On one fine morn of June, Gary woke up from a phone call. He picked up the phone and answers the call, "please call later", and cut off. Repeatedly he was getting a call one after the other. He was so much annoyed by the time that he turned the phone silent. After a while he woke up with a sudden thought that it might be an important one and so receive the phone. After chit chatting for a moment, he was more happy than usual.

         He was started conversing with himself that this morn is very special for him as he is going to meet to an old friend. He was pondering how much he loves her but before he could confess anything about it, she left the town, with a misconception that he was the one who has stolen her project to score more. But..... that was not true. Henceforth he was a bit nervous that why she called him after a span of two years. May be she realised that I'm innocent, or else I don't know........ yes I don't know.

          But what I'm going to do. What If she really hates me? But wait.... why? If she would hate me she wouldn't call me. O God! My nerves were getting down. Then after talking a deep breathe he sigh fine if she called me it means that she has no problem and for me she was sounding pretty good on phone. So let's just get ready else she would get angry if I reach late. 

         After all the buzz of thoughts passing from his minds, he went to take a shower. He wrapped himself in a black shirt and a pair of denim jeans. He paired it with a pair of shoes gifted by her in his birthday two years before. He was so excited as well as nervous at the same time that he had forgotten to take his car keys. So he rushed into his house, pick up the keys lying on a desk next to his bed and went outside.

      Then he took out a car and while on his way he caught a sight of gift shop. He stopped there and went into the store. But was a bit confused what gift might please her. Suddenly he notices a sorry card that was there on a showcase. He buys it along with a box of dark chocolates. She was a big lover of dark chocolates he thought.

          After realising he was quite late, he drive a car faster. Though he faces some trouble in searching the place name Tenaria but reached there with the help of location shared by her. He went inside Tenaria and caught a site of a lady sitting in a pink attire. He was mesmerized to saw her. She was more beautiful and prettier than before. He feels as if angel herself has come over here to meet him.

           He was busy in admiring her beauty that he forgets to give the present.

 "Hi, after a long time we met, I guess", said the lady.

 "Yes Lia after a long time. By the way where were you so long. No phone calls, text message! I guess you forget your old friend."

"No, not at all but I think the man with a gift has forgotten me."

"Oh, this present, this is for the gorgeous lady in pink", by giving her, Gary remarked. He continued and apologised for not calling her as he think she don't like to talk to him anymore.

"No, not at all. I learned on that very evening that it wasn't your fault.

But I've to go as my granny is not well and her only family is me so...".

"Then why you didn't call me", asked Gary. "Because I thought you would call me. But you haven't." "Sorry", he said by holding his ear.

"By the way why are you giving me a sorry card"

"As I thought you might thought me the reason behind leaving the town."

"Fine I'm taking on a note that you are being sorry for not calling me once in the span of two years".

"Whatever you feel like", he said.

"Hey Gary, you remember these are my favourite chocolates", said Lia surprisingly.

"How can I forget that. That day too I bought it along with...... to give you      but .... I'm sorry."

"I'm sorry too".

"And here the green tea comes", Lia remarked. "You too remember this", he exclaimed. "Of course. How can I forget anything about the boy whom I loved the second most?"

           And after living his best moment, he came to his home. But the whole day he spent in daydreaming about her.

            Now after their first meeting they started meeting at the tea very often. One day While he was getting ready for a tea date, he ponder to let her know about his feelings towards her. He already bought a proposal ring for her.

           When he reached there he found a desolated place envelope with a silence. To his surprise it was a cemetery place. He was not understanding anything. He search for the location of Tenaria. But of no use as this place won't exist. Though he was frightened but to know what has happened to Lia, he gain a courage. He stepped forward slowly by holding his breathe. He then caught a sight of a sorry card and the box of chocolates he gifted to her. He was startled by this view. He was not understanding why theses stuffs are lying here. He went there and saw the name Lia carved on that grave and learned that she died a month ago.

         He took out the phone and check his call history as well as he opened gallery to see the snap clicked by him. But was of no use. Neither was her number in a call history nor her snaps were there in a gallery. He was shocked. Then he recall that two days before she bid good bye and ask him to forgave her. And he fell on his knees and started crying like a child over there. All the time he was only saying sorry for not contacting to her.

         Though he return to his home but was unable to resist himself from recalling those moments that they spend in the garden of Tenaria.                 



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