Funny High School Romance

California, Reseda, 1983, just turn 16 teenage boy running a long roads, random tracks, encounter bunch of peoples, most of them middle aged man. You know what most of teenagers do at that time, right? 05:30 AM, that’s the time. One time three peoples looking at him suspiciously. Don’t cared if tracked or killed, focus on Kenpo Karate Training, wearing grey hood sweater, grey sweatpants, white sneakers. Obviously don’t care about fashion, just train hard. Ussualy until 06:30 AM, going down the beach. Enjoy the sunrise while do 50 reps of diamond pushups on a comfy sands, then just lie down like his own bed. Brown skin, curly-straight hair, brown looking skin, but no one recognize him as an African American. More look like asian, but not like China or Japan. More like Southeast Asia, of course really far away from there. There must be something big happen with him, or from his family. Or little by little, just like butterfly effects. A fillipino, looks interesting, athletic body type, not really big, not really ripped, just average but still good. Darryl Vidal, that’s his name. Just like usual high school boy, set up whole day by own feet, in a rent month white flat, everything inside simple but really neat. It seems this FMA boy follows military routine everyday, set up his mind, way of life. No photos, no kitchen, just buy daily needs on strip malls just like 5 meters opposite the flat, surrounded by parking lot. 15 July 1960, that’s Darryl’s birthday, just turn 16. Sweet? Bitter? Sour? Insipidity? Who cares? Not even him. Just do everything from himself. A few principals still struggling to follow, made by himself, one of them is kinda like not humane, that’s to think about the present, not past, or even future. The most thing really into him is everyday is birthday, today just the day when he was born. Don’t need anyone to celebrate, just himself. Just one day before second year starts. West Valley High school, “THIS BUILDING DEDICATED TO TRUTH – LIBERTY – TOLERATION – BY THE NATIVE SONS OF THE GOLDEN WEST ANDREW M, STOODEL, GRAND PRESIDENT, APRIL 18, 1969”. Really?

“I looked out this morning and the sun was gone. Turned on some music to start my day. I lost myself in a familiar song. I closed my eyes and I sipped away.” Humming in the bathroom like crazy before goes to school. Dressed like usual teenage boy on the 1980s. Somehow took the time to run as part of the workout, to the point of sweating. The distance is quite close. Arriving there immediately look for the toilet, go in and take a shower. How not to find out? Apparently Darryl got up early in the morning to come to school immediately, with a small towel in a small bag, while the books in the school locker, number 12. That day the gangs that formed were not just formed, but joined in an officially registered organization. although different institutions, namely Cobra Kai, is a karate dojo led by sensei who is a Vietnam war fighter defending the US, there is a photo in the dojo, John Kreese with a medal of honor. If I'm not mistaken it was 1965. What about Darryl? Absolutely not, one of the five gang members didn't want to invite him.

“Hi, Darryl”, says one girl. It seems he’s the one guy that matured faster than anyone around his age, it’s confirmed by how he react against something like that. “Hi, Ali”. Smiled back, but not turn both cheeks into red. A real high value male dedicated himself to martial arts. One of the cobras sees this scene, jealously, enraged by looking right into Vidal’s eyes. Johnny Lawrence. Back in 1981, rumble in the Valley happened between both of them. 5 rounds counted, really intense. By a tornado kick, smoothly kissed Johnny’s mouth and screamed, “Aurghhahahaharhhh”. Now, this happened. Poor Johnny. Tommy comes to him unintentionally, “What the first subject this day?” A simple stupid dialog. Johnny must be know that he just want search for chit-chat topic. Tommy’s the most hilarious cobra. Wearing a pink shirt doesn’t have any work to reduce the badassery. Handsome pretty face and really neat blonde hair. Good looking body, looking very young. Most importantly the smiles. His smiles is pure as gold, full of joyness, positive vibes, bring joyfull to everyone who see him. “Johnny!” Johnny still stunned. It take 5 seconds to realize what just happen. Darryl just left, but Ali still stunned about how great Vidal’s aura. “You forgot her birthday Johnny.Remember sensei Kreese said, don’t let anyone distract your passion for glory. Eye of the tiger, man!” “Just watch Rocky, who are you, Apollo?” “Maybe, and you must be Rocky, deal?” “Whatever man.” They hug together tightly, like two seven years old boy. This time is sports time, football surely.

As always, Darryl as a keeper, on Johnny team. Most of everyone are shirtless on a green field on a shining day. Impress girls obviously. Especially Johnny, the most athletic guy there, little fat Dutch but still good looking by his self confidence. Vidal is the one that use regular sport clothes. No one mess with him after he beat Johnny on the tournament. All those Cobra Kai respected him.

“Hey guys, what’s wrong with my back?” Tommy confusing about what happen to his body. “It’s a worm, let me kick it.” “Hey don-“ “arghhhhhhh, my back”. Bobby has a strongest leg due to the bycile routine, followed by his screaming habit, especially if want to slide someone on football match, “Arryahh, arrryahhh”. As always, Tommy just smiling and laughing, , “Hahahahaha, thanks for the back massage, Bobby.” “Hey, Jimmy, I have a plan.” “You always have a plan, Tommy.” Since middle school, Tommy’s clearly smart to do something new, fresh, trespassing.” “What is it?” Johnny just talk on a flatline, knowing stuff like this always happen, at least one a week, mostly everyday. “Hey Johnny do you think I don’t know what happen this morning?” “Yeah I know. I don’t afraid if you realize it.” “What’s the matter anyway?” As always, Dutch move his wrist and leg, ready to break someone. “I don’t think you can do it, fatso.” :”What did you say!” Dutch is the most filthy temper among them, Anyway, he’s the most solid to his friends. “The worm’s body still on my back, do you know why?” “Youu don’t move it away, also Bobby kicked it too hard until maybe goes through your body.” “I’m not scared with your tacky jokes Jimbo. It’s about Vidal, with an “l”. “Yeah, those beautiful spin kicks, I remember that. Right, Johnny?” “….” Johnny only angry to himself for that, he saw him wih Ali hug together and almost kissed each other. And know, they are even more connected. “Just give him some of your jokes, but don’t hurt him.” “Why, you love him?” “Maybe.” “Take a right, check it out.”

Stupidly, they don’t know how disciplined Vidal is. For him, exercise and training is enough called entertainment. Even when Ali fall in love with him, he still balanced that. That’s even make Ali more love him. While ready for running, Ali comes against him. Both of them on different class, Vidal in social class, while Ali on Biology. No one believes that girl like her like to do nerdy stuff like that. But, who wants to criticize star school like her. “ Hi Vidal”. “Hi Ali, don’t you go home?” “Do you walk to your home?” “Actually house, I live alone on rented flat. My dad sent me enough money per each month.” “You’re so independent.” “Thanks.” Johnny and the gang sees that. Actually Tommy in love with her too, that’s why he joined Cobra Kai. “Remember man. Strike first, strike hard, …”, “Prank master”. Tommy takes the worm’s body, throw it to Vidal. The long training journey from Vidal doesn’t betray the result, easily encountered it. Doesn’t want to hurt animal although’s already dead, so decided to leave it. Ali really disturbed for what just happened, slapped all of them, except Vidal. “Thank you, Darryl.” Ali’s the only one who called him by front name, show how special he was.

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