African American Coming of Age Adventure

Everyone Wants a Past Life

In my present life I am able to tell fortunes and see spirits, when I look at someone I can see much more than an average person. Some people called me crazy and a freak when I revealed my secrets. So, now I don't say anything to no one. I try to keep it to myself and instead perceive that I am giving out advice. Many years ago in the eighteen hundreds, my great great great grandmother had the same ability to talk to the dead . They thought she was a witch and put her on pedestal, which resulted in them killing her. Everyone told me fortune telling and the ability to see the dead is a gift from God that my grandmother's soul is inside me. I reply by saying "if my grandmother was a stripper back then you must be right ", because when I woke up in my teenage years, I had a day dream of me doing strip teases in front of a bunch of men on a stage. They started throwing money at me, it felt so real. Then I saw a white glow in front of me saying "you have a second life, do it wisely and you will be back where you belong in the kingdom", then I woke up. Everyday I go into a daydream I can see myself on stage rubbing my behind along a tall thin stripper pole and swinging my body up and round like it was easy. However, in reality I daydream most of the time, imagining I have the perfect society constructed body type that all boys want. Although, when I got a little bit older I was very popular with my gift, I finally had enough money to live on my own. 

When I was in my thirties, I met a man. I felt like he was my soulmate, but my best friends didn't like him. My mother always said "tie a rope around a tree and if he doesn't catch you let him go". Sometimes I wonder, what does that mean? you let him free and if he leaves and comes back he's yours? Persistently, I would wonder about what she thinks about half the time. You know I'm good at what I do, amazing actually, however, I can't tell my own future. If I could, I would be a millionaire and constantly win big jackpots from the nationwide lotteries. I know deep down that sucks, not being able to predict my own future but if I did I would know when I would die. Which would result in me not being able to live a normal life, I would stay in my home and not go anywhere, which is an issue. I love to travel all round the world. 

I guess you are wondering about my husband, yes, I did go see another fortune teller and she said he was in my past life. However, she couldn't tell me if I stayed with him. It was scarey because he loved me a lot. I remember a dream I had about a man that loved me but his parents didn't approve of the marriage and we had to separate 💔. His soul was looking for me all through the years to mend his heart but what about mine? I can't remember hardly anything, just a few things. To me I think my husband got knocked on his nogan thinking we were soulmates in another life. I guess I moved on in the past when he hurt my feelings but my husband constantly tells me he loves me to the moon and back. I just say okay to him but, my friends still think he is a nut job. My mother loves him, so she goes out of her way to please him. Time went on and my husband is still with me and I could see more spirits as I'm getting older. I can see it in dogs and cats, which they sometimes talk to me. That frequently freaks me out, so I try to stay away from them because they ask me for food and to be rehomed to a better owner. I feel sorry for how people treat animals. I try real hard to keep focused as years passed, my life was doing great untill someone local went missing and the police were at my door to help them with an investigation

I sat down with the victim's parents, but I couldn't reach the child. It was empty and no spirits came to visit. They say if the child doesn't visit, they are in heaven and die peacefully. Although, I couldn't say that. Instead, I keep trying. Between this thought, I imagined my husband's crazy concept. He thinks that maybe if someone needs them, they will give them back when they are done.

  I'm going to finally be normal? A few months passed and the spirits never came to me. 

My husband told me to catch up on my sleep and not to worry about it, they will be back. I really don't know what is wrong. Am I going to be normal? I thought. It was like I lost my period all over again. I didn't feel normal. Then, I heard my friend was having a baby at the hospital. A few days after having her baby I went to see her. When I got there, she looked like she was really exhausted. I said I will take the baby to let you have some rest . "Thank you, I will like that.". As soon as I put the baby in my arms, I felt the spirit of the child that I was looking for in the investigation. Then I saw the little boy and he told me where his body was, under the house where his parents lived. I asked him why he didn't tell me months ago? He replied with because I went to heaven and now I have a new body. Then he smiled.  

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June 24, 2022 14:14

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Diane Hicton
12:20 Jul 01, 2022

THANK YOU if like this story I'm a first time author my book is called Blood Hood Dianne Hicton Biaa Amazon.com


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Nicole Meade
23:16 Jun 29, 2022

I really liked that the little boy had closure in the end. Nice story!


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Graham Kinross
06:02 Jun 26, 2022

Great story Diane. I hope I'll get to read more of your work. Are you working on anything just now?


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