It started with three: A New Coven Head (4)

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Adventure Coming of Age Science Fiction

In a hidden location, a group of various Witch Coven heads was seated around a large table. Each clamoring about various magical topics. After a moment they all put a folded piece of paper into the center of the table and the host began to put the names in a book. Samuels name came up from Mr. Tompson who gave the other Coven leader a challenging look. He knew that Samuels would make a worthy leader, for he had an encounter with Travis as well. The host stared at Mr. Tompson questionedly wondered why he thought that Samuels would be a good choice for the next branch off coven. Natalia the host sauntered around the table. Her tight business suit squeaked as she went. As she was about to pry information from —- by touch a Vision flashed in front of her eyes like a movie reel. The premonition passed. Blinking in disbelief she grinned at the man.

“So, Donnie wanna share what you know?” Natalia asked like a little kid in a candy store. Calmly and very pointedly Mr. Tompson said.

“Not today Nat, just except him as one of our people,” he said firmly causing Natalia to pull her lips into a tight thin line as she pretended to contemplate what to do next.

“ Very will bring the art of it to the blue room!” Natalia barked to her lackies; the guards. Stalking from the room Natalia made her way to retry the last candidate and future coven head. Samuel wanted to scream staring at the ground with hatred how and why could these idiots decide his fate. While he was sulking the sound of high heels clicking earned his attention. Snapping his head up a beautifully well-dressed lady appeared. She gave him a coy smug look.

“Samuel Turner?” She asked, trying to identify him. Awkwardly he looked at her through the bars and said.

“That’s me, I’ll be here all week”

Chuckling at his lame attempt of a joke Natalia spoke. “ actually you won’t, you’ve just been paroled” Opening his cell she stepped inside pulled him to his feet, and unhooked the cuffs.

“ oh and don’t forget will be watching you, for today however you’ll be completing an act of community service” Leading him out into the hall. She started off into a long column of halls. Glaring at the guards he steeped out, quickening his step he caught up to Natalia. Who cracked a joke saying.

“Come on they won’t bite,” She said leading him down the pale hallway. H turn led him towards another hallway revealing at the end A plethora of different color doors. The woman knocked on a bright blue door which swung open revealing a table full of young people. All of whom ranged in age from 13-22. 

“Take a seat, Sam,” Natalia said not knowing his disdain for the shortening of his name. Cautiously Samuel etched forward in his minus all had to be some kind of trap. Maybe Heather and the weirdo were responsible. Laughing to himself he smiled that have been an awfully pleasant dream. 

      As he was about to voice his thoughts a boy sitting across from him spoke up.

“Madam Heart?” He called to Natalia.

“When do we start the exam?” He said eagerly looking ready and thrilled to be there.

“Soon Edgar doesn’t be so eager this test is a win-all, lose-all,” she said smugly. Samuel however was confused by these words. Deciding to voice his concern he asked the question on his mind 

“Why am I here” this question made him earn glaring skeptical looks. Coyly Natalia replied.

“ you were recommended by your Coven, silly,“

“ I don’t have a coven” Samuels muttered in annoyance. Then it all seems to click in his mind. Be grudgingly he mumbled.

“Heather” Shaking his head he folded his arms and minor annoyance. She was like a Beautiful storm. How he wanted to belong. How he wanted her to notice him. He deeply wanted her to believe he was worthy.

     Normally he watched Guard walk in carrying strange-looking devices that vaguely resemble a camera and film. The films then went in an old camera that flashed in the airy green translucent color. The photos were then placed back in front of the contenders. Samuels stayed at the photographs in front of him, at first it appeared to be a normal photograph and he looked at it from a different angle. A thin sigil had been etched into the film.

“ Each of you has two photos: they will show you, your happiest future and your greatest sorrow” Natalia explains to the contenders.

“Many have gone mad with the knowledge,” watching as Quick hands snatched up the pictures. Samuel blinked shocked as the photos flashed and for a moment he felt they took on his magical core. Like a flash of lightning, an image appeared on the photograph slowly smoke formed around the second photograph of a distinctive barrel of a gun. Disgust filled his soul. He knew exactly who that gun belong to; his cold-hearted father. Before Samuels could examine the other happy photo a boy began to sob hysterically. He had to be removed because he was unable to handle what was in the picture. Several more emotional outbursts occurred before it was himself a kiss ass and a young girl. Wondering who in the hell picked this ragtag bunch he watched as the kiss ass spoke up again.

“Made it to the final round,” he said buying the other two like a man ready to fight.

“ I know isn’t this exciting down to the Prime picking” Natalia comes to turning her attention to the only other lady in the room.

“ ladies first met Robinson why don’t you have a look and tell us what you think, “ The woman said coyly tapping the photo with a long pen.

“sure thing,” The little girl said flipping over the photo a look of disappointment wash over her face. 

“That’s really what makes me the happiest in life?” 

“Yes, having children brings you the greatest joy” The little girl nodded snatching up both pictures before she touched them in her pocket thanked Natalia for The experience, and left the room.

    It was now down to Samuel and Edgar who was giving him the stink eye. if looks could kill Samuel would’ve dropped dead right there. And to be honest, Samuels thought that might have been the right choice. Well at least for the future of magic. He couldn’t do anything for them or offer them anything. He knew little magic, nearly wiped out the fairy population, and made his own family want him dead. He wasn’t exactly likable. Dreading what the photo would show he sighed picking it up. Gasping in disbelief he stared down at the picture his heart skipping a beat. In the 4 x 6 frame, a group of seven people stood laughing arms linked. They were middle age with scars, smile lines, and crow's eyes. However, their faces were still very much memorable. Three of them stood out to be distinct. His breath hitched in his through as his thoughts ran wild. Some telling him he wasn’t good enough and another telling him this is what he wanted.

“Well, what do you two think?” Natalia asked hopefully. It wasn’t often but more than one coven head could emerge at a time. However, any prospects that are quickly shattered by Edger Who opened his big mouth and said.

“I think this utter bull shit” he growled tossing the photo back down before he stood up aggressively slamming his hands against the tables. Before shouting. 

“I’m a leader, not some sheep, there is no way teaching will ever make me happy!” He screamed storming firm the room in outrage. Natalia shook her head tsking. “Temper, temper” she turned her attention back to Samuel with a playful grin. “So what do you think sounds about right?” She Pride only to see the sadness in his eyes. Samuel Half smile before answering. “Yea, but it’s not real it won’t happen, I did horrible things, they’ll, she’ll never want me” he muttered his voice cracking. Natalia just smiled walking up as she touched his shoulder. Instantly he felt calmer.

“ Focus, read the back” she urged tapping the photo with her pen once again. 

    Slowly Samuels flip the photograph over in bright green swirly handwriting the words. ‘These are your neighbors, be free’ tears filled his eyes and so began The intensive growing challenges all Coven leaders had to undertake. He just hoped it was all true. That there was something to look forward to, that just maybe Heather would look at him like he was worthy. That he could have real friends but all that would be revealed in due time.

July 20, 2021 04:58

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J D Hernandez
16:14 Jul 30, 2021

His names Corey not Tompson what a mistake


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J D Hernandez
16:14 Jul 30, 2021

His names Corey not Tompson what a mistake


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B.L Clod
06:10 Jul 20, 2021

I like what you have going but I’m a little lost. It gets choppy in the middle


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