Adventure Coming of Age Crime

CW: Mild Swearing

"This is a bad idea." Tommy shuttered.

"Oh don't be such a baby." Clemons retorted.

They stared down the street, searching for Richard Smith's black Chevy Camaro. Tommy's slim hands shook the egg cartons as Clemons search intensified.

"I swear to God that Richard lives down Simmonds Lane." Clemons said sternly, like he was scolding the street for not being where Richard supposedly lived.

Clemons was the most attractive of the two, he had golden-brown hair that was cut quiff, and dark eyes that were shifty and cunning. Clemons always came up with the ideas and plans and trouble he and Tommy could potentially get into.

Clemons was mediocre in height, 5"7, and his growing need for trouble kind of made up for the missing height, Tommy was his willing apprentice.

Tommy, bony and tan, had darker hair and green eyes, he was very much a sight for sore eyes, he was Mister Morals, and was easily convinced into Clemons schemes.

It's not that Richard didn't deserve any of what he was about to get, he most definitely did deserve what Clemons had planned carefully.

They would go at midnight on October 12th, and search for Richard's car. All was according to plan so far, except that they couldn't find the car.

"That son of a-" Clemons began, but Tommy snatched his arm (almost dropping the two egg cartons onto the pavement with only balance of only one hand),

"What?!" Clemons murmured anxiously.

"Isn't that the Camaro?" Tommy nodded his head since his hands were full of two egg cartons.

"Is it freshly waxed and looks like a fat moron drives it?" Clemons asked happily, his voice shaking with excitement.

"Uh, yeah, sure, I guess."

"Tommy you're a passable genius!" Clemons said tauntingly as he ushered Tommy towards the parked Camaro.

Clemons gripped one egg in each of his hands (Clemons played competitive baseball, he was his team's star pitcher so his release was deadly). Before Clemons had a chance to throw the egg onto the gleaming Camaro, Tommy grasped Clemons throwing arm.

"Huh?" Clemons asked softly.

"This is a bad idea." Tommy repeated, fear partying in his eyes.

"Nobody will know it's us, just a couple of splattered eggs across his car, and we'll have our payback silently." Clemons frowned, "Tommy, don't you want to see Richard's face when he drives to school tomorrow, boozed out probably, and in a sucky car?"

"Yeah, I guess..." Tommy trailed off, and flinched when Clemons first blow was delivered brutally to the car.

"Damn, my throws are savage!" Clemons egged himself on (pun-intended) giggling and complimenting himself as he went through an entire carton of eggs.

Before he got to the second carton, Tommy snatched it away from Clemons.

"What now Tommy?"

"It's already damaged enough." Tommy looked at the Camaro, once a beautiful midnight black color, but now splotchy, with runny substances dripping down the exterior.

"Tommy, remember what he did to us? Calling us names and stuff, remember when he beat us up? Told the teacher we were smoking so we got suspended? Recall how pissed your mom was when you told her! Come on Tommy, I've been planning this for weeks, don't let me down now."

"Alright, but just a couple more." Tommy sighed, taking a step backwards from Clemons, letting him destroy the car even more.

Once the carton was empty, Clemons looked at his work, a proud smile danced on his face, mischief whirling in his dark eyes. Soon, the porch light flashed on, and Clemons face turned pale.

"Come on Tommy, hurry, we've got to get out of here!" Clemons persisted, Tommy didn't move.

"Oh my God! What the hell happened to my car!?" Richard's tough voice said gruffly, then his father's voice, "Whoever-" His father began, but he stopped when he laid eyes on the frozen, petrified Tommy, and the wide-eyed Clemons, who attempted skittering away, but was held up by Tommy being super-glued to the cement.

"You stupid kids did this didn't you?!" His father's voice rose in agony, the boys stayed nailed to the ground.

"N-no sir." Clemons lying was terrible, everyone knew that.

"Well I best call the police on you hoods." Richard's father turned around and shouted, "Miriam, call the damn police fast. We got hoods egging Richard's car."

It was too late for Clemons and Tommy to get away, Richard carefully watched them as his father's back was turned, and he promised both a good pounding when the police weren't around. Red and blue surrounded Clemons and Tommy as they were escorted into the police car, and a smug Richard watched as they were driven away to the station.

In the back seat of the police car, Clemons and Tommy sat silently next to each other. Clemons had never been busted before, and Tommy, scared out of his wits, began whimpering.

"This is your fault, Tommy, if you hadn't gone all icicle there, we could've left, and not been in the back of a police car right now!"

"M-my fault?! You call this my fault?! This is yours, Clemons!" Tommy wailed, the police officer up front turned up the radio more, and took bigger gulps of his coffee.

"How so, you bones no flesh?!" Clemons screeched, the police officer told him to stop screaming.


At the police station, Clemons father came barging in, rage written all over his rough and dirt-ridden face.

"Clemons I told you to stop doing all this!" His father shouted at him, Tommy could hear all of this, and he pitied Clemons every time his father had gotten cross with his only son. Clemons didn't deserve this, in fact, his trouble-making was inspired by his father and his multiple petty crimes, Clemons father was known throughout the town as a criminal. Clemons never actually meant any harm (except when it was Richard Smith and his gang) but all these plans and ideas, were only to catch the attention of his father, who hated the boy more than his ex-wife. Tommy's mom held Tommy close, rocking him back and forth like he was a newborn. Tommy looked between him and his mom, and then to Clemons and his father.

Later, when they all sat in the lobby, after being asked their side of the story and if they had reliable lawyers etc. Richard and his Father entered, and his Father merely stated, "The boys can leave, we take no offense to it."

Clemons shook as he was stared at with daggers by Richard. Clemons saw between the lines and knew that Richard and his Father had other plans in store.

Clemons and Tommy were forced to raise enough money to repair the car, beaten up daily by Richard and his buddies, and became distant with one another the more money they lost to Richard and his brand spanking new Chevy Camaro. Both had learned their lessons, obviously the hard way, and had concluded that egging the black Chevy Camaro was a very bad idea, like Tommy said before.

June 21, 2022 23:27

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Sharon Williams
14:11 Jun 30, 2022

Dear Coco, thank you for sharing your story. It has a good, 'moral' feel. It contains some great descriptions as in: 'mischief whirling in his dark eyes' and rocking him 'back and forth like he was a newborn.' The characters of Clemons and Tommy are well defined. If you wanted to make this piece more dramatic, you could try altering the sequence. For instance, you could begin with 'Tommy looked at the Camaro, once a beautiful midnight black color, but now splotchy, with runny substances dripping down the exterior.' and then go back to 'Earli...


CoCo Lee
17:46 Jun 30, 2022

Thanks so much for your suggestion and for commenting! I like your suggestion of altering the sequence, I agree, I feel it would make it more dramatic. Thanks again!


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Graham Kinross
06:05 Jun 26, 2022

Great story, great character building. You should write more of this.


CoCo Lee
14:30 Jun 29, 2022



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Jeannette Miller
15:19 Jun 25, 2022

These two aren't very bright, haha.


CoCo Lee
14:31 Jun 29, 2022

I agree! Thanks for commenting!


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