Fiction Funny High School

The fragile wood of the table enveloped the lazy yet muscular young arms. It doesn't seem like a nerd who spends hours in his own house called the "Library". Likewise with the clothes, the upper part of the sweater on the left side of the chest is bearing the letter "C" in light brown capital, the shoulders are brick red, the sleeves are white, and the training pants. What a young woman's dream jock. Her hair is curly but regularly blonde. The book he read was very thick, contrary to his appearance. Her feet are tucked tightly into the bottom of the table. Not to make it look neat, but so that it doesn't look like the right leg is lifted horizontally to offend the left leg. The dull paper of centuries he held very tightly as if it was a gift from his ancestors who were still one lineage. I don't know what he was thinking. Next to him was a friend who was the opposite of him. Starting from his appearance, his seriousness in reading books, as well as the way he sat stiffly beside his mind that was imagining about a collection of black letters which to him looks like a collection of fun movie clips. Jock was named John. He is very uncomfortable with the existence of kid who are opposite to him. Pointing his hand toward the skinny man's collar right in the middle of his white collar he said, "Can you get out of here, Ted?" Ted, who didn't feel defeated, grabbed John's long veined arm without fear and replied, "Is this your place?" John, who has an ingrained oppressive soul, immediately hit Ted, right in the nose. Although physically John is superior, but for reflex matters, Ted has very observant eyesight that far exceeds John's movements, which are the average adult male. Immediately Ted demonstrated his martial arts skills, namely the thousand-step stance which was nothing but the direction of the librarian sitting on the side chair. A middle-aged man with split mustache, hair neatly combed towards the lower left. His eyesight is sharp, wearing a narrow shirt with a gray tie that chokes his long neck. "Please sir, my friend was planning to hit me." The man named Mr. Herdick. It is not uncommon for John's friends to wonder that the two syllables in the name of the murderous librarian are separated. They laughed out loud. Without realizing it, at the age of 60 years, the supernatural abilities that are generally owned by infants to toddlers around 5 years old, reappear in their old age. Indeed, most parents at that age have several behaviors that have been experienced when they are children and slowly fade away from adolescence to adulthood, but they reappear in old age, such as being irritable, happy to watch children's cartoon shows, difficult to process speak into a series of precise and easy to understand sentences. Actually Mr. Herdick had realized this from the beginning, right for a moment they entered the library together by coincidence with a drastically different purpose. John wanted to find a girl to talk to and hang out with, while Ted wanted to satisfy his thoughts on how to make friends despite his lack of nervous talk. Not infrequently he was bullied by a group of popular girls at his school. I do not know where his pride will be placed. Mr. Herdick immediately stood tall like a ceremonial commander, thrust his arms forward parallel to his direction, then said, "Come with me!" John was satisfied. There was a big cheeky smile on his chubby cheeks. Apparently Mr. Herdick led Ted to the school warehouse. Pak Herdick is a retired military officer who works as a Marine Corps of the Navy. He was fired at the age of 50 because he accidentally fired a cannon into the sea which caused a huge explosion under the sea. At the camp, he was taught mixed martial arts, dominating the Tang Soo Doo style of karate. In Ted, he is taught several techniques that really function to beat enemies effectively and efficiently, not relying on perfect techniques with a pleasing style. Thanks to his extraordinary abilities, he can teach his knowledge with a very unique method that suits Ted's lack of muscle memory. Mr. Herdick immediately told Ted to get a rag complete with a small light blue bucket. He told Ted to wipe the clean floor with a rag. Ted, who was confused, just obeyed the librarian's orders, who was both angry and quiet. Ted's wrist was held tightly by the librarian's very rough hand, it felt as if his hands were twisted. Mr. Herdick shows how to wipe it in a full circle motion. By pretending to be a professor he said, "Wax on", “Wax off”.

Mr. Herdick shuffled Ted's sluggish wrist, twiddled it, lifting him up and down vertically. Straight, smooth, more dance-like than martial arts. He trained Ted for 3 hours without stopping, John fell asleep in the library while leaning his left ear towards the thick book he was reading. Three hours passed, Ted returned to the library. John hasn't woken up. Mr. Herdick immediately told Ted to take this opportunity to knock out John. First, Ted dragged Johnn's heavy body slowly into the hall, which was only about 3 meters from the library. He put it on the stage covered with the magnificent red tira. John's friends, named Tommy, Jerry, and Seth saw that this was not accepted. The three of them followed Ted from a distance. Mr. Herdick put full trust in Ted who had just learned through his extreme methods, not a single martial arts gym practiced that way. On the left side of the stage there seems to be a door to the history class which is also empty, because it was already school time. Ted kicked John's body down the classroom, then kicked him awake. After waking up, John went berserk. However, his body was already bruised from the kicks from Ted, so he fell back. Ted noticed the sound of John's friends' footprints, so he immediately ran away and returned home, leaving John who was seriously injured with black circles around his eyes.

April 29, 2021 03:26

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