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Adventure Fantasy Science Fiction

I come from a long line of Monster Hunters. it was something that I abhorred because the creatures we hunted weren't always monsters. I saw these creatures as they were. Most were harmless. I had never came across one that was deadly.

I would often set them free when I found them in traps. I did this so much that my parents stopped bringing me along. I decided I wasn't going to go into the family business. I had even made friends with Lily. Lily was a siren. I met her while on a family vacation to our home in the islands.

Lily saved my life. I was drowning. I had been walking on the jetties, something i loved to do. I would find sea glass or shells, sometimes I would find coins. It was a beautiful calm morning. The sun was slowly rising and you could see the pinks and purples in the sky slowly fading into azure blue.

I walked to my favorite spot and just as i reached it, a wave knocked me into the water. I couldn't find my up, the wave had me spinning. I felt someone grab my waist and pull me up. They swam with me in their arms as we broke the surface.

She helped me to the small cove that the jetty formed when then tide rose, then laid me so the water only touched my toes. She started to sing. I have never heard something so beautiful, so haunting. When I opened my eyes again, there she was. She was chocolate brown, with deep purple scales covering her breasts, and her hair was in raven locs that spilled down her back almost covering the fins near her hips.

Her dark eyes reminded me of the black licorice my grandma used to give us. That was when I remembered. My parents would be looking for me. I turned away for a moment and when I looked toward the pool she sat in, it was empty, with the exception of a black pearl comb.

We met every time I came to our summer home. I was twelve when we met, and Lily was about the same age, although they age slower. I was now 18 and a recent graduate of The Academy for Ancient Studies.

I had to tell Lily. We had kept in touch through a shellphone she had given me. My parents never knew what it really was or who had given it to me. I got home to find my mom holding the shell in her hand.

"So what is this? You've been keeping secrets?" said asked trying to sound unbothered. I told my parents just about everything with the exception of my special friend. Lily was someone I knew they'd have an issue with since she was considered something we hunted.

"How many times do I have to tell you, Rose? Sea monsters can't be trusted. They will befriend you, and just when you think you are fine, they drag you down under and eat you with a nice Chianti." said my mother.

"Mom, you do realise I'm not a kid anymore. I graduated today. Did you know that? I didn't tell you about Lily because of this reaction I'm getting from you right now. Lily isn't like that. she saved my life, mom. Have you ever had a creature go out of its way to protect you?"

"It doesn't matter. You will not speak to her as long as you live in this house!" shouted my mom.

"So I guess Im moving out." I said as I began to gather my things. I knew this day was coming so I saved my money, got myself a car, insurance, you know the basic things you need to be on your own.

I had scheduled a meeting with a realtor so I could find a decent place. I put the last of my things in my trunk and went back to where my mom was standing on the porch. My mom was a striking woman. She was model height, five foot ten and built like an amazon. She had a temper to rival Wonder Woman herself.

Her hair blew in the breeze making her look like she'd cast a spell herself. I knew that she only nagged me because she cared, but how would she feel to know that I had a few abilities that would make me a monster?

I was an empath, and I could perform magic. My brother and sister were the only ones that knew. My sister had abilities too. We didn't know why and we kept this secret. This explained why I could understand the creatures my family hunted.

Dad wasn't so hot on these arguments. He wanted us to follow in their footsteps, just like he did. The world was different now. Regular humans were more monsters than the creatures themselves.

People who were sworn to protect, killed unarmed people based on the color of their skin. No one saw them brought to justice, and when they did go before a judge, they got a slap on the wrist or no time at all, claimed it was justifiable homicide.

Now who were the monsters and who was human? I'd pick Lily and the rest of the beings I knew every time. I handed my mom my keys and headed off to my appointment.

I was young, but I had my own little light. As long as I knew what was right and followed it, I'd be fine. I made it to my appointment. Isla Monroe was a friend of my family. She was my mom's best friend. They went to the academy together. Isla had decided to follow her heart and be practical, so she earned her real estate license.

I had told her months ago that I would be moving out after I graduated. She had found a place she thought I'd love. Once we went through signing in, she took me into her office. Normally Isla was happy, but she seemed like something was bothering her.

"Rose, you know your mom and I are best friends. I dont know if this is right, but I found the perfect place for you. It's a cottage right off of Mirror Cove. You won't even have to buy furniture. Its fully furnished. " she continued.

" See what is bothering me is that this place just appeared on my list a few months back. There was no owner. It's like the place just appeared. I have a horrible feeling. I'm always right about these things. Let me search for something else. They have just finished building some town homes on the other side of the cove. " explained Isla.

"Isla, I'm pretty much homeless. I have first and last months rent, I'm ready to move into something. What about the apartments on Blue's Lake? Aren't there any open?" I asked.

I just couldn't go back to my parent's. I didn't need them trying to force me not to speak to my bestie. Isla did something I've never seen her do. She flashed blue then green, then back to her normal peanut butter brown.

"Uhh, Isla? You Good?" I asked.

Isla stood stick straight, her eyes were white, her irises were no longer there. Her black and auburn sister locks were loose and flying back.

"You must not leave your parents. This home is not for you. Your light is so bright. So pretty. Stay away...Stay away" said a strange voice. It was not Isla talking.

After a tense thirty seconds, Isla was back in control. She picked up the pearl chopsticks she had been wearing. She shook her head, sat down and looked at me.

"What just happened?" she asked me.

"Something possessed you. You were touching the picture of that cottage you were telling me about. I think something is going on, but I dont want to get involved. Blue's Lake Apartments are looking real good about now. " I told her.

"Let me pull myself together and we can head over there. I know the owner. She's so sweet. I know she'll have something you'll like." said Isla as she repinned her hair back into the updo.

We arrived to find a petite woman standing in her front yard. She was looking at her roses. They were blue, almost the same shade as the sky. This was Emelda Stone.

"Hi Isla. Who is this you have with you?" she asked as she took off her gardening gloves.

September 04, 2020 02:23

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Angela Palmer
00:21 Sep 08, 2020

First, the shellphone is hilarious. Second, I wish there was more to this submission. It really seemed to end right when it was getting good!


Leah Ashton
11:59 Sep 16, 2020

Thank you Angela. Im glad you liked it. I wasn't sure how long these submissions can be so I cut it off there. I do have more I can add.


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