Life Without Minecraft (for a little while so i don't freak out...)

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I hated this. I mean, what kind of stupid idea is it to go to Alaska in a winter cabin during the summer break, when my friends are having a blast at a pool party. I HATE THE WINTER! THE ONLY FUN THING TO DO IS PLAY SNOWBALL FIGHT, BUT THE SNOW IS ONLY HALF AN INCH HIGH!

Sorry for the caps, but I'M PROVING MY POINT!

Sorry again...

Anyway, I was angry at my parents for the dumb idea, and before I could protest, they held up the plane tickets.

"Pleath come. Pweeeeth," Abby, my little sister yelled, lisping the 's'. "Pweeeethe"

"C'mon. It's gonna be a blast kiddo," my father said with a wide grin.

I frowned at him. "My friends are having a party in a few days. We are going to be in Alaska at that time. I was looking forward to some fun, not some boring old cabin."

"You can bring Finn with you if you want," the mother replied.

"Well, at least the dog's coming along. Fine, I'll go," I sighed.

The airport was a pleasant experience. I was given 50 dollars, in the form of five 10 dollar bills, and was allowed to spend it on whatever I want. I first got a bag of chocolate for me and a few small chew toys for Finn. The prices of each were very, very high. The bag of chocolates was 10 dollars, and the chew toys were each 5 dollars, and I bought 4 of them. So...


5 times 4 is 20, add 10 is 30. Wait, where are my other 20 bucks?

I searched around the area but didn't find anything. Only then did I see a big grin. Slobber all over the bills, which was stuck in the mouth of a furry creature.

"Oh my God Finn," I sigh as I plucked the bills out of his mouth. 

They were a bit wet, but no damage was made. I decided to let it cool off for a while. I put it in my pocket while having a staredown with Finn. Of course, he kept blinking. I laughed and pet him on his head. I showed him the chew toys that I got for him. He started jumping around and trying to grab it.

"No. I don't want you getting addicted to it on the plane. You're getting it when we get to the cabin," I exclaim.

Almost instantly, the corgi stops yapping and jumping around. Instead, it sits patiently on the floor. After a while, I couldn't resist its eyes. I grabbed him up and carried him back to where my parents were waiting on chairs. The corgi had the best view of the airport, since I was holding him, but kept kicking my face to go higher. Eventually, when we reached my parents, I placed him down.

A few hours later, we boarded the plane and took off. Since it was a 7-hour journey, we got the mini TV. Finn had his own seat, and we forced him to not make any sound. I guess he understood why because he didn't say a word for the whole journey, except putting his paw on my hand when he needed to pee. I played some games on it and watched a few movies. We ate some hot dogs and an akutaq, without the meat. 

We arrived at a chilly place, but we luckily brought coats for all of us. Finn doesn't seem bothered. He's just happy. The 20 dollars was now normal again, so I asked my mom if I could spend some here. She agreed and I bought a few souvenirs.

After around two hours, we arrived at our winter cabin, which was near some other cabins. They were quite big, and when we went inside, we noticed that it was basically a house. It had 3 bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a living room. I chose a room upstairs and unpacked my stuff, while my parents and sister were doing the same. Finn jumped up on my bed and just sat there, staring at me. 

After unpacking everything, I grabbed my gaming laptop and hopped onto a desk. I opened it up and started to load up Minecraft. My friend and I were playing together on a world, so I wanted to continue working on what I was doing (a redstone contraption). It said 'Failed To Connect To World. Please Check Your Internet Connection'. I looked at my internet and saw it wasn't connected to the internet. I walked downstairs and asked my parents for the Wifi Password.

"There isn't any internet connection here," they replied.

The shock hit me hard. I wasn't able to survive one day without playing my precious game... yes, I'm addicted. 

I ran up to the room I was using and slammed the door shut. I jumped on my bed and saw the corgi chewing on the toys that he somehow stole from my bag. I kept on looking at him until he saw me, which resulted in him jumping at my face.

"There's no wifi," I sadly exclaim.

As if we understood it, he whimpered. I hugged him and he started to yap. This kept on happening for a few minutes until Mom called for dinner. It was homemade burgers.

"You could go outside," my Dad suggested. "It is snowing".

Without replying, I ate my dinner and went upstairs to sleep. I just wanted this to be over. I was jealous that my friends would have a blast at the party in a few days.

The next day, I put on my winter coats and boots and went outside. My family was already there, just walking around. To have some fun, I made a snowball and hurled it at my sister.

"AHHHH," she yelled. "Oh ywour gonna pway fwor it".

She then throws a snowball at me, but my companion, Finn, blocks the attack. I grabbed more snowballs and threw them at her, while she threw them at me. My parents watched the little fight. Since the corgi was blocking my view, one of my balls went away from her direction, but at my Mom. It hit her in the face.

"HERE'S SOME PAYBACK," my mother yelled, throwing a snowball. My Dad joined the fight and it lasted for a while. 

We had some fun for the next couple of days until we had to leave. Arriving at our house, it felt nice to remember the fun we had during our vacation. I unpacked my stuff again and went outside to see my friend. He opened the door and told me that the party was canceled, but there would be a new one in a few days. I realized that going on vacation was a good choice.

After all, it was quite relieving to not play Minecraft for a few days!

January 22, 2021 23:55

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Solana L.
22:15 Jan 30, 2021

This was such a fun story to read, I love how personal your writing style is! I understand the struggles of being addicted to a game haha.


15:03 Feb 01, 2021



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Jay Mosley
21:40 Jan 27, 2021

Nice ending. You really like Minecraft huh (pfp)


21:48 Jan 27, 2021

Yup :)


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