Adventure Drama Mystery

They arrived at the airport on time, husband, Charlie, wife Lucretia and two teenage girls, Andrea and Martha, from their Canadian home in Quebec. This was going to be a trial run to see how they would get on within their new surroundings. The Andersen family were very well off and wanted to make a change to their way of life. Charlie worked as an architect for the local company, where the company was relocating some of their work abroad, while wife, Lucretia was a home-maker of textiles and design, she accumulated several clients which enabled her and the family to live a rich lifestyle. The teenage girls, Andrea and Martha were soon to attend university in Switzerland in the fall, so, this allowed them time to bond with their parents within their new venture.

At the airport, they were all seated and awaiting for the plane to depart. They were off to settle on of the Islands of the Grenadines.

Everything was prearranged by the boss of Charlie's firm.

During their 8 hour flight, over Canada and over the Caribbean seas until finally landing in Barbados, it was night time, and the heat from the air as they boarded off the plane was intense. All the passengers lined up ready to be attended by security and customs, the Andersen family had to go to another line to catch a connecting flight. Their journey was not over yet.

The Andersen family were in a queue for their connecting flight along with several others. It was a 3 hour journey and all arrived safely, the finally got through the local customs and were met by a taxi driver run by the company to take them to their place they were lately to call home. It took a further hour and half and by then all were exhausted.

The next day was a bright and sunny August morning, looking out from the veranda, was a local village and on the other side were clusters of trees, a mixture between banana trees and coconut trees. At the front of the house was a road leading up towards the mountains. They had not seen a living soul for the whole day, so Charlie began to unpack, while Lucretia was trying hard to get a connection on her lap top, the teenage girls were doing the same thing.

"Honey! Can you check if there is any connection here?" Lucretia was determined to get started on her business.

"I'm not sure if there is," replied Charlie.

Meanwhile, while the family were debated about internet connection, there was a knock on the door, Charlie was nearest and went to answer, it was one of the local neighbours, wanted to introduce themselves to them.

"So, where have you come from?" he asked in his local accent, he was a dark man with working clothes on, and stained, he carried a long knife-like contraction.

"We arrived from a long way, why do you ask?"

"No reason...I saw a light,"

"Oh well, did the light disturb you?" Charlie was beginning to feel wiry.

"No, no..." then he stopped talking for that moment.

"What is that for?" asked Charlie pointing at the knife.

"Oh this! I'm going to the lands."

"Oh, what do you do in the 'lands'?"

"It's part of my income, grow stuff to get money to feed my family."

"Oh I see...well, you have a good day."

"Thank you."

The man rode off with his donkey and bits of stuff carried in a bundle. Charlie looked on at him as the man strode up a nearby hill.

Meanwhile, inside the house the girls and Lucretia were getting their things together. Charlie was in the kitchen fixing something to eat when another knock came to the door, this time, there were two more passers by, they said they came from the next village and hear new comers had arrived.

"How strange, by that you mean us here," retorted Charlie, "We have not been out anywhere yet so how did you know?" he questioned the two men dressed in the same clothing as the one before.

"Oh we have our way knowing of a new comers," the other explained.

"Well, what can I do for you, would you like a drink to freshen up, I guess you have walked from far."

The first one began to reply, his name was Trekker, taller and darker than his friend,

"If you have water available that would be grateful."

"But we can not stay longer as we have to head to the lands," the other responded back, his name was Wonder.

As Trekker and Wonder gulp down their water, they finished off a great deal, Charlie began to think why they kept mentioning the word lands as if they were going to a building but felt too embarrassed to ask. Instead he said his farewell and close the door behind them. Charlie returned to Lucretia and the girls to tell them what had happened,

"What ever you do, be on your guard who ever you talk to," were his last words to them.

Several past, the family had unpacked and ready to begin their new life on the island. Charlie was looking forward to getting settled within his new working environment, he managed to get an internet connection. He had received email from his employer to say that he should be arriving to their place that day.

"Honey," he called out to Lucretia, "You better the yourself and the girls ready because my boss should be arriving soon."

"But Dad, do we have to go now," moaned Martha.

"Yes, dear, I want to create a good impression."

"O K."

It wasn't long before a four-wheel drive vehicle pulled up out side the drive, it was Charlie's boss, Mr Jared.

Mr Jared short man with heavy features, and kept grunting after every sentence that the girls had to hide the laughter. While they got into the vehicle, Charlie in the passenger side and Lucretia and the girls at the back, the vehicle was on the way down the hill, around several hair-pin bends and half hour to the journey they reached the airport, not the same airport they arrived from. This airport would take them 30 minutes to a private island, Charlie would be working.

The small 7-Seat plane arrive on the private island, they all got out and an awaiting vehicle ready for them. There was another 10 minute drive where the vehicle pulled up to a grand entrance. They all go out apart from Mr Jared who was parking the vehicle. As soon as they reached the reception area, the local looked upon them as if they were from another planet.

Charlie turned to Lucretia,

"It's a novelty, they are probably not accustomed to visitors,"

"Rubbish! that is just like you, making compensation for others."

Mr Jared introduced the staff to Charlie and his family and after an uncomfortable welcome, they went back to the vehicle to another place, a small beach bar cafe for something to eat and to discuss more things about the job.

It turns out that Charlie would be allocated living space on the island while Lucretia and the girls live on the main land. It would prove far too expensive to rent a villa there, but it was a well earned job that Charlie would take no for an answer.

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