'll stay," Blake said. 


"and cut take five," Jeremy said 


nancy grabbed a sparkling cider as she exited the stage. She felt like the scene went well. she felt a warm fuzzy feeling it felt of warm sunshine 


"That was fun", Michale said 

"Yes yeah Yeah sure that was kind of fun" nancy replied 

"You're very pretty for your age " 

"Thank you, "Nancy said questioningly  

"I didn't mean it like that and you know it " 

"Maybe I did maybe I didn't you'll just have to find out " 

"Is that a challenge " 

"We'll see " 

Just as that Michael grabbed her around the waist and kissed her he swung her around deepening the kiss as he did. She gazed into his eyes thinking she could get lost in them forever which seemed like forever kiss ended nancy felt stargazed.he may have been 2 years older than nancy herself but he was perfect 

"Wow," nancy said 

"I think I aced that challenge, "Michael said mockingly 

He walked away but just as he did, he looked back and winked and her she fell under his spell, immediately just waiting for their next encounter. She turned to see that Shane was watching. But she didn't feel fazed. 

"Are you kidding me, 3 freaking years chasing you down just so you can go off with this new perfect guy you just met do you know what I don't know anymore? "Shane said sadly he threw something down on the floor. Nancy reached down to pick it up.  

"Oh my gosh" nancy cried 

It was a tiny little box I said Tiffany & Co on it.with her soft fingers she dusted off the box. Nancy opened up the box where the diamond ring fell out. It hit the floor twice before sparkling on the floor 

"So much for the perfect timing,'' Shane said as he walked away 

"Oh my gosh, Shane, I'm sorry I didn't know. " 

"No, it's fine to go off and have your little boyfriend. " 

“I'm sorry I just see you as a brother you've always been there for me and I love you for that” 

Just as that Michael came walking back. 

"What the heck is your problem" he yelled at Shane 

"Nothing it's just you coming here and stealing my girl " 

"Stop I wasn't your girl," nancy said crying she fell to the floor. Her feelings overwhelmed her 

"Yeah well " Shane cried 

"Leave the Girl Alone" Michael cried 

"Well I happen to be this girl's ride home" 

"Go I'll take her," Michael said 

"fine" Shane stormed off. 

But just as Shane went to walk away, he turned around and punched Michael right in the face Michael looked astonished. the rage-fueled him. Michael lunged forward pushing Shane to the ground Shane stood up. They tussled back and forth for with seems like 5 minutes before anyone could pry them apart. Shane's face was all bloody while Michaels looks swollen. 

"Come on Nancy "Michael called “ let me take you home" 

Nancy and Michael walked out the door and stepped into his car. Most of the ride home was silent. "Let me ask you something, "Michael said 

"What," nancy's said 

"Are you and that wretched boy like" nancy cut him off 

"No no, we're not together " 

"Oh I see " 

"He's been following me around since third grade." 

Michael pulled over 

"Why are we stopped," nancy asked 

For this Michael said 

Michael pulled Nancy to his seat 

"No acting this time" nancy said 

"That would be too hard," Michael said smiling 

And she pressed her face to his not needing an excuse this time to touch his hair they made their way to the back seat. she felt star-struck. the feeling she felt now was indescribable When they finally started driving again nancy asked him a question 

"Why would big shot movie star Michael Fitzpatrick fall for a senior in high school girl? " 

"you know what I'll never even know that myself" 

 “you're the piece I never thought I needed " 

nancy puts her had on the radio and turns it up 

"Don't know if I could ever be 

Without you 'cause boy you complete me 

And in time I know that we'll both see 

That we're all we need 


Cause you're the apple to my pie (pie) 

You're the straw to my berry (berry) 

You're the smoke to my high (high) 

And you're the one I want to marry (marry)" 

"well that's a covenant," Michael said sarcastically 

"I guess" Nancy laughed 

"You know what " 


"I want to take you on a date a real date" 

"Oh okay " 

"Come on, let's go" 

"Weight right now I'm not even ready" 

"Oh well" 

One hour later 

"I can't believe you talked me into this"nancy pouted 

"I know I'm amazing aren't I," Michael said 

"Well that's one way to put it" 

