The Rise of King Triton

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Fantasy Historical Fiction

The white horses thundered towards the shore pulling with them Poseidon God of the sea, in his mighty clam shell chariot. The sea was angry because Poseidon was angry. His sea spirits rode the backs of the dolphins in angry procession to meet the sea witch queen. She was sitting as always sitting on a rock formation, near the harbour of some unsuspecting town. Whose fishermen and sailors would head out to sea and be seduced by her sirens. Their ships would be forever consigned to the bottom of the sea with their souls.

Poseidon wasn’t angry because of the human deaths, he was angry because Ilias Queen of the Sirens had declared that she would rule all water bodies from now on. She had interfered with his oceans, encroached in to his rivers, and started sending her sirens to bring the ships crashing to the floor of his ocean. It was this last act that had caused his current rage. He had been holding court in his palace in the Aegean Sea. The sea nymphs were regaling the court with tales of their exploits, when a ship full of sailors came crashing through the ornate palace roof. The golden palace at the bottom of the sea was a mess.

Poseidon had known it would have been the witches doing. It was always their doing and it was the Queen who ordered it. As he drew near the coast he saw the witch on an small rock formation. It was night but the sky was clear and the moon was full. Her beauty was not in question, the flowing long black green hair, her green eyes and perfect human form, that lured human men to their deaths. Her silver tail was barely visible against the rock and the splash of the waves. Framed by the full moon behind her, even Poseidon felt mesmerised 

Poseidon slowed his chariot as he approached. He felt his anger dissipating, and realised that he was listening to the Siren’s song. It was not just the queen he realised as he saw multiple sea witches, splashing around in the water. Shaking the song out of his head, he pulled up next to Ilias. 

“Why are you doing this witch?”

“Well, if it isn’t the God of the Sea” she said, giving a sarcastic bow.

“I demand answers.”

Ilias smiled her most bewitching smile. “You have become weak, you have spawned with the humans. You and the others, sit on Olympus deciding the fate of the world and to Hades with the rest of us. I for one will not sit by any longer and watch the humans take over.”

Poseidon, felt his anger rise once more and a wave crashed in to the rock splashing over Ilias nearly knocking her in to the sea.

“You have no right to interfere with the will of the Gods, witch”.

“I have every right and I am not the only one fed up with this. I have many of the creatures of the deep on my side, the kraken, Hydra, the sharks, octopi, to name but a few. They are all fed up with the humans coming in to their seas, on their boats, taking their fish, their corals. The sea has had enough. You sit idly by as they grow and encroach in to our spaces. Well no more. We intend to sink every vessel that enters the waters and when they come no more, the sea will rise as one with the rivers and drown out their villages.”

Poseidon was oddly calm, for the rage he felt. “We will not stand for this. Olympus will not stand for this. The humans are a source of amusement. They are protected by us.’

Poseidon did not wait for a reply. He turned his chariot and headed back to his palace. He would send word to his brother Zeus, king of the gods. Together they would put the sea witches back in their place and restore order. 

Once back in his chambers Poseidon cursed himself. He had heard whispers of unrest and had chosen to ignore them, not believing the witches would be so brazen. Amphitrite his own wife had heard news of a potential uprising from her sister’s and he had chosen to ignore her.

He needed to claim back the waters as his own. However, his rage had died down and he thought more about the path he was taking. War, would not do anyone any good, apart from Ares, who would find some way to intervene. No the sea should be at peace.

His son Triton was coming of age soon, and Poseidon intended to make him King of the Seas. He had the form of a sea witch, human body, fish tail for a bottom half. Ilias would not be happy but he intended to fix that by ensuring Triton took a sea witch for a wife. Ilias’ own daughter, was his primary choice. Eirene, was as beautiful as her mother and just as enchanting. Poseidon knew that if he could join Triton with her, this would give her mother a greater sense of power and would help maintain the order of the seas.

