A Zombie Wish

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Funny Kids Adventure

¨Sorry sold out.¨ said the ticket salesman. I walked away looking at the popcorn and thinking about the movie ¨The last people on earth¨. Everyone would be talking about it in school, I would be the only person who hadn’t seen the movie. At least I could read the books, except I don’t like to read. As I was walking I just remembered: THE NEW ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE VIDEO GAME CAME OUT! I rushed to the store only to find out, it was sold out. But I didn’t have my hopes up yet! I rushed to every store I knew but they were all sold out! So many people wanted the game as so many people wanted to watch the movie! I one can cheer me up: Berrys Bakery. I love their Krispy cream doughnuts and their hot fudge cakes. When I went inside I saw Ms.Reddy, she is the best! ¨I would like a Krispy Cream doughnut please!¨ I said. Ms.Reddy frowned. ¨Sorry, Darling.¨ She said.¨There is no more.¨ ¨Thats ok!¨ I said ¨ I can have a hot fudge cake?¨ ¨No she said in a sad voice, but then her voice turned brighter¨But you can have our newest special, the WISH-A-LOTS!¨. The wish-a-lots were white frosting and in the inside was rainbow sprinkles. ¨Ok.I will take one.¨ I said gloomily. ¨Cheer up, Sweetie! People say that they can grant wishes!¨ Ms. Reddy yelled after me. I am not sure if I heard that right, WISHES?? I don’t believe in magic but in case I made a wish:¨I wish there were a zombie Apocolypes then I could do whatever I wanted.¨I took a bite of the doughnut. ¨Yuck!¨ I yelled ¨ It tastes like clay!¨ ¨if you don’t want it I can have it.¨ said a voice. It was Gabi! My best friend in the whole world! ¨Sure, but it tastes like clay.¨ I said. ¨You know what, nevermind. But it sure looks good!¨ said Gabi. ¨Do you wanna have a sleepover? I will ask my mom and you ask yours. Ok?¨ ¨Ok!¨ I said. We ran in different directions. When I got home I was out of breath. ¨Mom, can i-have a-sleepover with-Gabi?¨ I said as quickly as I could. ¨You looked like you ran Canada from here! But sure I will email her mom.¨She said. Later that evening I and Gabi were in our hand-made pillow fort, stuffing our mouths with m&ms.¨What did you get for the spelling test? I got an A+.¨ boasted Gabi. ¨I got a C-.¨ I replied. ¨You know grades are more important than Monster movies.¨ said Gabi. ¨I know.¨ I said looking down at the bowl of M&Ms.¨Thats ok! I can help you! I am beyond good at spelling!¨ ¨I DONT NEED YOUR HELP!¨i yelled. ¨But grades-¨Gabi started ¨GOODNIGHT.¨ I said firmly. I didn’t mean to yell at gabi, she was only trying to help. And she was right that grades are more important than movies. But she didn’t have to brag or made me look stupid. I guess I should say sorry. But tomorrow. The next day my mom made breakfast.¨Do you guys mind being left at home for a little while? Grandma is sick, I just want to visit her.¨ asked my mom. ¨ok.¨ me and Gabi replied. As soon as she left we both said ¨sorry¨ at the same time. ¨You go first.¨ Gabi insisted. ¨ok. Sorry for yelling at you. You only wanted to help. But you didn’t have to brag and make me look not-so-smart.¨ I tried to say it the nicest way as posable. ¨Oh!I didn’t mean to make you dumb, and sorry that I was bragging! I just wanted us to go to high school together!¨ Gabi said. We were in the 8th grade and I probably wouldn’t make through all of the other grades without her. ¨Well, there is a test next week, do you mind if you could help me study.¨ ¨Sure!¨ Gabi. After studying we wanted to see what the latest news was so we turned on the tv to watch the news. ¨Breaking news,¨ said the news reporter ¨There is a zombie apocalypse. We don’t know what caused it, but scientists are figuring out.¨ I turned off the tv real quick and closed all of the curtains. ¨You don’t possibly believe in this stuff.¨ Said Gabi. ¨I do! And we are going to figure out a way to save the world!¨ iI exclaimed. I looked out the window. I could already see zombies walking everywhere! Gabi looked to. She said in shock ¨It is real!¨ ¨Of course it is!¨i exclaimed. I moved all of the stuff we need to the bathroom while gabi was panicking her head out! ¨How are our moms doing? Will, I ever make it to go to high school?¨What-¨ Gabi said in a panic. ¨Gabi! We aren’t going to survive at all if you keep on panicking!Now come on,we need to stay here.”i said. We entered the bathroom.We waited for along time but then we heard a “BANG” sound. “AGGGGUUHH!” me and Gabi screamed and rushed out of the bathroom. We zoomed pasted the zombies and rushed outside to where there is more zombies. Me and Gabi did not know what to do. We traveled for a little bit,but i saw this cave and we went inside it. The first thing i did was call mom.She did not answer the first couple of times but then she finally answered. “Hello?Sweetheart? Is that you?” She said frantically. “Yes,hi!” I said over joyed. “I’m so glad you are ok! Me and grandma are in her apartment.We went to the hightest floor.Ms.Reddy is with us right now.” Ms.Reddy! I almost forgot she lived in the same apartment complex as grandma! “Please