Deceptions and Delusions Maze Runner FanFic

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Anne woke up to the sound of a bike horn blasting in her ear. She looked up to see a pair of brown eyes staring down at her.

"How many times have I told you to get out of my room!"

Chuck smiled "Not enough."

Anne sighed "Just get out!"

The young boy, her brother, shrugged "Okay."

After he left, Anne rolled over, looked at the clock and bolted upright. She ran to her dresser and pulled off her baggy shirt and put on a fitted T-shirt. Then she pulled off her pants and put in a pair of skinny grey jeans. She ran down the hall into the kitchen, grabbed an banana and bolted out the door, grabbing her backpack on the way.

She was just at her locker when the bell rang,

Probably the warning bell, she thought. She was late, but not that late. When she finally got into her English class, she walked to her seat in the back of the room, and collapsed into her chair. Mr. Confucius stared down at her through his narrow glasses.

"Nice of you to join us, Ms. Darwin."

Anne flushed and looked at the dark oak desk. "Sorry sir." she raised her head slightly to find that everyone was going on their own business.

At lunch, she scoured the cafeteria and found her usual group. She took a seat by the vending machine at the same table as Minho, Newt, Aphrodite, Ben, Thomas, Teresa, and Frypan.

Gally sat in the corner of the cafeteria, with all his cronies.

"You have Mr. Confucius for english!" Aphrodite gasped. "You are so lucky!"

Anne sighed "Not that lucky. He assigned a ton homework today."

Aphrodite narrowed her eyes and grinned, "Is it creative writing?"

Anne smiled, "Yes it is."

Aphrodite beamed harder, "It is decided then, you give me your english and I'll give you my math!"

Anne raised her eyebrows and extended her hand. "Shake on it."

Aphrodite spat on her hand and shook Anne's.


Anne sat at her desk doing Aphrodite's homework. The weird thing is that Anne loved to do math, and she was good at it. Chuck often made fun of her for it.

As if thinking of him made him appear, Chuck burst into her room, yelling gibberish.

Anne started to yell when he interrupted yelling, "It's dinner time!"

She groaned as she walked down the hall to the kitchen. Anne had lots of things to not look forward to but when it comes to Chucks cooking, it tops it all. Anne slumped into a chair. "Please tell me that you ordered pizza."

Chuck frowned "It's not that bad!"

Anne smiled "Yeah, it is." Chuck about to open his mouth for a comeback the door bell rang.

He ran to the door, and in about 5 seconds Frypan was over with Newt and Aphrodite. Frypan was carrying a basket filled with Chinese food.

Anne gasped. "Chuck! You didn't tell me we were having friends over!"

Chuck shrugged.

Aphrodite attention turned over to Anne. "Did you finish?"

Newt, who stood next to her, smirked. "Come on love, give her some time."

Anne rolled her eyes. "I have to finish the last 3 questions."

Aphrodite reached into her bag and pulled out a large, and thick, stack of papers. "I wanted to cut it short so you could have time to copy it into your handwriting."

Anne stood frozen, and it's not because of the homework. It was because Ben walked in. He's cute, in fact way cute.

Chuck smile. "Hey Ben. Hey Alby."

Her mind raced. Wait, Alby was here? She did't even notice. All she noticed was Ben.

When her mind snapped back into reality, Aphrodite was already digging in, and Alby, Ben and Newt were all talking and Chuck was getting plates down from the cabinet. She decided not to join the boys talking and joined Aphrodite.

Aphrodite spoke first. "I saw that you were eyeing Ben, anything going on?" She wiggled her eyebrows.

Anne flushed, "No nothing's going on."

Aphrodite rolled her eyes. "Yeah right, I've seen that look before."

Anne smirked. "In the mirror?"

By the look on Aphrodite's face she knew she had a comeback, but before she could say anything, Newt and Alby were yelling at them for eating half the Chinese food, but their yelling was cut off by the door bell. The sound of Teresa and Thomas talking was answered to silence. Thomas's arm was around Teresa's shoulders, and she had her head on his shoulder.

Of course Newt and Alby cat-called. Chuck ran over and Thomas gave him a noogie. Then the door bell chimed again, and this time Minho and Gally walked in. Anne's eyes met Chuck's, and he smiled.

Minho walked over to the counter grabbed a bag of chips, flopped onto the couch, turned on the Wii, and put his feet on the table.

Anne walked over to him and slapped his arm. "Get your feet off the table! This isn't your living room!" Minho dropped his feet off the table and grabbed a controller. Anne sat on the floor criss-crossed, and handed Teresa a controller. They sat there playing Mario Kart, while Aphrodite snatched a bag of chips and laid on the couch putting her feet right into Minho's face. Minho's face scrunched up.

"You're making me lose!"

Aphrodite smirked, "then my plan worked!"

Newt walked into the living room, and Aphrodite sat up so he could sit down.

Gally walked in with Alby and Teresa with Thomas tailing behind her. Thomas sat with Teresa on the other couch and Gally sat at the edge of the couch.

Aphrodite put her head on Newt's lap. Newt put his hand on her red long curly hair.

"Awww." Teresa was looking at them. Thomas seeing the perfect opportunity put his arm around her shoulders again and she leaned her head on his shoulder.

And there they were, sitting playing Wii.

Anne passed her controller to Gally as she stood up and stepped over Alby and Chuck. She walked over to Aphrodite and whispered that she needed to tell her something. They walked into her room and she turned to her. "Can you keep a secret?"

Aphrodite crossed her heart. Anne took a deep breath.

"I do like Ben."

Anne exhaled. Aphrodite looked amused. "I already knew that. You looked at him in that special way."

Anne looked puzzled. Aphrodite took her hand and started to drag her back to the living room. "The boys will be wondering where we went."

Anne felt the happiness sink in as she sat back into her spot and watched Gally play with her controller.

I do not own any of these characters except for Anne and Aphrodite.

August 18, 2020 16:36

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16:53 Aug 18, 2020

Anne is my OC and Aphrodite is my sister "Felicity's" (My sister) OC


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13:14 Oct 16, 2020

Hi, just rereading this, and I know you like notifications, so... Newtrodite is the best, and this is so cute! Note: If anyone wants to see more Newtrodite, my series is always available. XOXO


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15:54 Dec 28, 2020

Hello there, I see that you are also a man of culture (Ninjago and Star Wars) I just had a question, I’m not trying to sound rude, but... Have you considered writing for other fandoms?


15:34 Dec 30, 2020

Yes I have considered but most of the prompts are not very interesting :( I will try my best to write more for my other fandoms!


15:39 Dec 30, 2020

That’s awesome 😎 I look forward to some Ninjago and Star Wars stories.


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15:39 Dec 30, 2020

That’s awesome 😎 I look forward to some Ninjago and Star Wars stories.


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15:39 Dec 30, 2020

That’s awesome 😎 I look forward to some Ninjago and Star Wars stories.


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