Do you believe in magic?

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Fantasy Suspense Adventure

Do you believe in magic?

I never did! I always considered myself a rational being. But just because I haven't seen a few things and do not believe in them doesn't make me rational, but a fool.

Yes, a fool! That is what I am.

You have no idea what I would give to be that fool again, who knew absolutely nothing about the world we live in.

The class had just started and Prof. Brown has been successful in making me drowsy within 10 minutes of the lecture just after he wrote the words ’Guerrilla Marketing’ on the board, that is a personal best record for him. Besides I hadn’t slept in almost 28 hours may be a catalyst. I was partying for most of the day and night yesterday then spent the whole dawn studying. I study at one of the top private colleges in the country which meant more than 92% of the students are rich and the remaining ones are on scholarship. Two guesses as to which group I belong to.

But everybody thinks I belong to the other group, and I am not the one to correct them. After I graduate all the connections I make here will be valuable. But for the life of me, I  couldn’t keep my eyes open. I just shut my eyes for a minute and just like magic I was at the Cresent bar. How did I end up here is still a mystery to me.

“Prof. Brown is insane bro. He shouldn't have dumped water like that.” Sky said to me.

“Uh-huh!” I said not having a clue on how to respond to that. I don't even remember how I got here. I shouldn't have had the joint before class I guess.

“You shouldn’t have back answered him back like that. You know how he is. Now you will be losing points ” Aron said. What points? What did I do? Why can't I remember anything?

“But the way you kissed Tiff just to piss him off more was insane bro!” Liam said patting me on the back.

I don't remember doing any of this. What was in that joint? That shit was potent!

“Dude look at that chic. She is hot!” Aaron shouted from beside me.

I looked in the direction he was pointing and saw a girl who looked our age. But hot is an understatement. She was beautiful with a shade of red hair that doesn't seem natural, they almost look like blood when she moved. Her eyes were the color of the ocean. She seemed unearthly. But what struck me the most was that she seemed familiar. That is not possible. I have a pretty good memory, I don't forget things easily. So the fact that she looks familiar but I can’t place her is not normal. Because someone like her, you just don't forget. She is struck in your mind for the rest of your life,  you tell your grandkids about this girl you once saw at the bar.

As if sensing my gaze she looked at me and smiled. I swear it looked like she knew what I was thinking.

“Dude she is looking at you,” Liam whispered in my ear.

Well no shit!

“What are you waiting for? Go talk to her.” 

I looked up at her again and she was gone. I just stood up and walked toward the bar. I needed a drink. I stood there waiting for Andy, the bartender to take my order when suddenly I felt a flash of cold on my left. You know like how you feel when you suddenly stand in front of a freezer and you get goosebumps all over your front because of the sudden cold.

“So what’s your potion?” said a sultry voice from beside me.

“Sorry?” I said looking at her.

She was saying something but I couldn’t concentrate because I was trying hard to remember where I knew her from. Even though I didn't respond she just patiently smiled at me waiting for me to get my mind straight. I shook my head trying to clear the haze and gave her my most charming smile. I was a good-looking guy and the fact that she approached me herself gave me a little boost.

“Sorry, can you repeat that?”

“I asked do you believe in magic?”

What a strange thing to ask. But then again nobody is perfect. Every human is flawed. So what she gains from beauty maybe she lacks in the other departments. She might be one of those who believe Vampires and Werewolves are real.

“I am starting to. You are so beautiful it almost feels magical.” She stopped smiling and looked at me so intently it feels like she is peering into my soul.

“Hey! It's a joke. I was just trying to flirt.” I said raising my hands to surrender.

She stared for a moment longer and then jumped the counter as gracefully as a cat.

“So what will you have?” She asked from behind the counter.

“Are you the new bartender?” I asked her looking around for Andy the usual bartender.

“Something like that.” She said placing a shot glass on the counter and mixing different liquids in a cocktail shaker. The way she moved was almost hypnotic. She filled a shimmery bluish drink 

In the shot glass. She looked at me with that intent look again.

“What is your name?” I asked her.

“Alcina.” She said smiling.

“Alcina? Wow! That sounds exotic”  I wasn't supposed to say that out loud.

“It means Magic,” she said amused. Now I get the obsession.

“Right! Is this for me?” I said pointing at the shot. 

“It will be if you answer two of my questions truthfully”

She can't be serious. She can't seriously think I am that interested in the drink. But you know what they say, the weird ones are great in bed. So just like every hormonal 20-something, I agreed to it. She doesn't know me. And I haven't killed anyone so I think I am safe.

“Sure. Hit me!”

“Do you believe in magic?”

I wasn’t surprised. I wanted to say yes, just to please her, but something in me felt that I shouldn't lie. So I told her the truth.


She smiled that beautiful smile again satisfied that I hadn't lied I guess.

“If you were to choose a magical ability what would you choose?” She said looking into my eyes.

“That's easy. Time travel” I said shocking myself. It felt like my mouth worked on its accord. It was the truth. I was always fascinated by time travel. There were many things that I would have done differently in my life. I have never told this to anyone before. I don't know what compelled me to tell her. She gave me that knowing smile again. She then jumped on the counter and landed beside me again like Halle Berry from Catwoman. She took the shot glass kissed it and gave it to me. And like the idiot I am, I  just drank it. As soon as I took the shot I felt it hit me. Wow! That was strong. I looked at her she was very close to me. I wanted to kiss her. Maybe she thought the same thing because she was now leaning in, our lips were so close I could feel her breathe she smelled like berries. But instead of kissing me, she went straight to my ears. She bit my ear seductively and then giggled.

“Good luck Calvary Blake” She whispered.

How did she know my name? Before I could ask her someone tapped me on my shoulder.

“Dude, What are you doing? Did you get the drinks?” Liam asked me.

