Creative Nonfiction Fantasy Transgender

 “Today is the day that I change my life,” Paul stated as he got ready for school.

Little did he know just how true those words would become.

Paul was thirteen years old now and it was the first day of Junior High for him. He has three older sisters and they loved to torment him. Their names are; Pamela, Patricia and Penelope. Each one a year older consecutively. He was tired of being picked on and today would be the day that he finally asserted himself. He had no idea what was in store for him.

“Stick with me kid,” Penny stated after breakfast. “I’ll show you the ropes at school today. Don’t embarrass me.”

“Okay. But no fooling around,” he stated.

“I won’t,” she replied. “You’re a Junior high student now. You made it this far and I’ll help you along.”

As they waited for the bus at the corner, his sisters were talking.

“You got the stuff right?” Pat asked as they waited.

“Yeah. I got it,” Pam offered. “It’s the most potent stuff they sell. Complete and total transformation within three years. It even comes with a warning. The dweeb won’t know what hit him.”

“Great,” Pat stated. “So, Paul. Since it’s your first day and all, mom asked us to watch out for you. So if you don’t mind we’ll let you sit with us at lunch until you can find your own group of friends to hang with. Okay?”

“Okay I guess,” he replied.

When lunch came around Paul got his lunch and headed for his seat. When he sat down with his sisters, three more of their girlfriends sat down with them. He was nervous but he had told himself that he was going to change so he swallowed the lump that was in his throat and started eating. As they ate, one of the girls, Abby, distracted him and then Pam put something in his food.

When they got home that afternoon Penny commented, “You did good for your first day, Paul. When did you get so brave? You didn’t wet yourself when Abby started talking to you.”

“Very funny sis. I’ve decided to turn over a new leaf. I’m going to change. I won’t be the same boy you walked all over from now on,” he stated.

“You don’t know the half of it,” Pam said under her breath.

For the next several months Paul ate lunch with his sisters and their friends. He was starting to like Abby and it seemed that she was liking him as well. He made a few friends of his own but he always gravitated towards his sisters table for lunch. He wanted to be close to Abby and for some strange reason, his sisters didn’t seem to mind. It seemed like they were finally over their teasing him.

Well, Paul made it through the seventh grade pretty much unscathed. He was starting to like his new found courage. He and Abby decided to date and he would spend his time with her as much as possible. When he started the ninth grade they took many of the same classes and she always made something special for him to eat at lunch. He ate it without question as it was always good. When he hit the eleventh grade, the school had made some changes and they started a new class; it was called ‘Singles Cooking’ and Abby convinced him that it would be cool if they signed up and became partners. His sisters also took the class. There were only three other boys in the class.

Paul was becoming more and more confident when he was around the other girls; something that he never would have been able to do before. He found that he was spending most of his time with Abby and his sisters and that they often ate lunch together.

One night as he was getting ready for his date with Abby, Pam came sauntering into the bathroom.

“Hey! How about some privacy?” he asked when she walked in.

“Only one bathroom for the four of us, Paul,” she commented. “You gonna shave now?”

“Don’t have to,” he remarked.

“Where are you taking Abby tonight?” she asked as she applied some lipstick.

“There’s a new movie out and we’re going to see it,” he answered.

“Which one?” she asked as she checked her pits.

“Selma,” he stated.

“Isn’t that a ‘chic flick’?” she asked.

“So what if it is? Abby wants to see it so we’re going to see it,” he answered.

“You’re turning into a wimp,” she stated.

“Whatever. Later,” he said as he went downstairs and grabbed his car keys.

“Have a good time, Paul,” his mom said before giving him a peck on the cheek.

“I will,” he said as he slipped on his jacket. “I’ll be home before midnight.”

Paul and Abby watched the movie and then went out parking after. They kissed and made out until it was time for Paul to take her home.

“I had a wonderful time tonight, Paul,” Abby commented as they pulled into her driveway. “You want to come in for a bit?”

“Sure. I got some time before I have to be home,” he replied as he walked her to the door.

Paul visited with Abby’s mom, Jill, for a few minutes and then he had to leave. He kissed Abby goodnight and then headed home.

Halfway through his senior year the school was putting on the play ‘Kinky Boots”. Abby convinced Paul to try out for it.

“You should try out for the play, Paul. I’ll be in it,” she said one day.

“Isn’t that sort of a ‘drag’ play?” he asked suddenly getting excited.

“Yeah! So what? Don’t you think you’re woman enough to pull it off?” she quipped.

“Oh, you’re funny,” he replied. “If other guys can do it then I’ll give it a shot.”

“Cool. I think that you’ll enjoy it,” she said and then they kissed.

Paul tried out and won a spot on stage. They rehearsed for weeks and when their costumes were ready he brought his costume home to try it on. Abby, his sisters and his mom had to help him with it. It was full blown ‘drag’; tights, panties, bra, long patent leather dress and thigh high patent leather high heeled boots, all in shiny red. The dress fit him perfectly and he barely needed any padding for the bra. He was having difficulties walking in the high heels though so it was decided that every night after school he would have to wear them and practice walking. By the time it was dress rehearsal he was walking like a pro and he was getting good at applying his own make up as well.

The play ran for two nights and a Saturday matinee. The cast was given rave reviews and it was one of the hits of the year.

It was the night before Halloween and it was Paul’s nineteenth birthday. Abby had gotten him a replica copy of the costume that he wore for the play as a gift.

“What the heck is this?” he asked when he opened it in front of his sisters and mom.