He had called the meeting with Ilias with the sole intention of proposing the union, but the crashed ship had darkened his mood and by the time he arrived he was too mad to broach the subject.

Instead he returned to his throne room, now cleared of debris and dead humans and summoned Delphine the most senior of his dolphins to take a message and summon Ilias and Eirene to the palace and arrange the union. Once the dolphin had left he summoned Triton.

The young god favoured by his father entered the room. His graceful form glided through the water. Dark hair flowing behind him pushed back by the water. ‘You summoned me father’.

Poseidon smiled at his son ‘I may be God of the seas, but you are to be King. The time has come for you to learn how to rule. You will come of age in 2 years and at this time you will be crowned. For this you must prepare.’

Triton nodded. He knew this day would come, he had spent his whole life being prepared to lead and he wanted to lead. He wasn’t sure he wanted to do so yet. He liked his carefree days, playing in the seas, riding the dolphins to the furthest reaches of the waters, teasing his sisters. With rule came responsibility and change.

Poseidon rose from his throne and swam beside his son. They made their way out of the palace and in to the coral gardens. ‘The seas are at risk from the sea witches. There is possibility they are trying to take the seas from us, and Ilias wants to rule more than just the witches. We need to stop this’.

‘Tell me what you need me to do father. I can lead the armies of the sea.’

Poseidon smiled his son certainly had his temper and inclination to fight. He had spent too much time with Ares, perhaps more time with Aphrodite would have been better. ‘No, war is the last resort. A Leader never presses for war. If it comes then so be it we will fight the witches until they are sent to Tartarus.’

Triton was confused. If the world was at risk surely they would fight. Unless there was some human destined to go on a mission to save the seas. Had his father another Demi-god child in the world? He knew that the gods tended to breed outside of their unions and these children were often destined to go on quests. He had no desire to sit back and let some half-sibling take glory from him.

‘Father, it is my right to lead us in to battle, you want me to rule, but won’t let me face the danger.’

Poseidon put a fatherly hand on his son’s shoulder. ‘This is not about war, this is about love. Well marriage.’ Triton looked at him quizzically. ‘You will be joined in union with Eirene, uniting the gods and the witches. You will become king of the sea and act as my herald. She will sit beside you at my palace.’

Triton glared at his father he knew Eirene she was beautiful but he was not ready for marriage. He was having fun with the sea-nymphs. His mother was a nymph and he had spent many time with her people growing up. He had a particular fondness for Erato. He would say he loved her but he was young and was not sure if love was what he felt. Certainly a marriage to a sea witch was not.

Before he had a chance to protest the quiet was disturbed by the shadow of a human ship passing over head. Poseidon could feel the sea turn angry. He had his answer from the witches, there was no marriage on the cards, but there was war.

Triton saw the shadow of the ship was moving wildly and he knew that it was in trouble. Swimming up to the surface, he could see the ship surrounded by the witches. Pushing the song out of his head he tried to get the attention of the sailors. He knew they were being drawn to the rocks. Soon the ship would be smashed and more souls would go to the underworld to be greeted by his uncle. More damage would be done to the relationship between land and sea.

However, the sailors were taken by the song. Triton looked round. He could see Eirene sat on the rocks ahead of the ship. Her beauty against the moon, her seductive song. He found himself captivated for a brief moment. The ship was heading towards the rock. She was in danger but she was too lost in song to notice.

Triton was torn. If he failed diverting the ship Eirene would be lost and war would be more inevitable. If he saved Eirene and let the ship perish, he risk the wrath of the gods and his own father may place another in his place as king of the sea. If he could save both the ship and the siren he may avert a war and restore harmony.

He swam to the sea bed searching for something he could use to get attention. There he found a large conch shell. Grabbing it he blew as hard as he could sending out a signal for all to hear. He continued to blow as he headed back to the surface. The dolphins came, the fish came. He was almost to the surface when he was hit from behind. The conch fell from his grasp and he turned to see Ursula, his octopus like younger sister whom he had banished from the kingdom. 

