“What are you smiling at?”

“You,” she says in a way that sounds like smiles and it makes me sick.

“Ok then, why are you smiling?” I look her in the eyes and bop her lightly on the nose with my thumb.

Her loving yet mischievous smile spreads to every crevice of her face and she sticks her tongue out at me. “I can’t tell you, now can I? It’s for our anniversary.” 

I push her shoulder and stick my tongue out at her. “Good relationships are based on communication,” I muse.

She tuts me. “You tricky boy. I’m not telling you.” She starts pushing all her stuff into a pile and shovels it into her arms. “And now I have to go.” She leans over the table and gives me a peck. Even when she kisses me I can feel her smile.

She walks away in her usual confident stride, with her long dark hair swishing behind her. And oh god I think I fall in love with her every time I see her. I’d love to list everything I love about her but I should start working on my gift for our anniversary.

I have to work overtime this week so I can afford the tickets for her favorite band’s concert, but everything else is already done.


Finally, I arrive home from work. I’m exhausted. I flop down on to my bed, making the pillow fall. I can’t bother to pick it up. I nestle into my blanket and nearly fall asleep.

And then I hear a loud pop from the room above me. It’s probably nothing. I try to keep falling into a blissful slumber. Then I hear two more consecutive pops. With a heavy sigh, I get up and go to her room to check on her.

I bring my fist to the door and tap. “You ok in there, J?” And another pop, but no answer, so I knock again.

“Yeah, yeah. I’m busy.” I hear footsteps then she opens her door and sticks her tongue out at me. “So go away.”

I narrow my eyes at her and try to step into her room but she pushes me away quickly. I frown and bite my cheek, but reluctantly go back to my own room.

After I get into my room, I hear a small click. She locked my door from inside her room again.

I hope she’s not hiding anything from me.


April 17th. Finally, our anniversary has arrived. I quickly run downstairs and begin making breakfast for J.

I whip together the fluffiest pancakes I can, as well as a sausage and cheese omelet and a dozen cinnamon buns. (That may or may not be previously frozen.) I’m brewing the coffee right as she comes down.

“What’s this?” She sniffs the air and yawns. Then she opens her eyes and smiles at me. “You know I love a man who cooks.”

“Oh god, that’s so stupid.” That’s one of the most stereotypical things she could say, yet I can still feel my cheeks getting hot.

She walks over and sits on the island in front of me. “Rian,” she says, ripping apart a cinnamon bun and putting it into her mouth, “are you going to be like this still when we get married?”

My cheeks are on fire. “Damn it, Jade, just eat.”

“I kid, I kid. Anyways, thank you for making me breakfast.” She smiles again before sitting in a chair like a normal person.

And breakfast is delicious.


I’m driving down the long highway on the way to a field. It’s so far away, but it’s spring, I hear the place is beautiful, and she’s always wanted to go there. She’s talking in my ear, but I don’t really hear her much. I hope she likes what I got her. All of a sudden, we drive over something and we start driving wonky. I pull to the side of the street and turn to J. “I think we popped a tire.”

She looks at me like I’m stupid, which I honestly am. “I can just magic it, remember?”

“Oh my god, no you can’t. You know I don’t like you using your powers all willy-nilly like that.” I groan and place my head on the steering wheel.

I feel J’s hand on my head, soft yet firm. “Oh shush, Mr. Willy-Nilly.” She kisses the back of my head. Then she gets out of the car and she fixes the tire. Within a few seconds, she’s back in the car.

“I’ll never understand how that crap works,” I say, voice muffled by the steering wheel.

“It’s not for you to understand, silly. Now keep driving.”


I pull into the vast field, littered with beautiful wildflowers. J looks at me, eyes wide. “No way! Did you really bring me here?” She clumsily sits on my lap, legs on either side of the seat. 

I wrap my arms around her and lay my head on her shoulder. We stay like this for a moment, then I bring my lips up to her ear. “Can I get up now?”

She smiles at me. “Of course.”

I wait for a beat. “Then get off.”

“Nope.” She smiles bigger.

I sigh and push the door open. “Hang on tight, J.” She straddles me tighter and hangs her arms around my neck. I duck under the door frame and wobble out.

I peer down at her face. “You are just like a child, you know that?”

She smiles and sticks out her tongue. “If that’s the case, then are we there yet?”

I chuckle and flick her in the forehead. “No, seriously, though,” she says in a melty kind of way that you could only feel if you were there. Her voice is like Yankee Candle candle wax, fragrant and warm. “What are we going to do here?”

“We’re having a picnic.”

She squeezes around me harder and smiles into my chest as we continue looking for the perfect picnic spot.


It’s getting later and we’re finishing up our food. I stopped eating a while ago because I can’t help but just watch her. I hope we never leave the honeymoon phase. I wipe the icing off of her cheek with my thumb and she looks at me warmly.

“I guess it’s time for your anniversary gift.” She wipes her hands with a napkin and starts to stand up.

I pull her back on to the blanket and bring her close to me. “I still have more for you.”

“Geez, Rian. Someone’s an over-achiever. Can I just go now, though? It’s like the perfect time.” She lays against me and stares up at my face. She knows I can’t say no to her. I nod.

She raises her hands into the air and rubs her thumb across her other fingers. Soon, sparks fly around the air. Then they grow bigger and bigger. She lays her head against my shoulder. “Fireworks.”

For once, I’m the one that’s all smiles. My cheeks get hot again, then I kiss her deeply with my smile as she usually does. Then I break away and frown. “You always do better than me with this. My bank account can’t handle this, J.”

“You just have to be you, and I’ll be happy.” Now she’s smiling.

We lay in each other’s arms and watch the fireworks in the setting sky. The air is calming and I never want this moment to end. I smile and she smiles. She makes me smile, so I kiss her and share my smile with her. She tastes like smiles too.

March 13, 2020 17:19

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