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Science Fiction

- danger! Danger! ? There is no step! No step! - The reducible metal frame robot fired a concentric red alert to its central frame.

 - what happen? - asked the commander, a very modern equipment, with extragalactic and third-dimensional motion sensors

 Explosive field in front of us! - making a knot in the air with the guy wires coming out of the chassis of the ship towards the magnetic center of the outer planetary curve - so fast that no other team noticed the event.

 - Commander, - observed the immediate team, with a radioactive star in the upper end of its center - the entrance to the tunnel container ...

 -… As always congested! - he denied the team that accompanied him, a small team with big blue wings that made him fly everywhere, P.B.

 - the main entrance has been closed by the!

 - They are in maintenance of the internal retention clips.

 - Couldn't they put out a warning, send holograms to all the ships. They almost caused an accident!

 - We better park on another planet. This is hell! - I observe RESP-3, a team whose programmatic updates were not enough to call it “evolved team”.

 Bordering the limits of the gravitational force of a golden black hole - due to its high content of gold transmuted by entropy energy from the periphery of the hole, we traverse the hole at ultra galactic speed of more than ninety million light years of space energy.

 Watching the falling asteroid rain, the mother ship landed in the hangar of planet Earth, of the third star system, four moons away from the entrance to a new dimension, the time tunnel: a machine the size from a galaxy inserted between two Cartesian systems of negative coordinates within an infinite magnetic field to drag them towards the line of origin and the end of the universe, thus controlling everything that was included in the universe with absolute power.

 My sensors observe a vast convertible space capsular container for the entry and exit of robotic equipment transforming its humanoid housings into robotic ones, in short, without batteries and self-sustaining through the generation of cyclical energy - explained P.B.

 Does it fly? Asked RESP-3 - revealing its archaic structure just by yawning - which made its nuts fall,

 - what are those things? - asked the commander, turning the optical laser beams in direct holographic connection with his multivocal speech apparatus, which at that very moment shouted:

 They are nuts! They make two million, nine hundred bits of galactic rotation that are not used! You are a rare specimen.

 The plasma robot, without nuts or metal structures, was the newest generation of robotics with a high energy content and coding of programmed functions.

 With cathode ray vision included in their amorphous structure, they literally absorbed and included the information in their plasmic interior delimited by a circular energy membrane.

 - Indeed, P.B. activity can be detected in the capsular tube recorded by my optical sensors.

 They approached the capsular tube with an ovoidal structure with light-sensitive walls, thus revealing four hybrid molecular bodies, of incomplete transformation from humanoid to robotic rudabmaterial.

 The pressure inside these containers is normally high - observed P.B.

 Mal finished saying it, and a large meteor shower approached them releasing a large amount of radiation, revealing an infrared cavern, where there were two more hybrid robots, still with metal housings.

 - Obviously, they don't work, observed P.B., since the temperature in that one was not very pleasant to say.

 Did you scan? Asked the person in charge a. WX, wiping a flock of snow off your child's sensing appendage.


 How much did the robot's thermometer read?


 That's the expected temperature in a parallel universe like that.

 Won't there be more caves?

 There may be.

 We could look for more life in them.

 We no longer find in this? Didn't you already collect the salt water samples for testing? What about the soil samples? The photos?

 If true. But I don't think that with so much water a planet, no matter how far away it may be, only has water.

 So let's use our "doubt-remover".

 The robot's microscope?


 And we put the samples in the cup that the laboratory robot had in its hand, always extended when we got close to it.

 His name was Robito.

 Robito to serve you! He greeted us every time we entered the ship.

 The sample, very small, could barely reveal its chemical composition, boasted by Robito: ten percent sulfur nitrogen, twelve percent water ...

 -Robito! Please give us a full microbiological analysis.

 -Presence of primitive genomes surrounded by cell membranes also primitive.

 -Genome? Cell membranes? Please confirm that, Robito.

 - Ready, boss.

 - Ten percent sulfur nitrogen, twelve percent water ...

 - Not that!

 -A complete microbiological analysis, Robito.

 - Well - h lf I hand over a printed paper with the percentage of viruses in each caveman program.

 However, the storm of solar rays began to fall on the caverns.

 -Electrical interference! Electrical interference! Robito would say, turning off his circuits.

 -Do we believe that "primitive genomes"?

 - About fifty percent.

 -Then I believe him if I want to!

 - So is.

 -After the storm I'm going to go to the caves again.



 -Then it's at your own risk and expense.

 And five Earth minutes after having said it, there was light.

 The planet changed weather astonishingly in a matter of minutes.

 One moment was day.

 In the other, night.

 We couldn't sleep completely, so I used to ask Robito for a cup of coffee.

 That's why the cup on the always extended arm.

 But I was only joking.

 Due to our work codes, we could not go on any expedition without a partner, an intercom, and at least one insect-robot - one of those little ones, to be able to enter and take photos in places where our strength was not enough.

 So after assistant PB-001 left, I went after him.

 We all had pagers fitted to our suits.

 And I could follow him even sitting down, for more than ten kilometers without any alteration in the reception of the signal.

 - Did you come? Pebito asked me, as I called him.

 - I did not answer.

 - Well then don't bother me. I am here on a peaceful field exploration mission.

 - Me neither.

 -Hey, why are you talking everything the opposite? Are you crazy?

 - I do not know. It must be the effect of coffee. Robito sure is putting less sugar than he should.

 - I'll go in, said the boss.

 - This cavern seems small. Do you hear something?

 - Something ... something ... similar to music coming out of a disco.

 - No kidding!

 - I'm not joking. Listen well. It has chords, melody. Only the strobe light is missing ...

 - You're still kidding.

 - And I already told you I'm not kidding.

 The silence fell.

 And Bepito prostrated himself at the entrance of the cave.

