Sorry, sorry, sorry, your story is not worthy to publish,Mr David..you are a seasoned writer and you are presenting a story like this, you know all the pros and cons of this business,” said the editor to Me very angrily.

“But Sir, this story depicts the lives of the poor farmers and our country is in a development stage and we have to protect the lives and interest of the poor Farmers”I answered in a very defensive way. 

“Listen,said the editor,we are professionals ,we must know the pulse of the audience. Every body reads some spicy story.Story is like a dish,all the dishes cook in a same method but main ingredient of the dish is “”Spice”. Our readers are mostly general readers, they like suspence,love,sex ,thrill, drama…,go and bring a story cooked in these ingredients.”

The editor said very hurriedly”.

“Go and come with a changed plot, you are my old friend I have a sympathy with you”.said the editor in a very sympathetic gesture.

I was started thinking about a spicy story

Till now i featured story mostly based on political appraisals, economic reviews, interviews, agricultural and scientific research services etc.So this was my debut in Featuring a love story,a story full of spices.

 It was a month of July and humidity was on its verge in Islamabad.So,I decided to go to Nathiagali,a lovely hill station about 5000 miles above the sea level,. Nathiagali has many specialities to offer .

 It's densely Jungle, full of the prominent animals like Lions, Cheetah’s ,Bears, Monkeys.

The Second big and amazing natural product is the “Snake plant”.some are green but some looks like a real Cobra. When you see it intensively, you would be astonished, that a real snake camouflaging amidst various plants or it is protecting the plants from the animals.

 A lush green mountain called green spot, which is famous for “Skiing”in Winter.

Now it has a highway known as the” kashmir highway” fully carpeted

It is about Two hours drive from Islamabad.

So, the next day I drove towards Nathiagali..So I reached there about 12 noon.

I parked my car and started strolling in the bazar filled with tourists.Tourists were enjoying buying shawls,cane wood walking sticks and some were enjoying barbeque.It was a great pleasurment there.

At 4 o’clock i came to the hotel to hire a room, after hiring a room I ordered a coffee and sat on a sofa in lobby. 

I was busy with the net and enjoying coffee in a lobby.

In the meantime two couple entered the hotel and headed towards the reception

They hired two double rooms.

The hotel in which I was staying, their manager and staff were very cordial and knew the art of organizing a hotel, that’s why there rooms occupancy rate is for high. 

At nine o’clock,I was having my dinner in the hotel's dinning hall.

The two couple entered the dinning hall and sat next to my table. They gave their order and started chatting with each other.I looked very intensively to the ladies, they were really very attractive with fair complexion.They had a lovely hair style wearing a light hand crafted shawls, both the ladies had a city look.Their age group was between Twenty two and twenty four but very astonishing that two gentlemen were over fifties.There was a great difference of ages among them.

I was just thinking about them,I have done mostly half of my meal, but my concentration was on their part and in the meantime the fork and knife loosened the grip and a” trasheeeed” sounds occurred,I cut my finger and blood started streaming.when they heard the sound they rushed to wards me and one of the lady hurriedly took out a piece of cotton from her purse and started cleaning my wound and after that she plasterd my injured finger very nicely.

“I’m very thankful to you all, especially the mam,she cared my finger very nicely.Im very obliged to you all..”I very respectfully paid thanks to Them.They all introduced them selves to me.

“Im Rana from Karachi,I deal in automobiles, She is Sonia”said one gentleman.

“Im Asef also from Karachi, business man,meet Anila”.The other gentleman also introduced himself and the lady to me.

They all got introduced.

They all were very well cultured and civilized.

 I also introduced myself to them as “David,a writer from Islamabad research publishing bureau.

.when they heard me as a writer they became very humble because karachiates are very fond of literature and art.so they praised me very much.

“Are you alone here”asked Mr Rana.” Yes sir I’m alone”I answered.

After a little while I excused to retire to my room because my wound was very sharply burning. 

Next morning I came out from my room, my wound was little comfertable.so I decided to go to Lalazar Hills,there was a beautiful natural walking track.so as I was locking my room,I saw the couple also ready for outing.so they also opted to go along with me to the Lalazar Hills.

We all spend a very friendly and lovely day there.But I noticed a very unusual gestures of Sonia to me.She was giving a smile in his eyes to me.while we were having a tea, she touched her fingers while giving a cup of tea to me.I thought it was my misconception.

When we came back to the hotel,we headed to the dining hall.we had a lovely dinner and I was their guest”.Mr David ,”what are your plans for tomorrow,we are opting to head to Murree for a day”asked Mr Rana.”I have no objection but I would be like playing gooseberry”. 

They all laughed.

”No,no,we would feel comfortable and delighted with you, you are an okay person to us” “said Mr Asef with a friendly style.

After having dinner we all headed to wards our room.

I was just trying to sleep, after a while i heard a slight,” thuck thuck” sound on the door.I didn’t respond.

After a little while Again I heard a “thuck thuck” sound on the door this time it’s sound was little volumed. I woke up and opened the door.

.Sonia was just standing in front of me.”

“May I enter” she said in a very low but in a sweet voice.

“yes yes”I said.

She got inside the room.

“I think you are not disturbed,I was feeling lonely,so I thought if you kindly give me a company.” she said while gazing at me.

”Sure sure why not,I was awakened and also watching Facebook”.I said .

“Where is Mr Rana”.I asked after a little pause.

”He is asleep, heavily drunk”.she replied.

ok “I answered.

she sat very comfortably on the sofa.

Are you his wife,”.?l asked her” .

“Don’t ask such questions”.She said in a little disgusting way.

