It is a foggy summer day. However, all the sunshine is gone and the rain is slowly pouring out of the unreal clouds. just how Leonardo liked it.

I walk down the street to the library because Leonardo says technological advancements are overrated and just increase pollution. he's right though.

I step over each large puddle of water and let the whirls of oxygen caress my deep blue hair. I head to the dark brown establishment, inside, the smell of finely roasted coffee arouses the room. I look at the delectable donuts each topped with pink sugary matte icing and bright rainbow sprinkles. My tastebuds force me to enter the store. I examine every item from warm blueberry muffins to jelly-filled donuts. It feels as if every sweet treat is calling my name. 

"But Leonardo doesn't like coffee."

So I take a glance at my watch, checking the time and exit the store. 

I notice that the library is right there and I enter, as the librarian scans my card. Wilda looks at me, she knows why I'm here today. She knows today is one of the most important days for me. She slowly approaches me.

"Wheres his tea and newspaper, Darling?" She chirps.

"I didn't have time," I told her.

"Well that's ok, I'm sure Leonardo would understand," She exclaims smiling brightly.

She nods and directs me to the room behind all the bookshelves. I walk with my head facing down, and then occasionally scanning the room too. A man wearing a worn down Christmas sweater raises his eyebrow at me. I stumble with my words and try to think of what to say. Wilda tells him to stop being so intimidating to all the young people who come here. He looks at me one more time like I had committed a crime, he leaves and returns to placing the correct books in the perfect order. 

Finally, I spot the slightly hidden dark brown door. I was supposed to be there 2 minutes ago. I sigh and my trembling hands open the creaky door. 

I seat myself down on the comfortable brown chair. Two teacups and a small teapot are situated on the chocolate brown round table. I take a sip of my tea, it's burning hot. 

I open my mouth to speak, but Leonardo and his presence interrupts me

"This will be the last time I see you, Monica"

"I know."

Silence slips out as we both feel the uncanny wraiths of each other.

But this type of quietness feels nice, I look around the room in familiarity. I recognize each artifact Leonardo placed in his little chamber. There it was, the crystal galloping horse on the left shelf. It was truly a work of art and even Leonardo admired it very much considering his critical personality.

"Well anyway, how are things going Monica?"

"It's pretty normal I guess,"

"You guess?"

"I hope your psychological studies are going well for you"

"They are but I'm not sure if I want to pursue them yet."

"No need to worry, I know I am your professor and advisor to such things but I'm most importantly your father."

"Thanks Dad."

He picked up his teacup and I think he sipped. I didn't know spirits could do that.

"We should celebrate or do something before you know-"

"Celebrate what," he said

"My final death?" he sounded a bit angry and also surprised

"I don't mean it like that, I just want to look back on the memories."

A thick worn down book fell from the bookshelf. Leonardo then placed it right in front of me as the pages flew to the right page.

It is my final wish to leave. I need to for my peace and happiness. I'm sure that you won't be cross with my decisions. Hold on to this token, so that we can communicate. Don't lose this book ever.

The clock struck 12.

"Thank you, Leonardo."

"For everything,"

The dark brown door jolted wide open and I headed out back into the silent library. Wilda looked at me for a bit and then grinned at me. It was starting to rain again, it was heavy rain. I couldn't walk at this time so I decided to wait in the library. I walked through shelves of fantasy, mystery, and nonfiction. I looked at my phone a couple of times while sitting on the vivid green couch, but nothing interesting. I decided if I was going to be here for a while, I might as well get a book to read. I put my stuff down on the couch and made my way to the fiction area.

"Pride and Prejudice. A classic" I latch on to the book with my arms.

I go down the aisle and eye another gripping novel.

"Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury, burning books and tech, Leonardo would be intrigued by the plot."

I proceed back to the vivid green couch and it makes me ponder about the librarian's bad color choice. I sit down and begin to read. Its been an hour. I am no expert but the weather should have changed now. I spot Wilda, she looks back at me, probably surprised why I'm still here.

"How's the weather out there Wilda?"

Wilda takes a glance at the glass windows

"Looks tranquil, the rain got better."

"Perfect," I think. I pick up my books and finally head out. I look at the dark brown door one last time, it's far away from my reach. I smile and don't look back.

Lavender tea is surely relaxing...as the container suggests. I continue to text my aunt telling her about the new books I read from the library not mentioning the fact that I talk to ghosts at all.

"So, Leonardo I hope you did what I told you to do," announced Wilda

Leonardo stared at her, his face was stern and filled with anger "Why are you doing this Wilda." he asked calmly hoping to get an answer

"Look, I'm simply protecting Monica."

"In today's world she can't go around talking to ghosts."

"And besides your not a good role model for her."

Leonardo was extremely aggravated now. Wilda gave him one last stare and she strutted to the door and shut it close. She locked it from the outside and tossed the key into a book sitting on the table and got back to her duties.

I clean up around my room a little and I grab the book Leonardo gave me. Whenever he needs to talk, he said some magical thing occurs and suddenly I am at the correct page. The book was completely empty, and I had never seen anything like this. There was no text on the pages just a blank, clean, spotless surface and of course the page numbers. Suddenly the book moved by itself and led me to the correct page number. 

page 148

Help me.

My heart beats fast, I stop for a while and think about the library. Something is not right.

March 12, 2020 14:55

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Synia Sidhe
13:13 Mar 25, 2020

I really like this story a lot. You managed to accomplish a lot in a little bit of space. You give us competing motive, heart ache, and humor. The twist at the end is a great cliff hanger than will leave me thinking about the story all day. Great work!


Tia Jain
05:36 Mar 26, 2020

Thank you so much! I'm really glad you liked my story!


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