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Crime Horror Thriller

Life is very unpredictable. God has designed everyone differently. But what happens when a person notices the same things or phrases wherever they go. It sounds odd but some people experience such things. Sometimes time plays a joke with us, and whatever is there will happen anyhow in our lives. It is a story of Peter who lives in America with his family. He is a very carefree boy. But one incident turns his life upside down. Actually, it was his last day in college and he was thrilled as there will be a farewell party tonight. As soon as the night crept in, he got dressed and ready for the party and soon headed towards his destination. After enjoying his night while he was returning home he goes through an accident and soon he was hospitalized. Many days he didn’t gain his consciousness. But as soon as he gains his consciousness everyone in his family, including himself, realizes Peter has lost his sight forever. Listening to this, everyone becomes sad and starts worrying about him. They soon search for donner. But there was a crisis in the eye donned in that hospital. In another place, in India, a 23-24 years old boy Hari lives in a village died due to one incident which takes place in their village. Actually, we all have five senses, but few people have experienced a sixth sense. But what happens when people will not believe the person who has these kinds of senses. Hari was also a person who notice black shadows behind a person and the person who has a black shadow behind them soon dies because of some reason. But no one believes him when he tries to save them. Instead, he gets scolds from them and one day he saw that there were lots of shadows behind almost everyone in their village. but as usual, all the people scolded him and even killed his father later. This made him shocked as he didn’t expect them to take such a drastic step towards them but soon all the people died due to fire in the entire village ultimately what Hari was trying to explain to the people earlier that day but they didn’t hear him at all. So out of guilt as he couldn’t save the lives of the villagers and also his father who was killed by the people for no reason, Hari took his own life. An entire village ends because of misunderstanding . in India still these cases are going on. Now, as soon as Hari’s death his body part are sold in big hospitals, some within India, some abroad. Fortunately or unfortunately his eyes come to the hospital where Peter was admitted. So soon after it reaches the hospital doctors soon operate on Peter’s eyes and replace them with Hari’s eyes. Soon Peter also starts experiencing the same as Hari and as Hari Peter also suffered from humiliations, scolds because of these. attitudes according to people but same as Hari he also can’t see people suffering or death of people in front of his eyes its really haunt him badly. He always notices someone’s death near every day which makes him depressed. He has a girlfriend named Angelina who was really worried about seeing Peter’s condition, he stops hanging out with her. Soon he started researching about his condition but couldn’t find anything. And soon he started dreaming about the incident which happened in that village of India and about Hari every night. As if Hari was trying to communicate with Peter as his eyes were now Peter’s. One day Peter was adamant to go to India to know the truth of his dream. And soon he finds the painful incident of Hari which took place there. As soon as Peter was returning back to the USA he again meets in an accident and again he lost his eyes. It was as if he got those eyes just to suffer as Hari does and go through the same pain for few years. But after his accident, he denies getting new pair of eyes again and remained blind forever We learn many things from this story firstly it’s terrible if you notice the same object or phases wherever you go. Secondly, we shouldn’t get desperate to be perfect that we forget to see the cons of that step as Peter’s parents did if they were not desperate to put another pair of eyes in Peter he may not have suffered all these things and his life could be easier. But sometimes things happen to us to give us some important lesson in our lives. Doctors should first research properly the lives of the donner so that the patients where they will place those parts never suffer as Peter does. There are lots of stories like Hari who have to give up their lives due to helping someone. Sometimes life teaches us many big lessons. Even today I don’t know how many Hari dies due to misunderstands or could not express one’s feelings to others or simply communication problems. There are some kind of feelings took place in us which we can’t express to anyone. The step which Peter take at last should take in earlier only he shouldn’t have to go through what he went through for his parents one mistake. We make lots of such kinds of mistakes in our lives. And many mythical people believe we shouldn’t donate our eyes because according to those people our souls are present in our eyes which seems to have little truth if we look at these stories. At one point it seems as if Hari’s soul was working through Peter, however, it’s still a mystery with this fact whether our souls are present in our eyes or not. People who have sixth sense generally suffer a lot because it is a sense which god will gift to you only to get humiliations and scolds or sometimes it might kill you. It seems people whom god gift such sense give them some kind of punishment for their misdeed in their past lives. 

July 22, 2021 14:37

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Lisa Lacey
18:33 Jul 22, 2021

What a story! I am glad the boys' parents found them in time and they learned their lesson! It is a funny coincidence the site paired us up to read each other's stories and we both wrote about a boy skipping school with very different outcomes.


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