come as soon as you can.” said mom. “Ok we will.Bye!” i said “Bye!” said mom. Gabi snatched the phone out of my hand,and diald her moms number. She called many of times but she did not answer. A tear trickled gabi’s face. I hugged her. “Don’t worry,we can go to your house and see if she is ok.” i said sympathetically. “Ok.” Sniffed Gabi. We cautiously went to Gabi’s house. And we entered inside. “HELP!” it was Gabi’s mom. We rushed upstairs. “Help!” Gabi’s mom screamed in terror. She was surrounded by zombies.Gabi grabed a broom but it was to late. Gabi’s mom was biten. “AAAAHHHHH!” she yelled as she formed into a hideous zombie. Gabi’s eyes bursted into tears. “Come on, Gabi!” I yelled “We have to get out of here!” “NO!” Gabi cried “i’m never going to leave my mom!” “At some point you do!” I said frantically “And that is now!” Despratlly Gabi ran with me and we dashed out of the door, and we kept on running until the zombie where out of sight. When we stoped at a gas station Gabi burst into tears we hugged each other. “Don’t worry everything is going to be ok.” “No!” She cried “Nothing is going to be okay! Only for you, like everything is!” I was confused. “What do you mean?” i asked. “Your family is ok,and-and.umm. She stammered. “That’s the only thing you can think of.” I said “sorry.” Gabi sighed. “I was just super sadgry.” “Sadgry?” I asked. “Sadgry,the combination of the word “Sad and “Angry”.” Gabi clarified. We laughed And we heard to 1239 oak street,where my grandma lives. On our way i was hungry. “Are’nt you hungry, gabi?” I asked. “Yeah.Let’s go to Berry’s Bakery.” She said. “Ok.” i said. We headed to Berry’s bakery only to find out that there was almost hundred people er-zombies were crowding around the place. We left as quick as we could.As we were heading out i thought about something.I wished for a zombie apocalypse so i could do whatever i wanted,but obviously that wasent true.I also thought about something else,it was technically my fault Gabi’s mom turned to a zombie. But when i took a bite of the doughnut my wish came true! I told Gabi. “So what is your point?” Asked Gabi. “My point is i can get the same doughnut and make a wish for everything to turn back to normal again!” i exclaimed. “Great idea! But there is so many zombies,how are we going to get pass them all?” She asked. “We don’t need to! i still have it in my sweater!” I said very proud. “But sorry to ruin your plan, but isn’t there zombies at your house?” She asked. “There is not as much zombies in my house probably has the ones at Berry’s bakery.” I said. “True!” She said and we rushed to my house and there was barley any zombies there as i suspected. “Wish me luck.” I said and bolted through all of the zombies and grabbed my sweater from the couch and came back outside. “Help!” it was Gabi she was surround by zombies! I did the first thing that came to mind. I got the biggest branch that i could find and wacked all of the zombies with it leaving enough time for gabi to escape. I ran too and we went to the apartment.There was zombies everywhere! I got a stick and i wacked them with it. Until we got to the highest room where mom,Ms.Reddy,and grandma were at.We all hugged each other. “Oh,Sweetheart! I am so glad you and Gabi are alright!” Mom said over joyed. Grandma stepped in “Gabi,where is your mom?” Gabi did not answer. I shoke my head. “Oh,Gabi we are so sorry! You can live us.” Said grandma. “She dosen’t need to!” I said very proud. i held up the doughnut. I told them my plan. “Great idea!” Said Ms.Reddy. “Well,what are you waiting for?!” Said Gabi “Do it!” I took a deep breath a i said my wish. “I wish everything went back to normal.” I choked up the doughnut. It tasted even worst than the first time i tried it. We ran outside and chucks of people turned back to their regular human self! We went to Gabi’s house and Gabi’s mom was back to normal! “Mom!” Gabi exclaimed. She ran towards her mom.Everything was back to normal.Every helped clean up the messes and Ms.Reddy Got rid of all of the Wish-a -lots.Later we had a celebration. “We would like to thank these two girls for being brave and heroic for saving the day!” Said the mayor. He called me and to the podium and we each got a medal. Everyone cheered and clapped.I learned two lessons today: one, friends are the best and two,never juge a doughnut by it’s cover,or should i say, frosting!

                                         THE END!

September 25, 2020 00:37

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Jennica Ley
21:00 Apr 22, 2021

love ya, but you got to format dialog correctly! Every time someone new speaks has to be a new paragraph and don't forget the importance of punctuation. Like this: ¨I would like a Krispy Cream doughnut please!¨ I said. Ms. Reddy frowned. ¨Sorry, Darling,¨ She said.¨There is no more.¨ ¨Thats ok!¨ I said ¨ Can have a hot fudge cake?¨ ¨No," she said in a sad voice, but then her voice turned brighter, ¨But you can have our newest special, the WISH-A-LOTS!¨.


Chanel Mango
15:39 May 03, 2021

Ok, I realized that mistake right after I did that.


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