Horror Drama Fantasy

"Hey John, want to come to my party tonight?" I spun around and saw the popular girl, Stacy waving her hand like a maniac. I give her a unpleasant smile. "I'm good, why dont you invite her?" I pointed at a nerdy girl. You know the stereotype, turtle neck, glasses, freckles, and a bunch of books with her at all times. Stacy gave me a disgusted look. "Yea right, like I'm going to invite that weirdo." I sneered. "Fine, Ill go to your stupid party." I put my hands up to tell her I give up. It was the middle of May, and everyone got the spirit of partying. Oh wait, I forgot to introduce myself. My names John Wayne. Im a Junior in Stanford University. And I happen to be the luckiest guy in the world. I have supporting parents, a Porsche sports car, and the most beautiful girlfriend ever. Anyway, I took the Porsche and drove to Stacy's house. Already, the music was vibrating heavily, and the smell of alcohol reeked. I stepped out and walked towards the house.

My best friend, Cory saw me, and we high fived and fist bumped each other. We knew whats up. We were going to get drunk and high. Cory shoved me a bottle of Vodka, and we chugged it down. Next, we rolled up some joints and smoked it. We were already feeling drunk and high, when I saw some brownies. I took a huge bite and instantly knew, it wasn't an ordinary brownie. In fact, it was a edible. I groaned because I knew it was not going to be a pleasant ride. I checked my phone to see what the time was. Holy cow, it was already 12:50 pm. I lied down on the sofa trying to get rid of the high. That's when the sound came on. I dont know if you watched the Purge, but that was the alarm sound. WRRRRRR WRRRRRR WRRRRRR. Everyone in the party stopped, frozen. Stacy came out and laughed. "Alright, whos playing the joke here?" Nobody answered. The alarm kept ringing. Then, a voice started talking. "CRRR.... This is a national threat. CRRRR I repeat, this is a national threat. Killer clowns have appeared on west wing downtown of California. I repeat thi...CRRRR AHHHHHH!!!!" We all looked shaken. The man just screamed in pain. The intercom picked up again. "CRRRR CRRR... Hello children." It was a different voice. A female voice. "Your free trial of living has just ended. I know where you are John Wayne. Ill be coming for youuu CRRRRR". And just like that, the intercom ended.

But what was that about coming for me? I looked at Stacy, hoping she was joking around. She looked scared herself. Then, the knock came. BANG BANG BANG "OPEN UP JOHN!!!" It was the same voice from the intercom. I asked Stacy if she had any sort of weapon in her house. She shook her head no. I hurried to the kitchen to at least equip myself with a knife. The person outside started to knock again. BANG BANG BANG. But this time, it wasn't one voice. It was multiple. Everyone in the party were frozen in fear. One guy reached inside his pants and pulled out a Glock. If stuff was going to go down, I'm going to use him for protection. Finally, the windows started to shatter, one by one. Everyone got on the floor, screaming in fear. Once the shattering stopped, we all looked up, only to see clowns. Not those circus clowns, but they had blood all over them. There had to be at least 5 of em. Each had a long manchette. I whimpered. One clown stepped out. He must be the leader. Then the clown took his mask off, only for me to realize it wasn't a he. It was a she. When I looked closely, it was that nerdy girl from school! "W..wha..what are you doin here?" I stuttered. She smiled at me. "Awww look at you. Youre so cute! Come on, you invited me over!" Man, I wished she put the mask back on. She looks more creepy without it. I shook my head, "no.... w..we never invited you over". She looked at me disappointed. "Wrong answer." She had the most creepiest smile ever. She took the knife from my hand and raised it high. I closed my eyes and prepared myself for the impact. BANG, BANG, BANG. Gunshots. She had a gun? I opened my eyes, and started to touch my body to see blood. None. I then realized that nerdy girl was gone. I turned to my side to see her dead. I was confused. 2 more clowns were on the floor, while the rest had their hands up. I followed their eyes to see what they were seeing.

