A Rose's Engagement

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Funny Adventure

I huffed, my petals swaying in the fake air streaming through the vents. I know what wind feels like and that my friend, ain't wind. 

The boy smiled down at me, providing a distraction from the boring short and stout man droning on and on about profit or revenue or something. Blah, blah, blah. No one has been listening for the past thirty minutes! I want to leave, my stem is getting cold.

The boy stroked one of my petals, “My girlfriend is going to love you, she adores roses.”

Ew, I hope not buddy. I'm pretty sure loving her is your job, now get your hands off me.

The chubby man at the front finally stopped talking. I didn't think he could. 

“That wraps up this meeting. See you all tomorrow,” he added.

Dude, stop. I was gone the moment you closed your mouth.

The boy grabbed me by the stem, squishing a leaf. Excuse you! His finger slipped on my thorn and blood spilled out of the tiny cut.

“Ow,” he whispered, sucking on his finger.

Serves you right, but don't you dare-

The boy removed the finger from his mouth and replaced his hold on me, careful to grab between the thorns. Now he was squishing my leaf as well as showering me in blood. The saliva was so sticky too. Why, what did I ever do to deserve this?

He carried me outside and I almost forgave him. My petals relished in the sunshine, the golden rays flooding my every nook and cranny. It warmed my frozen stem, my thorns sighing. I could stay here all day. 

Of course, Mister Grossy Gross had other plans. He dragged me into the shade where a girl was waiting. She had short brown wavy hair that framed her cute face perfectly. Her eyes were giant blue orbs, her mouth a perfect butterfly lying in the field. What did she ever see in this guy?

He tossed me behind his back, keeping me from the action. He is officially the worst person alive, I finally became interested in something and now I'm not allowed to see it. Talk about cruelty. 

“Hi Emmy,” he breathed.

No, no, no. This here is a stunning woman, you can't go in with the traditional hello. That is reserved for ugly cockroaches who try to sit on you. She is not a roach!

Emmy giggled, “Why did you ask me to come to your work?”

There is no way this guy landed her. Oh wait, maybe he is some kind of millionaire. That would explain it. 

“Because I couldn't wait to do this,” he lowered onto one knee, removing me from behind his back.

“Will you, Emmy Fairfield Humara, marry me?” He asked, his voice trembling slightly.

He got one rose for this. One. Rose. Just me. He probably doesn't even have a cent to his name. This girl should run. Emmy, if you can hear me, ditch him. Steal his car and drive like no tomorrow. 

She clutched her heart, her eyes as large as dewdrops.


“Of course, I love you!” she whispered, racing to him for an embrace. 

Wrong way. Urg, fine it's your funeral, which is too bad. You seemed kinda nice. 

The strangely happy couple crushed the tip of a petal and I wanted to jump away. I tried, but it kinda did nothing. Useless thorns. 

“Oh, this is for you,” he said, ending the embrace. He handed me over to the lovely Emmy. She held me like I was made of glass. Yep, I was liking her better and better.

“It's beautiful,” She stared at me in complete awe. I puffed out my petals in pride. “I’ve got to ask. Why not a ring?”

He stood slowly, shifting uncomfortably from foot to foot. I sighed, slight sadness flooding over my leaves. Don't worry dude, I can answer that one. Sorry to break it to you Emmy, but the man has no money.

“I didn't want to get the wrong size.”

Nuh uh, that's the most common lie in the book. Don't fib to this daisy. Say it with me: I am broke.

Emmy smiled and it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. That was saying something because sunrises were stunning. They bloomed the softest of purples across a jet black sky that flowed into faint pink. The clouds' gold and silver linings became visible for those who watched, but vanished as quickly as they appeared when orange erupted and took control. It was like witnessing a bird's first flight, every flower waiting with bated breath as it tumbled out of the nest only to soar into the heavens.

Maybe this guy wasn't so bad. He had managed to find this wonderful lady and had somehow tricked her into loving him.

“I have something for you,” he said.

“What?” Emmy breathed.

“Can you feel my shirt cause I think it's made of husband material.”

Nope, he was back to being the worst person on the planet. Even Emmy seemed to agree, her eyes rolling as a slight chuckle escaped her lips.

They interlocked fingers, Emmy pinning me to her chest. I had to be happy for the couple but that pickup line was kinda terrible.

“Life without you is like a broken pencil. Pointless,” he added.

No, stop. You are going to murder me with all these cheesy sayings.

“My love for you is like diarrhea, I just cant hold it in.”

Ewwwwwwww. How is this woman even talking to you?

Emmy burst out laughing, covering her mouth with my petals. At least I wouldn’t spew on you like this guy. It isn't even the front end.

They reached the car and he pulled her in for a kiss. It started out as sweet but escalated into passion beyond my wildest dreams. He pressed her against the car, losing his hands in her silky waves. She moved me up to the mat on top of his head he claimed was hair, her fingers tangling in it. Her other hand snaked to the small of his back, pulling him close. He broke it off and the edges of her mouth lifted in a sly grin. 

Emmy placed me on the roof of the car as she opened the door and tugged him inside. 

I sighed, staring at the sky that would soon fade into twilight. The soon to be husband and wife seemed happy, which is why it was kinda weird I was gifted. I am going to die in a few days, the moment I was sawed off my bush bringing death closer and closer. So gifting me, a thing that is decaying with less than a week to live, is the equivalent of saying “your next.”

I wonder if Emmy knows.

June 09, 2020 08:32

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02:54 Jun 16, 2020

WOW...Amazing story Kathleen! Such a sweet and creative story! Loved it!😊😀 Keep writing and have a great day Kathleen!❤️️


Kathleen Doidge
05:18 Jun 16, 2020

Thank you so much, I hope you have a fantastic day as well!


05:18 Jun 16, 2020

You too! :))))


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Juliet Tullett
23:18 Jul 09, 2021

Wonderful. Great concept, beautifully executed. One question: should there be an apostrophy of omission ie 'You're next,' as in, the shortened form of, 'You are next,' meaning that Emmy will also wither and die like the rose? In any case, a very enjoyable read. Thank you.


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