When the true fool gathers luck...

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Asian American Adventure Romance

The Way of Lin…

Always something new. Always something else. Always the way of her life. Cause Lin searched for this way, this very Dao, of being happy. And she came across a book called I Ching.

She fell in love with the book. It was no perveted feeling at all. But the language was English and it dragged out her mind to the way of herself. The Dao that had the good luck written down as a sort of remedy in each chapter. To search for the correct number meant that mathematical spheres crossed bows and then – luck could begin!

But hard work it was, striving to search the valley, the water, the well, the yin of something so silly as the abyss. However she fell into this abyss many a times, as it was the depth of her Female side that had to go her way. Her Dao. So search for it she did. And?

At work she tried to follow an old boy from Stockholm. He was witty and had charm. Lin asked questions about him in her I Ching. But however it came to be the book that answered nothing. She thought then that the Stockholm old chap had all the wise pits of mind to fall into. That pit would turn her lucky – a well of wonder. And she began having plans. Just one thing only. He was not that sort of Swedish person who would like to play games upon the book he had not himself. Although he had a clever way to sneak into her syllables and words and whatever there was.

The way he qickly and bravely got into her made her fall in love with his wit. But his wit saw nothing as he just chased down her face into the gutter. In her he dared not touch the pit. Or the abyss rather. As he thought that if a dame has it deep she needs several men to fill her up. With luck? Luckily he strolled down the streets of Växjö and began boasting about – an abyss! How deep it was. Its dimension and how it could be measured. Rarely did he understand that she got all the words of worlds from the I Ching….And this meant?

A woman has a depth that men in ancient China pondered hard upon. How could they touch the well if the air was dry and the dale was to fail. And the sun had its flares. And if all had to be love in a truest ceremonial ways. Her abyss had been to Stockholm, really!

The boy of Stockholm was a Polarstar. He stood out so small but more brilliantly shining than all the rest. He spread luck with him wherever he went. And all this luck was to be plucked from the gardens of all. He had no true Viking hall, but was of the thralls own people way back in history. Only a queen could turn him back to be an Emperor, but no such thing he was. The abyss of his wit went too far and too broad and too huge. As a ceremony could make him go through rooms as he was slender and that type sneak in, but never down the deepest abyss of a woman. Rather he had several other ways to escape...His charm brought him luck and luck could not gain one single more of the faith Lin had in him.

Oh but a charm promises so much. But sometimes charms takes onto itself what it has and gives not its luck to other people. Such big faith charm can have. And such big hope for the rest when charm can pass the sin of the Devil and get away with the crime. That is luck for some, but oh how a horror came creeping through the veins of Lin. She saw the Devil himself, but worst more was that the luck she had felt with Mr Charm all turned out to be – charm only! And then!

And over and again Mr Charm had to try to come to the core of any issue to gather his luck. And Lin tried her luck by following Mr Wit´s conversation. He had this way of wanting her, but at the same time thought that her pit did not fit his wit. He wanted to be lucky. She on the other hand was lucky every time she saw him and desperately tried to change his mood to cure his feelings of whatever there was within him. She tried so hard to turn him over to fall down her core of heart, as he made her pulses run high. But the higher they rose the more desperate this two couple became. Need and weed. Seed and sow in wind. Get the plough in a storm and you collect rational thoughts but thoughts only. And wind does not serve luck. Fire serve no luck. Earth has no luck before hard work for the farmers. But water in the abyss curbs the stone that once was dry. The ocean has to admit it. In emotions there she is – the lucky one to reach for the inside and not turning the fates of other. Luck is gathered when one does not try to change others, but only change the order of his/her own faith. A thief of a lucky face – who out there?

She had tried so very hard to gather luck. But chasing after it is the destiny of Jupiter only: it means that luck comes your way if you sit and wait. Wait for wind. Wait for fire. Wait for water. And only the luck of soil and mud is hard work. Lin had not much earth in her destiny. She felt not the roots of the ground. Rather she flew with her mind from subject to subject – just to sow her luck. Just to search for words only. But words might go slack if used too much. And at that point the boy from Stockholm felt lycky each time he had her go round to his issue of thought. She had once thought this was his true love. But came a day – and?

She felt that despair of wanting help. She came to work and explained her severe problems to the Stockholmian chap. And there and then her luck turned into shame. Her luck fell into the abyss they have been building together. With jokes upon jokes until the star of Jupiter got tired and went off to another sun-sign.

The boy from Stockholm was now amused. He had been serving her – what he thought – words of wisdom from a Stockholm place. And as Lin grew up in Växjö she saw no reason to doubt a man´s wit. Oh how witty he was. And his wit had been his crime, fooling her into the spheres of his unknown realm. His witty abyss, his pit alone. His something of something.

She went home that afternoon. And took a descision. She was to leave Sweden. And now the candy man is been and gone. The candy man can´t bring more sweets for a lady of the true harsh.

Bitter and narrow is the road that leads to true happiness. Broad is the path that leads you to the pits of mind. Anytime, sir!

But the narrow pathways is stony and got a fence. Before you climb over it you must look East, where the sun rise again and again.I Ching had taught her that those who search the answers might get them in proper time. The book had finally taught her its wisdom – but too late. In that book she searched in a foreign garden and the foreign garden refused to show her anything. That is how deep its wisdom was. Luck may not always take us to the core of our best hearts.

As a matter of fact Lin´s Viking spirit flew West and came back with an eagle of faith. But does an eagle bring luck? Well, if fortune comes our way it is the destiny that has a rule not for human beings to understand. As the I Ching said: ”Just go with the flow, it is true destiny. And if your destiny want you to be happy, well it gives you a stony road, leading – god knows where! Leading its flow with the wind...and the wind cries ´Mary.`….The wind cries out its abyss of thoughts. Mary marry me in the name of Christ!!!”

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