She came near to me and hold my hand.I became speech less ,all her gestures were beyond my expectations.From one hand she untwined her hair and put her lips on mine and she was so wild that I couldn’t stop her,she mesmerized me in no time.

she stayed in my room for an hour.

Next day we all setoff to Murree,Murree is about two hours drive from Nathiagali, a well established wide sceneric place with beautiful resorts.

This was a summer camp of the British officers before partion 1947.

We all walked on the Mall Road, they were all making fun and I was wondering about the event took place last night.

Sonia was repeatedly looking at me and passing smiles to me.I was just thinking that why she came to me,I think she is not leading a satisfied life.

While we were strolling, Anila opted for a horse riding.They all were taking ride and I excused and sat for rest and shut my eyes..

“Ohoooh,she whistled,Raja(prince) Sahib is in his regalia”.Sonia smiley said.

.I opened my eyes.it was Sonia”.

“I think you could not sleep well last night,I had a very tight sleep..You know David you are a real man, you know the art and strength to satisfy a woman.I love your styles.Sonia was giving a look of a movie star by wearing Barrett cap with plaid shirt and blue jeans”.

”David are you satisfied?”she asked very politely.””

“Yes Sonia , You know and you will enjoy to hear that why I got hurt my finger that night,…… looking to you”.I answered beating around the bush.

 “She laughed blatantly.

.In the meantime they all came back.

At seven o’clock we left for Nathiagali.

We reached Hotel and now it was late night,all were tired and wanted to sleep and as usual we all stepped towards our room.

.I felt very wondrous when I saw Anila entering with Mr Rana to the room and .Sonia was entering to the room with Mr Asef.

”.what is all this game”, today the ladies have changed their rooms and men.Sonia went with Mr Asef and Anila went with Mr Rana, they have exchanged the ladies among them selves” asked my self.

I was also feeling fatigued .so I wanted to take a good long rest.

It was about Eleven O’clock,.

 it was again a “thuck thuck” sound.

I opened the door, There were Sonia and Anila both were smiling at the door.

There’s an old proverb,”an empty door tempts the saint”. So at that hour it was sitting very fit, according to the occasion.

 They both were having a wine bottle and glasses.so,we three of us sat very freely and started chatting and drinking.

They were also a regular drinker but they drank in a very stylish way. very slowly Anila came closer to me and started kissing me very wildly.

Sonia was only watching us.

I was wondering what to do now.?

“David you are very well gripped and I don’t know what Jackal’s horn you have,we are fond of you”. Said Anila.

They spent about 2 hours in my room and we all were greatly tired.

I woke up at about 11oclock and as I dressed up,some body knocked at the door,I opened the door Mr Rana and Mr Asef was standing.”we are leaving for Karachi,we have an urgent business there.we came to say thanks to you and this is our address and call numbers.whenever come to Karachi please do visit us”.Mr Rana said. I also given them my visiting card.

I went to the parking lot with them, Sonia and Anila also shook hands with me and gave me their addresses and call numbers.

While I was embracing

 Mr Rana,he whispered in my ears.”Next time we will come with our wives”.

.we both laughed unconcealed.

As they parted,I ran up to my room and jotted down the whole event and it becomes a very interesting great spicy story.

I gave the copy of my Story to the editor.

Next day he came to me ,pat on my shoulder and said”Very spicy”.

The End.

August 05, 2020 09:45

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Ali Hassan
18:39 Sep 04, 2020



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Ali Hassan
18:38 Sep 04, 2020

Very good


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Yousaf Jan
16:47 Aug 31, 2020

Great stores


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Seema Babar
15:53 Aug 28, 2020

Amazing story line 👍


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Shahzad Aslam
16:07 Aug 26, 2020



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Naheed Babar
12:20 Aug 18, 2020

You have described some moments very openly.use more good words attractive.


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Sheejee Babar
11:48 Aug 18, 2020

Your entrance in the story is counting good, make it more large and powerful.


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Furqan Babar
08:18 Aug 15, 2020

Indeed !!! It's an amazing Story.


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Shahzad Aslam
17:22 Aug 12, 2020



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Badar Babar
12:19 Aug 12, 2020

great story


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Mansoor Ali
19:16 Aug 11, 2020

Nice one


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Zardad Babar
08:30 Aug 11, 2020

Its Good


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Tariq Saeed
08:15 Aug 11, 2020

We all authors should discuss each other stories.like Deborah and I did .it would improve the level of the story writings.Winning and loosing is a part of life.We should take extra benefit from the Reedsy platform.Thanks.


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Tariq Saeed
08:11 Aug 11, 2020

I would like that every liker should comment it also.if there is any additions, subtraction in the story, for the next story it should be of improved level.Thanks.


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Le Pathaan
07:23 Aug 11, 2020

Indeed a good story, there are people in every society, who makes stirr in the cup, your story depicts this.


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Rafay Babar
18:20 Aug 10, 2020

stunning story 👍🏻


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17:30 Aug 10, 2020

Great looking forward for more stories from you Sir.


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Tariq Saeed
17:22 Aug 10, 2020

V good, Dr Iqtidar Dara, well said.you have read the whole story and your comments are real,genuine and Spicy.


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Iqtidar Dara
17:02 Aug 10, 2020

The story is a true reflection of one aspect of our society. We quickly get impressed by foreigners and try to get close to them. In this story the the ultimate goal was not sexual satisfaction of the girls but most probably it was the attraction of US dollars. The guests of David, the venue and the atmosphere all was ideal for such happenings. Although everything is illegal as per the local law but in fact it all happens behind the walls. One should be careful anyhow as sometimes in such cases the ending is Dicey instead of Spicy.


Bakhtawar Babar
08:07 Aug 11, 2020

Well done


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