Gears and Heart Part Sixteen: The Final Rose Falls

Written in response to: Set your story in a town that’s teetering on the edge of something dark, literally or metaphorically.... view prompt


Adventure Fantasy Science Fiction

The village ahead had the air of normalcy with the people bustling around.  Various stone houses lined the cobblestone street, slight tension in all of their eyes.  Their false smiles were all hiding something, Lottie pulling out of my train of thought.  Her green velvet dress blew in the wind, her blonde hair up in a side braid.  

“They seem to be hiding something.” She pointed out, Viktor wrapping his arms around my waist. “No one is really smiling for real at all.”  Boran ran up next to her in his cute black Victorian suit, his nose sniffing the air. 

“There seems to be an open portal to the dark side, you know where the monsters reside.” He explained calmly, looking around. “Someone powerful must have opened it.”  Grasping the rim of my hat, a red light flickering in the woods caught my eyes.  Oakley hovered my shoulder, concern flashing in her eyes. 

“Do you mind looking in the woods for what is causing the red light?” I asked her, Viktor nodding in agreement. “I would like to know what I am up against this time.”  She zipped off, humming to herself.  We didn’t have much time to rest when the ground exploded beneath our feet, a giant mole emerging from the ground.  A large cloud of giant wasps was heading our direction, deep buzzes shaking the ground.  Panic ran through my mind, Gizmo standing on the mole’s head.  

People screamed in horror, sprinting into their humble homes, the poor mole beneath him suffering.  Chaos broke out, the shiny black stingers breaking glass windows.  Viktor and William went to work taking the wasps out, Gizmo leaping in front of me.  My blades slid into my trembling hands, his touch sending chills up my spine. 

“Come now, my darling daughter.  You come with me now, and all this will be over.” He promised slyly, my ears not believing a word. “If you don’t then, I will have to unleash my secret weapon.”  Spitting on his face, a doll version of me popped up behind me.  Hot vomit threatened to fly up my throat, the reason he took my hair becoming rather apparent.  Cold sweat dripped off my brow, her black dual blades swinging down towards me.  Icy cold black eyes bore into mine as I barely leapt out of the way.  Hot saliva soaked me, the mole roaring behind me. Gagging slightly,  now knowing that my perfect black dress was now ruined.  Rolling my eyes, sharp teeth clipped my foot.  Cold dirt smashed into my face as I fell, my blades sliding away from me.  Cold porcelain hands picked me up, and tossed me in the direction of them.  Cracks rang out in the night, my arm snapping into two sharp pieces.  My stomach churned at the sight of the bone fragment poking through my skin, wincing in pain as I stood to my feet.  Raising my palm, I shot pure magic at my enemy, my boots kicking one of the blades into my good hand.  

“Shit!” I cursed under my breath, a beam of black magic heading my way.  Dodging it just in time, the trees evaporated behind me.  Cold eyes glittered down at me, a devious grin on my white haired twin.  Cracks lined her skin, black smoke curling out of her body.  Good, she wasn’t completely impenetrable.  Leaping to my feet, my single blade clashed against her two violently.  A golden light erupted behind me, the glass skin cracking slightly more.  Jolts of pain shot through my body, the bones in my arm sealing back together.  Boran winked at me, pointing to the black gem in her chest that was now exposed.  Nodding, Lottie whizzed by on my phoenix cutting the wasps down.  Her dagger whizzed by head, the blade quivering in the doll’s stone.  Unnatural howls erupted from her lips, Gizmo slamming a black dagger inches from my heart.  The doll shattered into tiny pieces, the glass sparkling in the morning light.  Staggering forward, I fell to my knees by my other blade.  The handle creaked as my hand gripped it tightly, his heavy footfalls feeling like my death sentence with each step.  

“Now you are all mine.” He gloated, not seeing my next move. “I can take you to my machine and bring eternal darkness to the land.”  His hot whiskey breath bathed my neck, shock widening his eyes as my blades slammed into his eyes.  Falling back, he snapped his fingers.  A puff of smoke remained where he was, a weak smile dancing across my face.  Hot vomit flew up my throat at the sight of his eyes at the tips of my swords, blood pouring from my eyes.  A rough tongue licked my irritated form, my hair sticking straight up in the air.  Two kind blue eyes met mine, a row of sharp teeth greeting me.   

