The Blue Jay's Final Song

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Fantasy Inspirational

This place is...lonely. I might be surrounded by bustling crowds and honking cars but it's nothing like home. At home you don't get constantly yelled at. At home I can be myself. At home I don't have to worry about being found out.

My mission is simple get in, get it, get out. I wish I never accepted it though, I hate the human world. Everyone seems so...sad.

I walk through a place called Averndan. I walk through the crowds of people who all seem to forget they are alive. Like they are all running from something they push past me without saying a word. I know what it is too, mistakes.

Some smiles shine through the crowd but they glow dim through the darkness of this town. Forgotten souls lie dead on the floor dragging behind their shell of owners.

I want to wave my wand and light the sky with colors. I want to see these people smile. Naturally as a fairy it is my job to spread joy. It kills me to see these people wasting away their lives in this collected sadness.

I don't even exactly believe in villains. Every villain has a reason and those without one only have a broken heart inside. That is why I believe no one is a bad person. We all hurt. We all are prideful. We all make mistakes. Some people just have more of these things than others. Some mistakes can't be mended by time and they flood a person's heart until it blinds them.

I’ve never seen a place so miserable and promise myself to help, if I can. It all seems hopeless. Like a magnet this place seems to pull in sadness and hold it there as it’s captive.

I hear a faint tune that makes my ears perk. A single person mumbles a dewdrop song to themself about a mile away. Why does every person I see feel pain ten fold compared to the one before?

The street flows like a broken down river. It’s a far cry from home. In fact if you told me this is the fairy world it would have broken me. The same as these people...broken.

I round the corner of a murky-drunk-looking building. A cafe from the looks of it with a flickering neon open sign. This can't be it. It's so...broken. Broken and empty as if everyone lost hope on it.

I open the door which falls to the ground. Inside is dusty with forgotten spiderwebs and crumbling furniture. 

A lady stands at the counter with a warm, dim, smile that would shine like a lighthouse through this fog if she weren’t in this laid down forgotten place. Faded happiness radiates around her like a fog not quite real yet. Her eyes have a dim neutral look about them that might have been a flaming fire before. Her dust-forbidden black hair lies dead on her shoulders forgotten and untouched. She plays with a faded blue pen in her hands though from what I can see it has no ink.

“Well,” She says in a warm but dim voice “what could possibly bring another fairy here?” I have to do a double take. I’m sure I still look human. I check the mirror. I still have the same bed ridden bags under my eyes. My normally radiant hair is horrid. My ocean blue eyes are dirty and murky like a storm at sea. I’m still in that horrible tight dress and those impossible to walk in rosy red heels. My beautiful wings are missing like a not quite finished pictureThe cow skin purse with my wand in it isn’t glowing into tomorrow. How?

“How do you know I’m a fairy?” I ask. “Well,” She begins with a yawn “You have this sort of light radiating out of you and in this god forbidden town it’s quite blinding. And your dissguise isn’t the best either. I mean it’s not to shabby but I can still see the magic of you wings.

“I assume Melody still wants to convince me to abort mission.” She says with a chuckle. She can’t be who I’m looking for. “Tell her that her little Blue Jay isn’t coming home until I’ve finished what I’ve came here for.” She doesn’t even wait to hear my response before saying it. “Why this place is so miserable, what could possibly be here that you want more than the fairy world.?” I am too curious to let her go. 

“Same as you I’m a fairy. I want happiness of course.” She begins “Once upon a time, there was a fairy named Blue Jay. She was smart, kind, and brave, but lacked the reason to be. She worked her way up to Sprite class and she was so happy that she could fly to the moon and back, if she really wanted to.

She soon got a mission. A mission to spread joy in the human world. Oh she loved the mission so much so that she didn’t even wait for details. She waved her wand and magiced herself the human world quick as a whip. Over the years she spread her songs far and wide and just that gave people hope. This hope or spark was something that made Blue Jay feel whole. Like she finally had a reason to be, well, her.

One day she came across a miserable town called Averndan. She tried singing to the people but they wouldn’t listen. She let light shine through the sky but people wouldn’t look up. She learned that every one had been like this since the revolutionary war when god forbid it, thier town was raided by british troops for supplies. She even loved Great Brittian and the USA and had no idea why they should ever fight because she always found that theres more power in a single word than an entire army. But that’s beside the point. She eventually found out that Averndan needed her more than the fairy world ever did so she hid her wand and her pride and decided that this town was something she didn’t think would come soon.” She stops there. “What?” I ask. “The Blue Jay’s final song...”   

April 08, 2021 14:19

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