Suspense Mystery Adventure

TW: self harm, death

Dr. Avery Jackson and her sister both ran a mental hospital together. It was a cold snowy day. She was just about to go home. When, a nurse called her

"Dr. Avery! Dr.! Irina has slit her wrist" The Dr. went to the patients' ward. The patient was crying bitterly looking at her bleeding wrist. Irina was ten years old.

"Irina sweetheart, what did you do to yourself? "

"I wanted to go to the cafeteria. This nurse doesn't allow me" cried the child.

"I will bring you there. Let me do the dressing first" smiled the Dr.

"Mary, bring her to the cafeteria" The nurse pushed her to the cafeteria with an annoyed face.

" Irina darling, what would you like to have?" asked Avery politely.

"I don't have money"

"It's fine. I have money I can pay"

"I will take the chicken chop and chocolate milk" The Dr. brought the food and sat down with the nurse.

"Dr. she just had her tea snack. Why do you even pay not that she is your blood?" asked the nurse softly.

"It's fine. My daughter is also like this. If I don't sleep with her she will get an anxiety attack which she can get blood pressure. I have to always talk with her and console her. I can never scold" The child had eaten her food and smiled. They went back to the ward and all of a suddenly there was a blizzard. Dr. Avery could not go home.

"Oh no! The blizzard! I better tell William. I hope I can go home in time for Nicole's bed time." cried Dr. Avery.

"Will! The blizzard started. I can't come home. I am sorry I can't have dinner with you and Nicole"

"Ave, is fine. Wait Nicole wants to speak to you" cried Will.

"Mummy, we are going to play games and do lots of fun things" cried Nicole.

"That's nice Nicole. Mummy, will come back late. Daddy, Mya and you have fun, alright? I'll let Mya sleep with us today" cried Dr. Avery Jackson.

"Okay Mummy. Try to come home soon"

"Will, don't worry about me. I guess the blizzard will go off soon. I'll get some work done" Dr. Avery put down the phone. The block was empty. Everyone, had gone home. Only the patients and the nurses were there. Avery needed her coffee so she went to make a cup of coffee for herself. She decided to go and explore around the hospital since almost everyone went home. She decided to go to the rooms that doctors are not allowed it. She first went to this room. She slowly opened the doorknob. The room had a strong musty stench. She went in looking all around. There was a small note written in red ink. It looked like blood.

"Blood, but how?" she asked herself reading the note. There was a door connecting to the room. She opened the door. It was full of dead bodies. All brutally murdered. She looked at each body.

"Den Jo, I thought he died of a heart attack. It looks like he has been murdered brutally"

"Timmy, I thought she jumped down" All of a sudden, on a wall it said

"The people are not dead. They just would hurt themselves and this nurses would stab them. Their bodies will be here. All of a sudden, two nurses came. Dr. Avery hid under a cupboard watched. The nurse held the crying child.

"Keep quiet you worm!" barked one of the nurses.

"Please let me go!" . They held her and tied her to a bed. They went to get something outside. Dr. Avery silently sneaked out and released the women

"Don't make noise, sweetheart"

"Dr. help me!" cried the girl. The nurses came and were shocked.

"Dr. Avery, you're here" muttered both the nurses.

"Don't pretend and tell me what is happening"

"We kill people just because we hate our jobs. Advising, cleaning them it's the worst job"

"They need help!" barked Dr. Avery.

"I know what you need. Come Irina. I will send you the other building that is not under me anymore but under my sister's nurses. She has better nurses than mine I will just call her.

"Hello Liz, can I speak with you?"

"Yes, Ave. What's the matter?" She told her the whole story then

"I will pass Gracie all her requirements and the mental illness she has" cried Avery.

"Yes, I will have a word with Gracie"

"Alright" Dr. Avery carried the girl the other block. Gracie came running.

"Dr. Avery" the nurse called.

"Hi Gracie, can you put her in the ward" asked Dr. Avery handing the girl to Gracie.

"Gracie, just put her in the ward and I want to speak with you"

"Okay Dr" Gracie put the girl in the ward and came out.

"Gracie, now I will still be her doctor but you and the others have to take care of her. Her mother will bank in 3000 pounds every month for her fees. Her mother will send some milk that is given to her. She might try to harm herself so her mother has just messaged me if there could be a special nurse just to take care of her. I agreed so it will be you. Are you fine with that?"

"Yes, I would love to take care of her" smiled the nurse.

"I have to go now" The two fat nurses were in Dr. Avery's private room.

"So this is the form that you are sacked from Johnson mental hospital. The police will be here and you'll are gone" The police came and took the women. The blizzard had stopped. She went back home. Will, Nicole and Mya were snuggling each other watching a movie

"Mummy's here" cried Nicole jumping.

"Nicole! I'm sorry I could not have dinner with Daddy and you. Where is Daddy?" asked Dr. Avery smiling.

"In the kitchen" Dr. Avery went in the kitchen and her husband was there

"Ave, have you had your dinner? I made some crab soup for you" cried Will taking his apron out.

"Will, was Nicole fine? Did she try to hurt herself again? I hope she was in a good mood. She has already finished her therapy and should be fine. If she's not yet recovering I have to" asked Dr. Avery.

"Nicole is fine, Ave. We baked a volcano cake, some unicorn doughnuts and iced biscuits. We build a fort with Mya and had a hot chocolate party and now she wanted to watch a movie with Mya. I went to make crab soup. Nicole, come lets show Mummy what we made" called Will. Nicole came running with Mya. Mya jumped on Avery.

"Mummy, we made volcano cake, biscuits and doughnuts. Daddy, can you bring the cake out?" asked Nicole.

"Yes, Mummy and you can sit down at the dinner table first" Will brought the cake.

"There you are" he cried taking the oven gloves out.

"Yay!" shouted Nicole. They all sat down having their meals. Avery told them what had happened and they were all amazed.

"My Mummy is a hero" cried Nicole.








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