The Karate Kid Daniel Broke

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Friendship Funny High School

The summer of 1983, a high school student, a sophomore, cycled the California streets to West Valley High School. With headphones attached to both ears, sunglasses to cover the bruises on his eyes, a red and black plaid shirt, light brown tuxedo pants with a belt. Inside his rolled-up shirt with the buttons attached he wore a plain white T-shirt. It's an appearance that really doesn't need to be explained. The Tape Recorder is tucked into his right trouser pocket, playing Bananarama's Cruel Summer. Here's an excerpt: “Summer streets and sidewalks are on fire, I'm sitting around. Tried to smile, but the air was heavy and dry. Strange voices saying (What are they saying?) Things I can't understand. Too close for comfort, this heat is getting out of hand. It's a cruel (Cruel), cruel summer. Leave me here alone. It's a cruel summer (It's cruel), it's cruel. Now you're gone." I don't know a snippet or two or more, adjusting to what he was before. First year in high school? Not at all. Unable to come to terms with the past in New Jersey, being the only tiny Italian descendant , both tall and wide. His high-pitched voice makes it seem like he's late to puberty or not at all. Actually overall can't be called a "nerd". His verbal skills in socializing are fine. Can talk well like an old person meet, not even a beautiful woman who makes every man feel inferior. However, there is a problem deep inside him, it is difficult. He always feels that something is not right in his life, including trivial things. This has been going on since the 3rd grade Frequently going back and forth to the bathroom to excrete urine which can be counted very easily the number of drops. That's the starting point. ng is understandable so it is not so visible. 3 years later in 6th grade, passing by with all kinds of encouragement just like that, filled with optimism about anything, no matter how many times dropped him with extraordinary threats. One semester later, “BAM”. Like a burst of thought "raging hormone" overflowing. At this time of course will be full of confusion, anger, and everything else. Happy or sad depending on the fate that happened to him. Most minors will find this phase full of colour, happiness. But not as beautiful as imagined. Perhaps it will be a turning point to the bottom of the bottom. Far from productive. Not infrequently also looks weaker than his younger self, certainly not physically, but mentally and mentally. This phenomenon, if concluded by Daniel Larusso, is the result of how many experiences he has had, good or bad. At an early age, a child seems very excited when entering the bathroom, like a swimming pool or water ride. Every splash of water is considered as a giant bucket that spouts water with a very large volume. Not infrequently Daniel was frightened the first time, or even several times after getting used to it. The fear in question is not trauma, but an adrenaline race to feel fear and want to do it at the same time. At his age, if he had the same level of optimism, it would certainly be surprising. Either an accident, or a great achievement. Accidents experienced will be considered a lesson? No, not at all. Interesting experience to tell, that's probably more accurate. Too afraid to take risks physically impacting security, but tremendous regret will result. Regret of mind, flatline throughout the year accompanied by prolonged anxiety. Eating disorders, both Bulmia and Binge Eating Disorder make things worse. Anxiety in a row for three years. Here are some of the moments he had contemplated the day before during his last sleep before summer vacation with his mother in California, which for him seemed normal, in contrast to the enthusiasm of his mother, Lucille Larusso. “Look at the coconut tree, what was that mean?” Daniel replied, “Watch out the head.” Mrs. Larusso immediately replied, “No more snow.” "Yeah, whatever." Right in front of a fence measuring below his shoulders, it could actually be easily jumped, but just following the existing procedures. I don't know what he was thinking, he kicked the useless door immediately, "Rarggh". “Ahhh, ahh”, a cry of pain that was clearly forced to make the kicker feel guilty. His leg muscles are indeed strong next to those “rhea's bones. "Sorry, sorry. Are you alright?” The question is very easy to guess. Silly, just asking and pushing him back to the ground. The curly mullet hair man didn't want the silly boy to apologize to him, "Don't worry about it." “By the way, what's your name? ' He asked questions while helping him carry his bicycle. Daniel with his short sense was not at all suspicious of the intention of good treatment that could be called too good. I mean, come on man, he just kick you down, then you treat him like a land owner. What's that supposed to mean? There must be something not right.

In the yard of Reffy's apartment, there is a middle-aged woman with glasses looking down the bridge of her nose, watering the seaweed that washed up on the beach, then planted it on the ground. Once again, the silly boy made small talk with the person who would complicate his own verbal skills, "How are you, ma'am?" Unanswered, his mind heated up to throw questions from his brain that seemed to have just been washed by Freddy Fernandez. Yes, the man was a “Mexican”, 16 years old, the same age as him. “Do you know room number 45?” Come on Danny-boy, how many rooms do you think are there in an apartment measuring 20 by 15 meters, think about it. Maybe Freddy didn't think about it at all, of course he had been attracted to him from the first sight. The old grandmother replied, "On the roof, here you go." For the umpteenth time, the action this time was even crazier. He climbed every protrusion in from every window to the top of the apartment. Opportunity in adversity. Unable to go downstairs, Freddy idly runs away, looking for someone who often bothers him at school. No less crazy he seems. While running a coke marathon, going along a beach the owner doesn't know about. Gonna fly now. Like Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed running a race, which ends with a hug that doesn't know what it means. Cheeks wiggled, calves wiggled, tormenting himself at Johnny Lawrence. He hadn't been beaten by her in a long time. Apparently often laughs when kicked by him with great joy. The two of them, “Daniel and Freddy” are indeed suitable to be put together as friends. After being beaten, the poor teenager practiced breaststroke swimming in the sand. It was somehow able to advance by forcing its body forward, all the way to the shore. If you claim to be a "Jock", try to beat this person. The calories burned seem to be hundreds of times more than a football player showing off in front of women. What disease did these two poor young men suffer from? "Hey Fred, look up here, I'm on the toop. I see number 45 on the sky. It's really clear. You know what's funnier than 45? 46!” He said with a laugh, rolling on the roof with a happy feeling as if conquering a skyscraper. It doesn't matter how it goes down. Below is a pond, but it's empty. A duck tire floats on a light blue puddle of water. Asleep on the roof until 12 hours later, aka 00:00 AM. Mrs. Larruso is no less crazy, Danny's favorite macaroni and cheese is deliberately boiled for 1 hour which according to him equals 1 minute. They both like to eat macaroni and cheese garlic black fuel crispy crisps ash wow. That's the name Danny came up with when he was learning to talk when he was 1 year old. After the stove is turned off, it is placed on the plate in a fairly rough way, by launching it in a fast and precise direction. Season it with charred ash which is sprinkled as a topping. Cheese is grated with a fork without a spoon. Somehow the result is very neat. It was the food they ate for 16 years. 12 hours later, Danny woke up from his sleep, standing side by side with the sun just rising from the eastern horizon. Walk towards the pool which suddenly fills up. Not with water, but giant duck tires filling the pond. Before falling, he woke up. Apparently he had been asleep on his bicycle for a long time.

June 23, 2021 08:15

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