Close together yet far apart.

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Fantasy Historical Fiction Romance

He stands there.

Fidgeting with his sleeves, then with his hair, looking at the ground. Wondering , thinking of the perfect opportunity, the perfect moment. Then he thinks of her with her golden hair and perfect smile: Her small yet strong body, so delicately beautiful, yet so magnificently strong. He looks up and notices her walking towards him. She’s wearing her normal attire.

As a warrior to the Crown he knows she cannot wear any other attire when she is on duty. He looks down to his attire. A Green high buttoned up jacket not so normal attire for the son of the King, but normal enough to blend in and not grab any attention.

As he looks towards her he sees a look of aftershock clear upon her face. Dazed in this aftershock she walks reluctantly slow. He then rushes towards her.

“Wadalena , what’s the matter you look as though you have been defeated in battle.”

A Quick glance at her face shows that these words might have cheered her up a bit, as for he knows and she too that their warriors hasn’t lost any battles, not yet.

Upon hearing his voice she looks up.

“I’m leaving.”

He looks to her face for any sign that the words she uttered were not to be uttered in this lifetime, but he doesn’t see what he wants to see.

She repeats those same hideous words over and over again.

“I’m leaving … I’m leaving … I’m leaving.”

It seems as though she too feels these words as an invasion in this sweet place of theirs. Yet she repeats them over and over yet again for her sweet mind to make sense of them.

“I’m leaving.”

“Stop uttering those foul words”

He speaks fiercely.

Still she repeats those words as if dazed in their spell.

I’m leaving.”

“Wadalena stop don’t say those treacherous words.”

They have been together only for a short 2 months and although that is too short to proclaim their love to each other their bodies feels joined to the hip and their sorrows feels like one.

“I…I.. Don’t understand my love? You’re leaving? Father has not told me about any departures in our men’s army.”

He touches her cheek to make her feel comfortably to convey in him, but this seems to make her winch in pain.

A worried look spreads across her face.

“Whatever has happened to you my love? Did someone hurt you? I will cut their throat and let them eat thy throat for hurting such a fine specimen of beauty like my Wadalena.”

She looks down only to let him lift her chin up to reassure her.

“Tell me my love.”

“Andrew… my father has found out of our love and denied me our love. He said that it is odd and foul of a prince like you to proclaim his love to a vulgar looking woman like me.”

She lets out a sob.

“Don’t cry my love; I don’t understand your father. How can he say such foul words to you my love? You are so unique and beautiful and yet you too don’t know of thy beauty. For if I were there I would have knock some senses into thy men that call himself your father but treats you like an object rather than a treasure.”

She looks up to his eyes.

“Andrew… his still my father.”

She pleads

“Don’t fuss my love I will not hurt him, I will not treat him with any more dignity anymore though, because of the way he mistreated you and thy love.”

Andrew sees that his words must have harmed her a little and add the following for good measure.

“His misuse of alcohol and woman must have fried his brain cells and therefore made him so distasteful.”

She smiles. He takes that smile as an invitation, doesn’t care if anyone sees, grabs her by her waist and pulls her closer. He could feel her stiffness as he pulls her closer, but the stiffness soon vanishes when he lays his lips onto hers.

How an angel like this could just leave him just like ants leave after satisfying their appetite.

“Andrew I’m leaving”

There those vulgar words are again.

He sighs.

“I won’t let you.”

He pulls her even more closely she begin to giggle.

“Andrew no, no Andrew someone will see.”

He lets her go slowly only to plant a kiss on the top of her head.

“No one will take you away.”

She looks away off in the distance.

 “Andrew it’s not that simple.”

The perfect opportunity? Has it arrived? Earlier than anticipated? He bends down on his one knee, gives her a wink and smiles.

“Then marry me, for I am not living a life without you my angel.”

“Andrew I I ..”

“Hush your tongue my love, only say you do.”

She looks up into his eyes and for the first time ever she feels like she belongs, but then remembers where she came from.

“Andrew but what would people say?”

He scoops up her small yet well build frame then replies.

“As a warrior with a warrior princess they can say what they want. They should just be warned if any unholiest comes from their tongue of our love we will roast it with the pig.”

She looks into his eyes to see any hint of sarcasm, any hint of doubts or lies, but turn up short.

He truly loves her.

 “I do Andrew now and forever.”

Andrew picks her up and screams:

“You are mine and only mine forever and ever till death do us part.”

“Shh, Andrew.”

She giggles

“I will not stay silent, everyone must know.”

With that Andrew and Wadalena walks away from their special spot. Not anymore separate, but together. Hand in hand to the castle. Everyone should know their love and everyone should rejoice in it. To tell Andrews Father the King that Andrew found the one. To tell Wadalena’s Dad that he should not fuss that she is not his anymore to protect.

July 16, 2020 09:07

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Samantha Davis
16:50 Jul 18, 2020

One thing that stuck out in your story is the overly formal language "Andrew, my love" and "Stop uttering those foul words". But over all I enjoyed the stoy.


Anja Z
17:42 Jul 18, 2020

Thank you


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Adrienne Parker
21:38 Jul 22, 2020

Hello! This was a sweet story, and I enjoyed reading it! There were quite a few mistakes in punctuation and grammar, as well as the placement of phrases. For instance, if a person is talking this is the format that is correct; "Shh, Andrew," she giggles. Nothing that can't be fixed by a little research and more proofreading! I loved the voice that this narrative was written in, you have a very sweet-sounding style. I would practice more with descriptions and adjectives to take your reader on a journey! Thank you so much for writing, ...


Anja Z
05:37 Jul 23, 2020

Thank you for your feedback I appreciate it , I will look into it. I will also read your story asap. Thank you again :)


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Deborah Angevin
10:10 Jul 22, 2020

Lovely story and lovely ending! Thoroughly enjoyed reading it! Also, would you mind checking my recent story out, "Red, Blue, White"? Thank you!


Anja Z
10:40 Jul 22, 2020

Thank you for reading my story and commenting on it , will do so asap. :)


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19:00 Jul 21, 2020



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Batool Hussain
16:59 Jul 20, 2020

This is amazing, Anja. Even though all your stories are great but this one really has to be my favorite. Mind checking out my new story and sharing your views on it? Thanks.


Anja Z
17:28 Jul 20, 2020

Aww thank you for your kind comment I really appreciate it Will do so :)


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