It was the kid with the Glock. He quickly got out a badge. "This is the CPD." He radioed for medical attention and for backup. Apparently the nerdy girl wasn't even supposed to be attending our school. She had escaped the mental facility and disguised herself as a student. That's when it hit me. I asked Cory to look up the security cameras in the library of our school (Yea, I forgot to mention, he is a hacker). Me and him looked at the nerdy girls books. All of them had either prisoner escape history log, or history of famous murderers. My stomach turned upside down. The night, where I was supposed to get high, drunk, and get laid with Stacy just turned upside down. Because of a clown. I asked Stacy if I could stay in her house for the night, she said it was ok. I tried to take my mind off what had just happened by cleaning the broken glass. Luckily, there was no other property damage. The police officer had great aim and shot 3 of the clowns clean. The henchmen were actually gang members and drug dealers who had no intention to kill anyone. After cleaning the broken shards of glass, me and Stacy locked up the windows manually and closed the blinders. I laid down on the sofa to process what just happened. And very soon, I fell asleep.

I woke up the very next day. Had no idea what happened yesterday. I looked around. No bottles, no smell of drugs, and no broken glass? Stacy came down and I asked her what happened yesterday. She looked at me funny and told me, "you said your old man beat you up. So I let you sleep here. Remember?" I shook my head no. "Was there any clowns last night?" I asked. She looked puzzled, so I waved my hand 'never mind'. That was weird. If it was a dream, then it felt so real. I brushed my teeth, and got in my Porsche. I drove to school to meet up with Cory. Maybe he knows something about this. When I reached there, I text Cory to meet me at the library. He texts back with an okay emoji. While I was waiting, Stacy comes up with her friends. "Heyy pretty boy." I smile. "Whats up Stacy?" She looks at me and say, "want to come to my party?" I suddenly felt dizzy. I weakly say, "sure". She smiled at me and walked out with her friends.

I heard footsteps around the corner, and hoping it was Cory, I smile, and turn around. My smile faded. It wasn't Cory. It was the nerdy girl. She had the most creepiest smile imaginable. Actually, its unimaginable. I looked at her books just in case. Sure enough, it was books on escape and murder. Then her head started to shift form. It kept shifting till it turned into Stacy. "W..wha?! Whats the meaning of this Stace? " I cried. She just kept laughing and smiling. And underneath those books, she pulled out a small knife. I whimpered, "no..no.. Stacy, its me. John!" She raised it high, and lowered it with great force. I blacked out. A few minutes later, I opened my eyes. I looked around, only to see it was Stacy's house. The house was clean, no sign of a party. I heard footsteps coming down. I covered myself in blankets and pillows. It was Stacy. "H..Hey Stace!" I murmured. She smiled and waved. "Was there a party here yesterday?" I asked. She nodded. "John, dont you remember? You were the only one who didn't drink so you had to clean the whole house." I was confused. Then, did I have a dream in a dream? Then I heard cackling. In horror, I saw Stacy transform into a clown again.

"HEY JOHNNY BOY, LETS PARTY TILL WE DROP DEAD!!!" the clown screamed. The clown quickly pulled out a knife and stabbed me. I didn't even get the time to react. I fell to the ground and blacked out. I woke up again, to find myself, once again on Stacy's sofa. This time, it reeked of beer and weed. Stacy came down. I asked her if we had a party, and she said yes. She smiled at me. I smiled back. Then that smiled kept getting wider and wider. I was horrified. "YOURE MINE JOHNNY CAKE!!!" she screamed. Then I saw that her face was no longer a face of a human. It was a face of a killer clown. Before I could react, I was stabbed again. What a party.

May 07, 2021 20:48

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Cookie Carla🍪
18:05 May 17, 2021

You did a really good job with this story and it was such a good read!! One critique I did have was that, in my opinion, I would've liked to see more breaklines in your story. It just felt clumped up together and rushed; it probably would've built up the suspensefulness and intensity that the story needed. If you want to read any of mine, just check out my bio where it says 'find your story' and you can choose which one you would like to read based on the genre. Thanks in advance!!


Samuel Yi
17:51 May 20, 2021

Thank you! LOL, my first comment. Thank you for the advice. Yes, I had a little time restraint while writing this one. I know I had like 7 days to write, but my mom doesnt allow me to have the computer over 2 hours. So almost all of my stories are "rushed". But Thank you! I will def check out your writings too!


Cookie Carla🍪
19:27 May 20, 2021

No problem and thanks!!


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