The Class President

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 Day 1

My legs were shaking. Me and my mom are standing in front of my new public school. Yes I said public, because I was homeschooled. My mom was my teacher, and the students were me, and my 5 brothers, and sisters. My mom got a new hard working job. So sadly she can’t be my teacher anymore. So I got to go to a public school. “You will be fine Miranda” My mom told me. “I will be waiting right here for you after school.” “Ok” I said. I went in the school. Somehow my siblings were not nervous at all. I needed to know where my first class was. Should I tell a student or a teacher, well I can try to make a new friend I guess. Then I asked a girl. “Excuse me” I began to say. “Oh hi!” The girl said back. “Are you new here?” “Uh yeah I am.” I said. “Well my name is Sarina.” The girl said. “I’m Miranda, but you can call me Mandy,” I said, less nervous. “Can you tell me where Ms. Davis' classroom is?” “Uh yeah that’s my class too!” Sarina said. A smile grew on my face. “Maybe public school is not that bad” I thought, and I think I made a friend ON MY FIRST DAY!

Day 2

Yesterday was an Ok day. The only people I met  were Sarina and My teacher. No one else really talked to me. Now day 2. I saw Sarina, and ran up to her. “Hey girl!” I said. “Oh hey Mandy” She said. She did not seem happy as she was yesterday. “Are you Ok?” I asked. “ARE YOU OK!” Sarina said mad. “What do you mean?” “I am ok!” I said really confused. “Are you sure?” Sarina said. “Yeah I am sure.” I said. “What’s wrong?” “You are my friend right?” I said. “Yeah well I thought I was,” Sarina said. “What?” I said REALLY confused. “Some boys told me that you were a bully at their old school!” Sarina said. “Wait what!” “I was homeschooled before” “You can even ask my mom!” I said.

“Wait so they lied to me!” Sarina said. I Nodded my head yes. “Well we are going to talk to these boys at our gym class!” “Wait we?” I said. “Yeah we” Sarina said confidently. 

We finished our Math class, and now it was PE time! “Time to go talk to these boys,” Sarina said. If I could describe Sarina in one word. It would be SO confident, like she’s not even scared of anything. “Wait here” She told me. She saw the boys, and went to them. “Hey!” Sarina said. “ Uh yeah?” One of the boys said. I don’t even know their names yet. “You guys lied to me, that she was a bully at your old school!” Sarina said REALLY mad. “She said she was homeschooled before coming here!” “Wait, you told her?” One of the boys said. “Uh yeah to make sure it is true, but it’s not!” Sarina said. “Hey Mandy come over here!” Sarina boldly said. I came out of the door. “Uh hi” I said a little shy. “OH HI” They said kind of mean. Sarina gave them a dirty look. The boys were a little scared, and stayed away from her. “Don’t ever say rude things about her OK!” Sarina said. “Ok” The boys said Quietly. “What!” Sarina said. I was kind of covering my ears, because boy was she loud. OK!” The boys said they were more scared. “Good,” Sarina said. In a more calm voice. Then we continued our day, and they did not talk to us.

Day 3

After my mom dropped me off at school. Sarina was waiting for me.

“Hi!” Sarina said.

“Oh Hey!” I said. 

When we were going to our first class. Sarina took my hand, and we went inside a bathroom. Why a bathroom? “Ok I got some good news!” Sarina said. “What tell me!” I said excited. “My mom works in the morning, but today she is working in the afternoon. So I told her if I can go to your house after school, and she said YES!” “OMG yay!” I said. “You can meet my family!” We giggled, and went to class. In class our teacher Ms. Davis was telling good news. “I was thinking that someone in our class can be something called a Class president!” There was 18 other students in my class. “Everyone can not become class president.” “Only 5 people can try to become class president.” Ms. Davis said. “There is a paper outside, so the 5 people can put their names, and next Wednesday  we are going to have a party, and the 5 people will make a speech of why they should be class president!” “And the rest of the class will vote, and then a winner!”

“You should become class president!” Sarina said.

“Why me?” I said.

“Because you're smart, and if you are class president, you will make this a great class!” Sarina said.

“Well you are not wrong.” I said. I wrote my name on the paper. I was running for class president. After school Sarina came over and we were talking about this. 

Day 4  

Thoughtful Thursday as I like to call it. My mom took me to school, met with Sarina, and we went to class. When we were walking to class. We saw the boys who said a lie about me. One of them was putting their name on the last spot. 

“Hey Matt you are running for president?” Sarina said. 

“Who is Matt?” I said.

“I am,” Matt said. “You don’t know my name?” He said.

“You never told me your name.” I said.

“Oh and I’m Aaron.” Aaron said.

“And I’m Tim. Tim said.

“Well now you know their names.” Sarina whispered at me.

“Anyways I am going to be Class president, and I am going to be a leader to everyone, and help out the teacher!” Matt said. “Yup!” Tim and Aaron said.

“No you're not Mandy is going to do great, and become class president!” Sarina said. I was happy she said that.

“Hey guys.” someone said. We looked behind us, and there was a teacher.

“Get to class!” She said, and we all went to class.

Day 5

So went to classes has always. It’s Friday please let it be a good day god. It was a good day! Tim and Matt were absent today, and Aaron did not talk to us. He kind of gave some faces, but he did not talk. Today was just a Ordinary school day. I can deal with it.

Day 6    

  Another Monday. During the weekends I wrote my speech. I know like 2 more days, but always be prepared! I also went to Sarina’s house. So at school, the boys were not being mean, but they were really annoying. Yup they were trying to annoy me and Sarina, but other than that classes and a good day.

