Bruce never tells the truth

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Fantasy Fiction

I live in Texas and there is a saying in Texas.

I rather climb a tree and tell you a lie than stand on the ground and tell you the truth. Most of my friend and family were good about making more of a story than was really there. With Bruce not even the story he was telling would be his own. Every one in town knew Bruce He was the guy who reused everybody stories and by the time you heard it again it was Bruce in the center of all the action. The one thing that Bruce could not make up was his height standing only 5 foot 4 inches and hundred twenty pound soaking wet Bruce was a small guy. His family moved about every four years and almost like clock work returned four years later. Nobody was sure why. Nobody would ask knowing Bruce would never tell you the truth. Pranking Bruce was a favorite past time. The one I remember best was about Osage oranges. If you are wondering Yes there is a Osage orange most Texan call them horse apples. They are the green fruit from a Bois D'arc tree. So we started asking if anyone had Osage oranges for sale of course Bruce was suddenly a expert and told how tart the taste was. Bruce also promise to produce them for a party on Friday night, Bruce never showed up to the party. Monday he claimed they held been held up in customs coming out of South America. Finally about three weeks later someone spilled the beans and told Bruce what Osage oranges were. For a while when we wanted to shut him up we would ask about the oranges out of South America. You would think Bruce would try to check stories he heard before adding to them but that wasn't the case. This is about the story that was to undue Bruce.

Outside of town there was a cave that had been used by a outlaw name Sam Bass. The story that was going around at the time is that a local mobster had be using it to dispose of those who ratted him out. I was sure when I heard it that it made up and was told to lure in Bruce for a epic embarrassing moment. Bruce told the story with details about removing the persons fingers with a pair of garden shears to stuffing his mouth full to keep him from screaming in pain. How the body was buried in the back of the cave next to a large stone. This is where the story gets turn. The FBI shows up at the warehouse where Bruce worked. They had found a body buried in the back of Sam Bass cave with two missing fingers and a rag stuff in his mouth. Bruce is taken into custody and the number one suspect for the murder. Bruce tries to explain this is somebody else story but can not remember where he heard it. days of long interrogations. Weeks go by and

Bruce goes in front of the grand jury and is indicted for premediated murder. Given a public defender that is over worked and under prepared. The trail begins and Bruce is painted as a psychopath. Witnesses one after another tell in detail how Bruce has told the story of how he was paid to torture and kill this man. The timeline when the killing happened doesn't add up to Bruce where about but, Bruce has told so many stories the jury just figures it another lie he telling. The media paints Bruce as a killer by stories he had told as a kid of training dogs to fight by tying kittens onto cane poles and shoving them at pit bulls to make them fight. about his grand mother making him bite the heads off chickens instead of cutting them when they process them for market. Bruce had stole this story from the locals who where fighting dogs. The story of his grandmother didn't work because his grandmother died when he was 4. Bruce was not a killer to anyone who really knew him. The truth be told he had taken care of more sick animals than anyone else in town when he was in school and worked for the local vet. The local vet said he let him go because He could not handle the death of any animal. The local vet was never call to the stand.

The trail lasted a month. The DA told the press he was sure they had the right man for the crime. That Bruce had bragged many times about how he could dispose of bodies using a local pig farm. Bruce had gotten this story right off the TV late night movies. The trail look like a slam dunk and Bruce was going to be the next man headed to death row. When a twist of fate came. Just before the jury is about to rest. The prosecutor asked for the charges to be dismissed. A suicide note from a inmate in Big Springs confessed to the murder with details about the person nobody had disclosed during the trail. Bruce after 6 month in jail and losing everything he owned is acquitted.

Bruce had very few friends and a dysfunctional family comes out a changed man. The best thing that happens to Bruce is he joins Recoveries Anonymous a 12 step program to end compulsive lying. The support group help to get Bruce sign up and taking college courses to become a lawyer. He is given a fresh start. A new purpose in life. Most people that take up law are looking to make a fortune. Not Bruce. Bruce studies law to help those who are wrongly accused. There is no worst feeling in this world than to be guilty until proven innocent. The legal system is broke and justice no longer serves those who are innocent. There are victims of the system. Bruce has lived it for real. If not for a guilty mans last words he would be forever Bruce the guy that never tells the truth

April 05, 2021 03:03

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