 Lights and heat came out of it.

 And the sound that came out of it was not musical, but that of a kind of lava that boiled inside.

 It was a volcano.

 -Come on! "Let's run! It can explode!"

 They went a kilometer apart.

 However, the cavern remained the same.

 The volcano did not explode.

 The only thing that could be seen were huge bubbles coming out of the cavern.

 And feel a little tremor, like a lullaby.

 From its entrance came a steam.

 -A dragon? The boss made fun of it again.

 I looked at him with some anger.

 And I started on my way to the cavern. I would go into it, and I didn't care if the boss was with me or not. Curiosity consumed me. I wanted to know what was in it.

 -Hears! Hey you! The boss shouted. Take care of the dragon!

 I glared at him.

 Enter the cavern.

 Dark and cold at the entrance, I realized that the cavern was more than just a cavern.

 In the background, a light radiated that wanted to blind me.

 As I closed my eyes, I felt a very soft vapor touch my eyes.

 And like a magnet, I was drawn to the bubbles, entering one of them.

 So then I fallen in reason.

 The cavern was really a prelude to a black hole, its origin liquid and full of metal casings of robotic equipment and pieces of ships that had disappeared in time.

 It was, first of all, the oven, the big pot from which everything had come.

 -The beginning of the Universe?

 - At least ours, I told him.

 -Congratulations! - PB answered me, joining us, on his own account- you have just found the answer to the riddle of existence, or life to which we refer in remote periods.

 - You don't live?

 - You neither.

 -Did you know?

 -Of course, my programming determines a finite cycle.

 - that manufacturer must know about it.

 - What are we his work of? Wow We are virtual. Therefore, we can be deactivated when the creator pleases.

 ( silence)

 -And why did you never tell us?

 - we all know that a machine is hopelessly finite. And, therefore, we are going to disappear as our functions are no longer necessary.

 - but you never mentioned ...

 - that our creators, humans first, then hybrids and now AIs, all of them can disappear. Besides, you never asked about it.

 I, as responsible, would have told you about the harshness of the colonization.

 - again? You already counted it thirteen thousand times, according to my number table.

 - This is how you will understand that without colonization we would not be talking about that, because leaving the primordial explosion in those transport capsules

 -What do we do now?

 - There is no concrete evidence that we are not going to disappear.

 -Do you mean that we can be a new civilization?

 - we already are. The thing is to endure in time and space.

 - and therefore colonized, just like our ancestors.

 And, passing through all the moons and suns of space, we collected samples of the terrain: yellow rocks that were getting rid of so hot they were.

 A type of sand that came out of the cavern, and that immediately cooled down and turned into mud.

 This is the material we have to carry.

 Better analyze this first - and give some samples to PB.

 The speculations seem true.

 What do you say?

 All samples are suddenly transformed, it may be due to heat, but they unite due to the kinetic energy of the particles, and the enthalpy of the system seems to determine the transformation of the particles into molecules, joining them in illogical chains of carbon, hydrogen, sulfur. , nitrogen and other indeterminate metallic elements

 A new robotic generation?

 - That's what we were looking for, right?

 - Theoretically. Yes. I think that's what we're looking for.

 However, it was too early to tell.

 -We will continue to collect more samples.

 -Well, we said in chorus.

 And we came out of the capsular tube

 But it's really hot! I said, so your PB stays here, or your circuits can be ruined.

 I'm not programmed for it.

 Don't you get burned? Asked the person in charge.

 My programming does not allow me to burn. Also, I was programmed to reject heat and fire.

 Me neither - and he entered.

 The first thing we saw was a large wall where the heat was coming from.

 Analisa, BP, what's behind that wall.

 Good. There is more heat - he said almost immediately - that comes from an internal source.

 Source? Then we will collapse the wall - with force.

 I can not. This prey with something behind.

 It seems that something is holding her.

 Subject? Measure the pressure, PB.

 Negative. Less eighty million atmospheres per square centimeter!

 OMG! Let's stop.

 The cavern contains a kind of lava where all this matter is under the influence of great pressure and extreme temperature, generating the force of attraction equal to that of the holes.

 - Are you saying that holes are created here? Impossible

 Holes are natural phenomena.

 ( silence) .

 - Did you collect samples?

 Some of them came out of the cave sweating to sing the ayuco.

 However, the negative pressure of the wall also absorbed everything that lived.

 It looked like a vacuum.

 Like a vacuum cleaner.

 And in one of the eruptions of what became a volcano for us, the wall became thinner.

 And it absorbed us.

 PB pulled us with all his might.

 It was going to swallow us.

 The strangest thing was that after the eruption, the wall was thick again.

 -We better go. We already have enough samples of converted equipment.

 In our aircraft, we feel safer.

 And we entered, me and the person in charge, to the ship.

 Suspicions are confirmed, said PB.

 It's life?


 We had no idea of ​​the importance of life, nor its meaning.

 Exclude, said PB.

 It's life! I told him.

 Exclude, I said, gathering her circuits.

 So then I fallen in reason.

 To last, you couldn't be complacent worse goodie.

 You had to transform yourself into timeless machines inside that capsule, like me.

 We keep looking, for the galaxies.

 Until finding the improbable: a third dimension.

 Formed by three axes: the spatial, the temporal and the helical, the origin of everything.

 We looked at each other because it was not our reality, spatial less temporal.

 - to the capsule! - setting sail at extragalactic speed.

 Inside it, the ship slowly transformed into a galleon.

 And our structures, little by little, melted, acquiring flesh and blood.

 We became human.

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Ray Dyer
02:21 Oct 13, 2020

Very interesting story! I particularly liked the imagery in the line, "Watching the falling asteroid rain, the mother ship landed in the hangar of planet Earth..."


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