“You still need to fix the witch in the woods.” He blurted out, a blush rising to his cheeks. “She changed after that weird guy showed up, and we can’t figure it out.”  Nodding, disgust filled my eyes at the sight of my appearance in a lily pad filled pond.  The pink blossoms drifted around aimlessly, my feet stepping into a dying forest.  Black vines snapped in my direction, my blades cutting them out of my way.  Spikes sank into my skin, my breath hitching at the sight of a black witch’s hat shaped house.  The red glow was coming from here, Oakley struggling in a cage.  Dismay dimmed my eyes, Oakley perking up at the sight of me.  

“How dare you approach my home?” A nasally female voice chastised me emptily, a middle aged woman with long snarled hair glaring in my direction. “You are to be punished for your trespassing.” Raising her hands, black vines shot in my direction.  Bullets whizzed by my head, Viktor popping up behind me.  The vines cried out in pain, William freezing any vines that got too close to me.  Lottie hovered above us, Boran sitting behind her.   

“Where is her stone?” I shouted up to Boran who looked rather frightened to answer me. “Please tell me there is one.  You two get out of here and help the villagers.”  Shaking his head, his panicked look in his eyes told me all that I needed to know.  The wind gusted as they flew back towards the village, the mole attempting to lick me again. 

“Not one lick, you vile creature.” I fumed icily, a childish pout forming on his lips. “You are annoying me.  What made her turn?”  Horror widened my eyes, the Lord of Darkness holding her shoulder.  His black armor shimmered in the red flames of her fireplace, his black blade resting in his palms.  

“You broke your promise child.” His voice rumbled, the ground quaking beneath me. “You refuse to give your life to save the world, so she must die.”  His blade pressed against her throat, Viktor protesting as I launched myself towards him.  A heavenly light bathed the forest, the witch collapsing to the ground.  The Lady of Light drifted down, a giant blue blade in her hands.  Blue roses rained down around us, the Lord of Darkness raising his blade.  Sparks snowed around us, the ash piling up at our feet.  

“Leave this child out of this.” She barked passionately, their forms looking like blurs in the sky. “Did you tell her your false side of the story?  Did you know that he is actually my ex boyfriend who began the Great Reset.  Talk about being a bit crazy.  Only he can be the darkness and I can be the light.  Besides, we were over centuries ago.  Alas there is one way, and you know what that is.  I believe she is the vessel for it all.” Raw anger and hurt flashed in his eyes, his foot slamming into her petite form.  Blood dripped from the corner of her lips, a sweet smile on her face.  Her limp body crashed to my feet, the Lord of Darkness rushing towards her to finish her off.  Confusion twisted my face, my blades fading away.    

“Stop it!” I screamed, his metal boots skidding to a stop. “If you love her, you won’t kill her.  I think she still loves you.”  His helmet fell off his face, a human face staring back at me.  She sat up, resting against her knees.  He offered his hand, her slight hand looking small in his palm.  Nodding to each other, their blades slid through each other at the same time.  

“Thank you for serving me.” She wheezed, holding her lover tightly. “I give you the title of the Living Lady of the Light.  May you pass this on to your offspring so the light continues.”   Her fading hand touched me, my curse melting away.  Raw power surged through me, the Lord of Darkness touching my shoulder.  Their powers surged through me, the perfect balance stabilizing my body. 

“You are a bold child.” He wheezed, coughing up blood. “May you carry the peace of the world with you wherever you wander.  Stop him from using his machine and finally bring the true light to this world.”  White smoke swirled around them, their forms changing to what they once were.  Their lips pressed together sweetly, their essences floating up into the sky.  Numbly, we all stood there, a sea of blue roses around us.  One rose had a golden ring around it, a note fluttering in the breeze.  Lottie brought it over to me, the envelope reading Viktor’s name.  He ripped it open, his eyes scanning the page.  All eyes watched in awe as he slid the band on his thumb, a blue light forming around him.  

“It is a protection charm from our lady.” He explained gently, the light fading around him. “Let’s stop your father, my wife.”  A triumphant smile spread across his face, his arms wrapping around my waist.  The witch sat up in her bushes, her golden eyes meeting mine.  

“I am Scarlet O’ Magique, at your services.” She introduced herself, running up to the mole. “I see you gave the nice lady a tongue bath, Barty.  Rest with the village for the evening as a token of our thanks.”  She snuggled against his head, my jaw dropping to the ground.  Of course she owned a giant mole, her wild curls bouncing around her pale face.  Her black dress hugged her five foot four hourglass figure, a pair of worn black boots on her feet. 

“I will accept your offer.” I uttered oddly, touching the slime all over my body. “I think I need a bath, and a couple of days to figure out what is next.”  She nodded, guiding us towards the village for a much needed rest.  

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