He had heard a prophecy that she would seize power from their father and become more powerful than him. So he had lured her away and locked her in a magical cave. Clearly she had escaped and appeared to be in league with the witches. He should have known that by not killing her the prophecy could come true.

His thoughts soon had to change back to the task ahead as she came at him again. 8 legs were difficult to fight against but a fish tail was better for manoeuvring. He could see the dolphins trying to steer the ship away from the rocks but Eirene was still unaware of the danger she was in. Although killing his sister was high on his list of things to do, right now he knew he needed to save Eirene. Using his speed he attempted to break away but Ursula managed to catch his tail with one of her tentacles.

Pulling him closer she wrapped another around his waist and he could feel her crushing him. He struggled to get free using his arms to hit her but this made no difference. Struggling to breathe he found he could no longer move as his sister now had a strong grip. Triton started to lose consciousness.

He woke to find himself floating towards the rock. Ursula was surrounded by sea-nymphs who were using their own magic to push her back. The sirens were now split between luring the ship to the rocks and fighting the dolphins and the nymphs.

Triton realised that the ship was going to be lost to the rocks. It was too close now. The only thing left to do was to save Eirene and save the humans. He swam as fast as he could and reached the rocks as the ship hit. Eirene startled from her song turned in horror as she realised that the ship was going to hit her.

Leaping from the water the way the dolphins had shown him Triton leapt over the rocks catching Eirene in his arms and pushing her out of the way. They landed heavily on another rock hidden under the water. Eirene looked at Triton who had a large gash on his head which was bleeding. 

‘You saved me’ she managed to say eventually. It was part question part statement of surprise.

‘Yes, and now we must save the humans.’

Eirene looked puzzled. Triton shook his head in disbelief. He could not understand why the sea witches could not understand the damage they were doing in this war with the humans. 

‘Humans are growing. Soon they will go beyond the known lands. They will expand. They will grow in number. If we wage war on them now, they will remember and they will fight back. One day they will be strong enough to defeat us all. They will travel under the water. They will destroy our lands. They will hunt us. That is inevitable. Our only chance is to not give them a reason to hate us. They will fight among themselves. We can see to that. The gods can see to that. However, if we keep killing them indiscriminately they will unite and we will all be lost. Our only chance is to keep at least some of them onside. Give them no reason to blame us for misfortune.’

Eirene nodded. Yes it annoyed her but the young god was correct. She called to the sirens and gave orders to rescue the sailors. Triton and Eirene dove under the water looking for stricken sailors. Dragging them to the shore. Following the lead of their future king the dolphins helped. Poseidon and Ilias watched as their children rescued the humans. Working together. Dolphins and sharks. Sirens and nymphs. Gods and witches. 

That night no sailor was lost to the sea. They went to the land with tales of magical sea creatures. The myth of the sirens grew and sailors would fear them for generations. Dolphins became the seas guardians for humanity.

Poseidon and Ilias made a truce. The sirens would still lure ships to their doom but they would not wage war on humanity. The truce was solidified by the union of Triton and Eirene. 

The ceremony was attended by gods and goddesses of land and sea. The young couple would remain in the palace of Poseidon. They were to become King and Queen of the seas. 

Triton was still unsure of his readiness for the role of King and husband but he had been captivated by Eirene and she by him. 

Triton entered the great hall of the palace, with his wife beside him. They made their way to the small thrones next to his father’s larger one. As they did so the honour guard of dolphins bowed as did the other sea creatures currently in the court. For the first time a young Triton took his place beside his father and so dawned a new era.

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Wow. This was really cool to read. Well done!


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22:12 Mar 08, 2021

Thanks. I appreciate the feedback.


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15:12 Mar 01, 2021

BATTLE! Sorry, got caught up in your story.


Siobhan Mulalley
15:35 Mar 01, 2021

Glad you liked it.


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