"I know right " 

"Hello may take your order," the waitress asked 

"Yeah I'll take a small Caesar salad with low-fat ranch and a Diet Coke " 

"I'll have the steak dinner" 

"is that all for you guys tonight" 

"Yes " they both answered 

The waitress walked off 

"A salad I bring you to this really expensive nice restaurant can you get a freaking salad " Michael complained 

"Yeah got a problem with that " 

"Ugh I guess not" 

"Good stop complaining 

after dinner, the two walked out to the parking lot./ 

Their hands laced together. She had seven missed calls from Shane and one text saying 

" you shouldn't have gone out with him he's just going to break your heart" 

" how do you know," nancy texted back 

"Whom you texting," Michael asked 

"Shane, he keeps texting me," nancy said back 

"Do you need me to kick his you know what or do you got it " 

"No, he's an old friend he just doesn't want me to get hurt " 

"Yeah that or he's jealous" 

nancy rolled her eyes but she knew he had a point 

She waited till Michael dropped her off to check her phone for Shane's response! 

"He's a movie star what do you think he's going to do give you roses " 

"yeah he's not like that" 

"Whatever he comes walking into your life and now you love him come on Nancy" 

"Ugh you're just jealous" 

"Of what your perfect little boyfriend," 

 "no, it's just " 

"Just Stop" 

"Yeah it's just I don't know what to say you're acting so weird 

Stop texting me don't even talk to me at school bye Nancy and I mean that" 

Nancy stared at the screen she wanted to text him back so bad but she respected his which wishes 


The next day of filming Michael came up to Nancy 

"How's that boyfriend of yours," he asked 

"Starting drama what else is new" 

"I see I understand " 

"No you don't I just lost my best friend and he's always been there for me " 

"I know you're hurting " 

Michael planted a kiss on Nancy's lips. 

She felt the whole cast stare at her for it was told in all of those teen magazines that Michael Fitzpatrick never dated. All she could think about is Shane and how she let him down. Over the next 6 months, Shane and Nancy haven't talked. 

“and action” the director called 

Again, Nancy was playing Katie and Michael was playing Blake 

“Blake I’m dying”, Nancy acted 

“no, I love you can’t leave me”, Michael acted back 

‘’ I only have a couple more minutes” 



“It can’t be” 

“ya it can” 

“don’t leave” 

“I’m sorry'' I love you” and with that, her body went limp 


“and cut, beautiful” the director called 

Nancy ran off stage and ran to her trailer 

She decided to text shane for the first time in what seemed of forever. 


“Hey” she texted 

A minute later came his response 


“You spelled it wrong” 

He sent the eye roll emoji 

“So” i texted 

“So” he responded  

About 10 minutes later Michael showed up at her trailer 

“nancy” Michael called 

“can I come in,” he asked  

“no” she replied 

He came in anyway 

“what's wrong” 

“I miss Shane” 

“why he's a loser” 

“ya a loser who happened to be my friend” 

“you'll get over him” 

“I don’t know” 

“you will” 

“ya but-” 

“no buts” 

Nancy fell into her chair. 

“Nancy?” he asked 

She began to shake 


“Help I can’t breath” she managed to gasp 

“HELP SOMEONE HELP! “Michael yelled as loud as he could 

Michael grabbed his phone and dialed 911. 

“9 11 what’s your emergency” 

“help my girlfriend is shaking she can’t breathe she needs help” 

“ok what’s your location” 

“176th street New York” 

“ok an ambulance is on its way” 

The ambulance pulled up 

“where is she, “the medic asked 

“right here,” Michael said panicking 

They loaded her into the ambulance. Michael climbed in the back 

“Nancy wake up or I'll kill you myself.wake up dang it,'' Michael said frustratingly 

They unloaded her into the hospital 

They ran up the stairs when the unthinkable happened the wheel on the stretcher broke. 

Nancy tumbled out. 

“Owwwww”, nancy bellowed in pain 

The medic used his talkie urgently 

“Help where on the west side we have a broken stretcher and a sick patient” Michael had to think fast. He couldn't wait any longer. Scooped up Nancy and ran. Never doubted that Nancy couldn't make it. He believed in her. He thought to himself while running he put everything he ever had into her and he wasn't going to watch her die not like this at least. 