I looked at the space where Alcina stood and she was gone.

“I was talking to Alcina.”


“You know the hot girl from earlier.” He looked at me like he had no clue what I was talking about.

“Which one? Are you high already?”

“What can I get you guys?” Andy said suddenly interrupting us.

“3 Whiskey on the rock and water for him,” Liam said pointing at me.

I just rolled my eyes and got back to our table. I didn't want to have a drink either. I was already buzzed from the shot anyway.

After I felt a little better I asked them the question that has been bugging me.

“Sky, How did we get here?”

“We drove?” He said looking at me like he wasn’t sure. Maybe he too was feeling the same thing as we both hit the joint together.

“Dude what was in that joint we hit today? It was insane!”

“Really?” Sky asked looking at me weirdly.

“I thought it was ok. I dint feel a thing.” He said.

The three of them looked at me weirdly, so I lied.

“Exactly bro! It was crap!”

“Why did we come here anyway? Weren't  we supposed to try the new bar?” I asked looking at Aaron.

“You are kidding, right? You insisted that we come here and almost cried like a baby when we planned to go to the other bar.” Liam looked at me like I had gone mental. Well, I don't blame him. I feel like a looney runaway too.

I was quiet for the rest of the night. It was almost dawn by the time we got to our dorms. I went straight to my table and studied up until 8 in the morning. I got in the shower and walked into my room to see Sky sitting on my bed and grinning like an idiot.

“Why are you smiling like that? You look like a creepy Cheshire cat.”

“Look what I scored!” He said showing me the joints.

I was contemplating if I should take one, but I was too tired and thought why the hell not?  And then we walked to Prof. Brown's class. 

Prof. Brown walked into the class and wrote “Guerrilla Marketing’ on the board. Weren't we done with this yesterday? Who cares! I am very sleepy. I closed my eyes and I was drowsing away to the dream world when I felt a splash of cold water on my face. I jerked awake cursing the fool who had the balls to do this to me. I came face to face with a very angry balding head of Prof. Brown.

“Good Morning Mr. Blake!”

“Good Morning Prof. Balding!” I said smirking at him. The whole class started laughing and Prof. Brown was fuming. I swear he resembled a cartoon kettle about to explode. But he tried to calm himself down.

“Did my lecture do a good job of a lullaby to make you fall asleep in the middle of it?”

“You give yourself too much credit Prof. I was already asleep before you started,” I said smirking again.

“Behave yourself Mr. Blake, or you will get a ‘C’ in the next assignment!” Prof. said looking at me. I should have stayed put! I should have apologized to Prof. Brown. I couldn’t lose my scholarship if I wanted to continue. But as if someone else had taken control of my body I pulled Tiff from beside me and kissed her fully in the mouth. The whole class hooted and clapped. I let her go after a good minute. I was shocked as well.

“Get out!” Prof. Brown barked!

I ran out of class and spent most of the day in the library. But for whatever reason, I felt that every conversation I had, I have already had before. It was like deja vu. I already knew how the conversation starts or ends. I just decided to study. I picked up a random book and the first thing it had written on it was.

Do You Believe In Magic?

I blinked and it was gone. Someone taped me on my shoulders. It was Sara.

“Are you ok?” 

“Yes. I am fine” I said smiling at her.

“So Do you believe in Magic?”

“What! What did you say?” I shouted falling off the chair.

“I asked are you done reading the book,” Sara said slowly, trying to decide between picking me up or just fleeing.

I just got up and ran out of the library. I caught up with the boys. We had to go to the bar again. I had to meet Alcina again. I knew she was behind this.

“We have to go to Cresent Bar now!” I said pulling Sky with me, knowing Liam and Aaron would follow.

“What? Why? It's too early.” Sky said.

“I don't care! We are going now!”

“Let's go to the new bar as we decided. Crescent is not that interesting anymore. There are no hot girls” Liam said.

“What are you talking about? Don't you guys remember Alcina?” I asked them as we reached the parking lot.

“Who is Alcina?” Liam asked.

“The redhead from yesterday.”

“What redhead? From where?” Sky asked

“The hot redhead from Cresent yesterday?”

“I think I would remember if we saw a hot redhead. Besides we dint go to the bar yesterday. We played Call of duty yesterday. Remember?” Sky said slowly.

“We played Call of Duty the day before yesterday. We went to the bar yesterday.” I said and the 3 of them looked at me like I was insane.

“No, we played yesterday,” Aaron said looking at me confused.

What the hell was happening? It’s like  “Final Destination”, except no one dies and I just go insane. My knee gave up and I sat on the curb holding my head.

“Fine, Let's go to the bar you don't have to cry about it!” Aaron said pulling me up.

We drove to the bar. We sat at the same booth. I searched for her and asked everyone about her, but no one seems to remember her. Giving up I walked to the restroom. I wanted to wash my face with cold water. While standing in front of the mirror I looked like I hadn't slept in days. And that was true. I don't remember the last time I slept. I splashed my face with water and looked at my reflection to find Alcina right behind me smiling. But she vanished as soon as I turned. When I turned back to the mirror It had those same words written in lipstick on the mirror.

Do you believe in magic?

And suddenly the walls started to close in and I could hear her melodious laughter like a faraway echo. The last thing I heard before I fainted was.

Do you believe in magic Calvary Blake?

Next, I know I am waking up in class just before Prof. Brown walks in and writes the words ’Guerrilla Marketing’ on the board.

So next time when someone asks you ‘Do you believe in magic?” 

Don't say ‘No’

Don't say ‘Yes’

Don't say ‘Maybe’

Don't say anything. Just Run!

December 14, 2022 14:48

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Roger Scypion
18:12 Dec 03, 2023

Very good story with a great juxtaposition. Kudos!


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