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I ran around our huge garden, the grass just touching my knees, the sun was also shining brightly onto me. 

It was the beginning of spring! 

My dog, Fred chased after me, all around the place. 

I was FREE. 

Then, Fred noticed the cat and chased Walbright (the cat) and they both landed with a tremendous SPLASH! Into the little stream. 

Walbright just sprang away and ran indoors to mind its own business, while Fred was splashing in the water, after our long trip. 

I suppose I should tell you that we just moved house, and this is out new one. The garden is much bigger and near the woods. 

My little brother, Ness, came to me and said, “there’s a bad feeling I have about these woods,” and just went away like that. 

Mom had made some Jam sandwiches, which we all quickly gobbled up and ran outside to explore the neiboughood, while Dad unpacked some of the things we would put in the hallway. 

Mom looked around the garden and was eager to see where she would plant her flowers. 

There was already a tree growing in the garden. 

It was an apple tree. 

It had large green apples, that looked a bit unusual than most apples. 

Mom said she could make an apple pie, and so she did. 

While the pie was in the oven, I tried to dry off Fred as he kept licking my bare legs. 

“OI! Stop boy!” I laughed, trying to get him off my lap. 

When the Pie was fished out of the oven, we munched on it. 

After about half an hour, I felt something in my stomach. 

It felt like a needle was stuck in there! 


I went dizzy, and hit a tree. 


I lay there on the green grass for a couple of minutes. 

After what felt like forever, I woke up. 

I was all normal and the pain was all gone now. 

I walked and then heard something rustle in the bushes. 

Then I heard whispers. 

I walked towards the bush, and I couldn’t believe my eyes at what sight I saw! 

It was a small gnome! 

that stupid human!”  Yelled the gnome angrily “It ate the poisonous apple! Now she can communicate with us! I knew we should have cut that tree down a long time ago!” 

“hello” I said. 

Huh!” whispered the gnome, as it ran away. 

“WAIT UP!” I yelled, as without thinking, I ran into the forest. 

I was surprised at how fast the gnome went. 

To be honest, I think it was nearly as fast as a cheetah! 

I tripped over a long tree branch and fell onto the floor, I hurt my let a little bit. 

By the time I got up, the gnome was long gone. 

I was now in some sort of forest, that trees stretched for miles ahead, and I was lost inside it. 

While I was running, I thought nothing about where in the world I was. 

I tried to figure out where I had come from, but the trees were the same EVERYWHERE. 

I was lost. 

I screamed and shouted for help, but there wasn’t help anywhere near me, there was no living life near me. 

Or so at least that’s what I thought... 

I felt something moving under my feet. 

“SNAKE!” I yelled as I jumped forwards, and then realized that the leaves were moving my themselves! 

The leaves got up on their leavy feet, and walked away. 

“This is a dream! This a dream!” I told myself. 

But of course, what else could it be? 

You don’t see walking leaves every day, and that’s for sure. 

Just then the most magnificent thing in my life happened. 

It was a unicorn! 

It galloped all around the place with its horn. 

pffft! I hate this! Humans like this always think of me as a thing to ride! I’m actually a dangerous beast!”  

“aww, cute unicorn” I said. 

“cute? How do you like this?” 

With that, it crashed into a tree, knocking it down to the ground. 

unfortunately for the forest, there were trees lines up perfectly behind that one, and they fell like dominoes. 

Hmmm?” asked the unicorn with a grin, or even a smile! 

“but that tree did nothing to you!” I protested. 

“Excactly! Unicorns are bad!”  

With that, it galloped away into the sunset. 

“WAIT FOR MEEEEEEE!” I shouted. 

I was desperate to get home. 

I was cold. 

It was dark. 

I hated this. 

I started crying. 

The noise my crying made defiantly attracted some attention from other magical woodland creatures because soon, they were all around me. 

There were all sorts of them. 

From small ones to tall ones. 

From bald ones to hairy ones. 

From tiny ones to gigantic ones, and many, many more... 

“Spit out the apple! Spit out the apple! Spit out the apple! Spit out the apple!”  they chanted at me. 

“Spit out the apple! Spit out the apple! Spit out the apple! Spit out the apple!”. 

I had no idea what they meant by that. 

“Spit out the apple? What do you mean?” I asked them, but they didn’t listen to me, they just chanted some more. 

“Spit out the apple! Spit out the apple! Spit out the apple! Spit out the apple! Spit out the apple!” 

I felt a tingling inside me happening, the more they chanted, the more ticklish I got. 

“HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!” 

“Spit out the apple! Spit out the apple! Spit out the apple! Spit out the apple!” 

Suddenly, the apple from the tree that mom made the apple pie from came out of my mouth, floated in the air and fell to the ground. 

Then, there was a tremendous: 


The only thing I could see was white, the black and white again. 


I found myself back in the new home again, laying near the tree. 

“Was that all dream?” I wondered. 

I went into the house were mom and dad were unpacking. 

“MOM! I went into the forest and there were unicorns. And...and..and...” 

“I’m pretty sure that was a dream, sweetie,” Laughed mom. 

I checked my pocket, ah! There it was. 

I pulled out the gnome that chased me into the forest (or the other way round!). 

“AGHH! Aeh*gibberish* ahrbry!” It screamed at me and her. 

“see?” I said. 

The end. 

March 25, 2021 07:29

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15:05 May 01, 2021

I loved the structure of this story, it was funny and heartwarming


Damian Nowacki
08:54 May 08, 2021



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Izzie Q.
01:53 Apr 04, 2021

heeeeey Damian!! This. is. amazing! The sound effects that you added made it seem comical almost and I really liked the way you incorparated details/diolouge into the pacing! Fabulous job and I can't wait for more :)


Damian Nowacki
14:05 Apr 07, 2021

Hi lizzie! I'm glad you liked it, I'll write some more soon-ツ How are you? Nice weather? I'll read some more of yours Just to tell you- I wrote the story 'pranks, pranks and even more pranks' for the contest a while back now-hope you enjoy it!


Damian Nowacki
14:12 Apr 07, 2021

P.S Please don't leave!!!


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