Day 7

     A Tuesday day! Tomorrow is the day for the 5 people to make a speech! Oh the 5 people who are running are Me, Matt as you already know,  a girl named Mona, a boy named Jack, and a girl named Jillian. To be honest whoever wins (Talking about Matt as well) I will be proud of myself, and for them. That’s being a good sport. Went to class with Sarina, and the boys came up to us.

“Tomorrow is the day of the party and the speech.” Matt said.

“Yeah we know!” Sarina said.

“Okay just saying, but I have a great speech, and I will be class president!” Matt said.

“So true.” Aaron and Tim said. 

“Ok in your dreams!” Sarina said. I don’t know why I’m staying quiet. I just want Sarina to say everything. After a long argument. We went to class, and I never gave up.  

 Day 8      

Today is the day of the party, and our speech. After class we went to the party. I saw Sarina’s Family, and Mine. Our families were sitting together. “Good luck!” Sarina and My Family said. In the party there were lots of snacks and food and drinks. Yup this is my day! I saw the other runners, and Matt. I said Hi to  the other runners. Matt did not want to talk to me.

“Ok hello Everyone!” Ms. Davis said. “Welcome to this Party so glad to have you all!” “Our 5 runners are going to make their speech for class president!” For those of you who do not know what that means. It means that Someone who will be a great assistant, and help people in the class!” After Ms. Davis stopped talking, it was time for the Speech.

Jack Was first, he was crying a lot, and was taken off the stage.

Then Jillian her speech was ok.

Then Mona her speech did not make any sense! 

Then Matt not going to lie, but his speech was really good! Maybe better then mine. WAIT NO!

Then I was next. I was kind of nervous, but when I said my speech people were crying, My teacher, Sarina and her family, my family, The other runners (But not Matt) After I was done they all clapped. They clapped for everyone, but I could hear it in my head, my teacher saying that I’m class president. Just got to wait, and see. 

Day 9

Today was just the day the people in my class vote. I was so excited, not too excited, because I might not win, but I will be proud of myself! And for the person who wins. Sarina (My Confident friend) like how can I live without her! She always backs me up when I’m down. We did not have that many classes today. The boys just gave us looks today. I could tell those looks mean that I am going to lose, but I do not let that bring me down. After school I said bye to Sarina, and My dad picked me up.

“You ready for tomorrow!” He said excited.

“Yup I sure am!” I said, and I just couldn't sleep.

Day 10

Today was the BIG DAY! All the votes are in. Moms and Dads were in our classroom. 

“Get ready to lose.” Matt said. Tim and Aaron smiled.

“Just ignore them I know you will win!” Sarina said. I smiled at her.

“Ok class and parents, all you 5 people did great!” Ms. Davis said.

“Really I thought. Not all of us.

“And one of you guys is the class president!” Ms. Davis continued.

“But I’m proud of you all. So the class president of our class is………”  

Everyone was so excited, I was, Sarina, My family, Everyone!

“Miranda Anderson!” Ms. Davis said. 

I cried. I was so HAPPY! Everyone clapped. My family hugged me, and Sarina! I hugged the other runners too.

“Good job!” Matt!” I said.

“Oh really thanks you to I guess.” He said. 

“Yeah okay good job.” Tim and Aaron said. 

“Great job Mandy!” My teacher, Sarina, and My family said. I got a sticker that says The Class President. 

I was happy everyone was. I made friends with new people, and the boys! 

I will be a great Class President! And this is a great school!

December 31, 2020 19:55

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✨Abby ✨
22:25 Jan 08, 2021

This was awesome! Also, how do I become a marshmallow? I wanna help with the downvoters since I have been greatly affected by them myself (went from 1800 to zero in a day)


Ruby 💫
22:14 Jan 09, 2021

Thanks! Oh you know Amethyst, read her bio. You can copy and paste the Marshmallow part. Then you will be a marshmallow! I'm happy you loved my story! Ps. I have been upvoting you yesterday. -Ruby


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Lovely story Ruby! I am so glad that you are a marshmallow! I lost about 200 points today too... Anyways, I think that this story was legendary! It had a very nice plot and a great flow to it! :)


Ruby 💫
22:26 Jan 21, 2021

Hello! Glad that you loved my story! I have never been downvoted (well for now) but I upvote for the people who did. Which is also you! Thx!😘


Thank you so much! :) Your welcome.


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Ruby 💫
19:58 Dec 31, 2020

Hi! Made another story. kind of long but yeah. ❤ -Ruby💖


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01:24 Feb 19, 2021

ViCtoRy Is OuRs! Apparently its a challenge where you say it to someone and then have them pass it on. I got it from luna who got it from sapphire who got it from kate who got it from jade who got it from emerald sorry this is really random XD


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Nainika Gupta
21:14 Jan 13, 2021

Hey Ruby!! This was so cool :D Imma upvote you :D


Ruby 💫
20:42 Jan 15, 2021

Thanks!💕 Imma upvote you to:D


Nainika Gupta
20:52 Jan 15, 2021

aww you don't have to!!!


Ruby 💫
20:56 Jan 15, 2021

LOL I did😘


Nainika Gupta
21:12 Jan 15, 2021

awww thanks!!!!!


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20:30 Dec 31, 2020

Good job! critique would be that after someone says something, and if it ends with a period, you change it to a comma. Instead of: '“Yeah okay good job.” Tim and Aaron said.' you turn it to: '“Yeah okay good job,” Tim and Aaron said.' Other than that, a few things are capitalized that shouldn't be, like here: ' ... My dad picked me up." the 'm' on 'my' shouldn't be capital, just lowercase. Nice job! You're making good progress :D - Amethyst


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