“It’s your Halloween costume for the party,” Abby stated. “I know how much you liked the one you wore for the play so I thought that we could go together as our characters. You game or not?”

“If it’s okay with mom then I’m game,” he replied.

“I don’t care, Paul. I thought that you looked good on stage,” she stated.

“I also got an extra piece. It’s a corset. It’ll help push up your breasts,” Abby added.

“Thanks, I guess,” he said as he eyed the contraption.

“Let’s try it on you to see how it fits,” Abby offered.

Abby and his sisters helped him into the corset and then laced him in. He looked in the mirror and gasped. It looked like he had real breasts.

“See. What did I tell you, Paul?” Abby said. “Your breasts are nearly as big as mine. You’ll be filling out my dresses in no time at all.”

“Huh?… What?…” Paul gasped.

“Joking sweetie,” she said and laughed. “I’ll come over a couple hours early tomorrow and help you get ready. I have to be getting home. I need to put a few finishing touches on my own costume. Night everybody.”

“Good night Abby,” Paul said and then kissed her goodnight before she headed out.

“You look good in that corset, Paula,” Penny quipped.

“Funny. Now help me out of it so that I can get ready for bed,” he stated.

“What do you think girls? Should we let him out or make him wear it all night?” their mom asked.

“She should wear it all night so that she can get used to it,” Pat offered.

“I hope she hasn’t forgotten how to walk in high heels,” Pam added and then they all ran off to their rooms leaving Paul standing there with his mom.

“Um. Mom?” he asked.

“You heard them. You can wear it tonight so that you feel comfortable in them,” she stated and then headed for her room after turning out the lights.

“I’m living with a family of loons,” he muttered as he headed off to his room for the night.

“I heard that!” his mom retorted.

Paula and Abby were the hit of the Halloween party and they both won best costume. Paul was sitting on the edge of his bed when Pam knocked and then entered.

“Well, Paula. What do you think of your new look?” she asked.

“It’s okay I guess,” he stated as he removed his high heeled boots. “I hardly knew that I was wearing a dress by the end of the party.”

“You look good in it too,” she offered as Paul unzipped the dress and peeled it off his body.

“Thanks. You guys looked awesome in your outfits as well,” he complimented as he reached back and untied the corset.

“You might think about putting a bra on those puppies before coming down for breakfast in the morning,” she offered as she got up to leave. “They’re damn near as big as mine.”

“Yeah! So I’ve been noticing that,” he stated. “What the hell’s going on?”

“We’ll talk later. I’m tired. After breakfast. Oh, and I got you some new pajamas. Nite, Paula,” she stated and tossed him a bag.

“Nite, Pam,” he said and pulled off the tights after she left.

When Paul opened the bag he found a set of harem pants and matching top in pink satin. He put them on just to spite his sisters. The next morning at breakfast, no one said a word about his new pajamas; not even his mom. He waited for an explanation while they ate but nobody said anything about his growing breasts. He finally had to ask them.

“Say. How is it that I’m growing breasts?” he asked. “I’ve noticed it for a couple years now. What gives?”

“It’s because you’ve been taking hormone replacement drugs since you were thirteen,” Pam offered.

“What are those?” he asked.

“Powerful drugs that alter your bodies chemistry,” Pat added. “They’re designed to change you into a woman. We’ve been giving them to you in your food and those vitamins that you take every day.”

“Well you can just stop it right now,” he ordered. “You’ve had your fun at my expense for far to long.”

“It won’t matter now, Paula. Your body has adapted now,” Penny offered. “Drugs or no drugs. You’ve been changed into a woman now and there’s no going back.”

“What are you saying? I can never be a boy again?” he gasped.

“You can dress like a man and bind your breasts, but yes. You are no longer a man. It’s to late. The last doctors check up showed that your body has been producing estrogen on its own now for more than three years. Your man parts won’t work like they are supposed to,” Pam stated. “Don’t worry though. We’ll all help you through the transition. You’re already getting good with your make up. We’ll help you out with the clothes.”

“Great! Just great,” he grumbled. “Why?”

“Because I’ve always had low estrogen. I’ve had to take low doses my entire life,” their mom explained. “It’s in my system. It was never an issue with your sisters, but when I was pregnant with you I had a checkup. It affected your development in the womb. You developed both male and female sex organs. Usually that changes when the X or Y chromosomes kick in and your body develops one or the other. Yours split and they both developed simultaneously. Because of the higher levels of estrogen in my system from my medication, you got some from my blood and then from my breast milk as you fed. As a child you struggled with being a boy so when you were little you received low doses of estrogen. When you reached puberty, the dosage was increased to the maximum. So you see. Even if you wanted to, you can’t go back. I’m sorry for not telling you sooner. I was only trying to protect you, and your sisters wanted to watch out for you as well. I only hope that you can understand and some day forgive me.”

“I have a lot of thinking to do,” he stated. “But I’m not angry, confused a little. But not angry. Thanks for explaining it to me.”

“I’m truly sorry, Paul,” his mom said.

“Call me Paula,” he stated. “That’s who I’ll be from now on.”

So be careful of what you wish for. Because someday, your wish might come true.

The end?

October 31, 2021 19:31

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Joanne Watters
12:58 Nov 27, 2021

Thru out the whole story I wished I was Paul, why couldn't I have had sister's like that ?


Lonnie Larson
20:44 Nov 27, 2021

Ever since I can remember I wished that I could have been born female. I would have enjoyed being dressed up by an older sister or two.


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