“It will be ok,” Michael said 

“Come on nancy wake up”, he screamed while his eyes teared up  

The doctors examined her over the next 3 hours 

" Ugh what happened, " Nancy asked  

" Be honest with yourself nancy what do you think happened? "the doctor said  

" I don't know"  

" nancy"  

" hey okay I know I'm pregnant"  

" that's more like it"  

The doctor left the room to check the data.  

Bling nancy's phone went off.  

It was Shane  

" Nancy I'm so so sorry I never should have made you choose"  

Nancy quickly texted back  

" it's okay but I want to tell you something"  

" what "  

" come to the hospital"  

" why"  

"I'm going to"  

" going to what"  

"I'm going to have a girl"  

" oh"  

" yeah you're my best friend and I want you to be here"  

" Okay I'll be their tomorrow noon is that okay"  

" Yeah that'll be fine see you then "  

" bye "  

The doctor came back in the room  

" is that the dad out in the-"  

Nancy cut him off  

" Yeah that's him"  

" Okay I will go tell him the news "  

The doctor stepped out of room  


“So how is she” Michael aked 


“On what” 

“You are going to have a girl” 

“Wait what” 


He stormed into the hospital room 

“We have a child” 

Nancy started to cry 

“Nancy answer me” 


“And you didn't think to tell me” 

“I thought-” 

“You thought what, “ he said angrily 



“I'm so sorry” 

“Oh no I'm so sorry” Michael cried 


“No, I'm sorry I would never leave you I love you nancy” 

“Thank you'' I love you too” 

She planted a kiss on his lips 

“When's the child due” 

“Um, now” 


The doctor came in 

“ it's time for you to leave now” 

Micheal left the room. He waited for 11 hours to see his queen. 

The doctor came out crying 

“What,” Michael asked 

“I’m so so sorry 

“ what the baby didn't make it” 


“Than what” 

“Mrs. Larmon didn't make the-” 

“No” he ran to the delivery room to find her limp, lifeless body 


“Waa” the baby girl cried 

He picked up his little girl 

“Oh your mother would have loved you my sweet little” he realized she didn't have a name 

“Lavender”, he said to himself 

All of a sudden Shane walked in. he took one look at nancy and the baby and then looked at Michael 

“What is the name of christ did you do to her” 

“I'm sorry” Michael cried 

“No I knew this would happen”, Shane hollered 

Shane for the second time ever punched Michael in the face but this time Michael did nothing. He felt so sad and alone without nancy. His feelings overwhelmed him 


Two weeks later in the wake. 

Micheal went up to say a few words. 

“ I knew Nancy on the set of our movie. sHe was 17 when we first met we fell in love almost instantly. Although not everyone approved we found away. Nancy was one of the most amazing people I've ever met she brought me happiness and joy. And though our relationship only lasted 2 years it was still the best two years of my life. And I can't help but feel not her pain but she had brought me the most joy ever and my daughter”. Michael paused he started to cry. “I loved her like anyone would like anyone could and I hope now she may lay in peace now everyone bow their heads in silence” 


April 08, 2020 17:20

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Amany Sayed
17:22 Apr 14, 2020

This was a beautiful story. Do you have any advice for starting writers?


Kara Assmar
23:33 Apr 14, 2020

actually yes when first starting out at least for me coming up with stories were easy but following through were hard so just surround your self with inspiration and things you love it is so easy to get distracted just focus hope i could help


Amany Sayed
23:45 Apr 14, 2020

Thanks so much!


Kara Assmar
01:00 Apr 15, 2020

no problem


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Jane West
15:33 Apr 14, 2020

oved this story so much you should become a author it was beautifly wrote


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Paige Owen
05:19 Apr 12, 2020

That’s a creative plot! Can I ask, who’s perspective was the story told from? I was wondering since you began it with “Dear diary,” but there was no end name.


Kara Assmar
15:29 Apr 14, 2020

@cate young my story was originally told from a narrators point of view but i had to edit it to fit the format


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Adrian Assmar
03:23 Apr 17, 2020

i love this book


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