Girl: Hello.

Operator: 911, what is your emergency?

Girl: Yes. I would like to order a pizza.

A momentary pause on the operator's end.

Operator: (in a confused tone) Excuse me? Can you repeat that?

Girl: I would like to order a pizza.

Operator: You must be confused. Could you hand the phone over to one of your parents or other guardians?

Girl: (in a raised voice) NO! (back to normal voice) It is your job to (emphasis on the following) HELP ME.

Operator: (beginning to understand) You're not calling to order a pizza. Are you in danger?

Girl: (voice back to normal volume) That is correct, yes.

Shuffling noises are audible as the operator searches for a pen and some paper. The operator is also heard mumbling to themself "figures".

Operator: Are you at home?

Girl: No, I would not like mushrooms on my pizza.

The operator jots it down in the notebook they found.

Operator: What is your emergency?

A figure passes by the empty door frame.

Girl: What are the options?

Operator: (after thinking for a moment) Small if there is a break-in, medium if you are in an abusive situation, large if you have been abducted, extra-large if you are running from- (cut off)

Girl: Large, please.

Operator: Are there any others? Any other victims?

Girl: No, I would not like to supersize.

Operator: Can you tell me your name?

Girl: Did you say (emphasis on Lacy) Lacy bread or crazy bread?

Jotting down more info, stopping for a second to get the pen to work.

Operator: Is it possible for you to tell me what your last name is?

Girl: Are you Writener all this down?

Operator: Lacy Writener? Is your name Lacy Writener?

Girl: That is correct.

Continues to scrawl more info across their notebook.

Operator: Are you in immediate danger?

The girl glances up at the door to the hallway connected to the living room just as the TV flips off.

Girl: (in a nervous whisper) soon.

Operator: Do you know who your kidnaper is? Have you met them before?

Girl: (still whispering) Bus driver. He is a bus driver.

Operator: Can you give me a name? Age? Description?

Girl: (continuing to whisper) Todisco, Robert Todisco. Average height, muscular build, black hair, cold dark brown eyes.

Footsteps are heard on the girl's side.

Girl (still): (becoming distraught) His name is Robert Todisco.

Operator: Remain calm. Police are on their way.

Before the girl can reply a man, Mr. Todisco, snatches the phone from her grip.

Todisco: (unintentionally broadcasting) Who were you calling, girl?

The girl who was once the epitome of calm is now crying audibly.

Todisco (still): (yelling) Answer me, NOW!

Girl: (barely audible) I was just trying to order a pizza.

Todisco: (sarcastic) Oh really? What kind of pizza requires you to whisper into the phone when you think I’m not listening.

Any reply the girl might have had is cut off by a loud crash and a bang resulting in her wailing followed by the breaking of glass. Another sound is then heard once again cutting her off. It seems that Mr. Todisco punched the girl in her abdominal region causing her to slam into something hard nocking something glass or possibly ceramic to the floor. That likely resulted in her receiving another blow from him.

Girl: (between sobs): I (gasp) just (gasp) wanted (gasp) a (gasp) a pizza. (wheezing) Just ask (gasp) them.

There is a pause. It seems he took a monument to contemplate the girl’s words.

Todisco: (into the phone) Hello?

Operator: (remembering their high school job at a pizza parlor) Hello, would you like to add anything else to your order, sir?

Todisco: What is the order?

Operator: One large pizza with all the toppings on it, with the exception of mushrooms, along with a side of crazy bread. Would you like to expand your order? Maybe with a salad? Some dipping sauce? Cheesy bread? A soda?

Before Todisco can reply the door is slammed open and he is surrounded by officers with guns all aimed at him.

Officer one: Robert Todisco, you are under arrest for abducting a minor and child abuse. You have the right to retain and instruct counsel without delay. You also have the right to free and immediate legal advice from duty counsel by making free telephone calls to [toll-free phone number(s)] during business hours and during non-business hours.

Do you understand?

Do you wish to call a lawyer?

Mr. Todisco nods.

Officer one (still): You also have the right to apply for legal assistance through the provincial legal aid program.

Do you understand?

He nods again.

Officer one (still): I will issue the following warning: You need not say anything. You have nothing to hope from any promise or favor and nothing to fear from any threat whether or not you say anything. Anything you say or do may be used as evidence.

Do you understand?

A final nod before they slap a pair cuffs on his wrist.

Several hours later at the station

Lacy sits in the station waiting room wrapped in a blanket as she waits for her parents to arrive. She knows they won’t get here tonight. They live several provinces away. Even if they spent all night driving without stopping for anything they wouldn’t be able to make it.

She sighs. She’s alone. Her stomach growls. And hungry too. She considers going to ask one of the officers for food but then stops midway out of the chair. The wondrous aroma teases her nose.

She turns her head trying to locate the source. She finds it. A large pizza with everything on it except for mushrooms and a side of crazy bread held in the arms of a young woman fresh out of college with dark brown hair, matching eyes, and a pleasant smile.

“Hey, Lacy” comes a familiar voice. I thought you might want this.

Lacy gazes at her before jumping up suddenly embracing her in a hug almost causing her to drop the food.

“Thank You”.

August 19, 2020 18:51

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Rambling Beth
19:45 Aug 20, 2020

This was a great take on the prompt. I really liked it. I liked the dialogue format for the phone call. Did you intentionally decide to write the call as a sort of script? I like how it works at the moment but I am curious as to what it would look like if you decided to use a prose format instead. Great story. :)


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Gip Roberts
20:49 Feb 27, 2021

I think I heard a news story a while back about something similar to this happening in real life. I loved how your story ended with the girl getting the pizza from the 911 operator. You gave a clue to that with the title, but I still didn't see it coming. Nice work!


Abigail Romick
21:34 Feb 27, 2021

I heard the same; it's where I got the inspiration from. I don't know the exact code the girl used but decided it would be an interesting story to attempt for the prompt. Thanks.


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Echo Sundar
21:47 May 11, 2021

Oh wow. This was absolutley stunning. Great use of the prompt. it hooked you at the beginning thinking it was a prank call and then slowly realizing it was much more serious. I think this was flawless.


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Jay DMer
13:00 Mar 01, 2021

This was AmAzInG! It was smartly planned out. Nice job:)


Abigail Romick
13:01 Mar 01, 2021

Thank you!


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