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I live my days alone. I walk the familiar streets of my home. I turn the corner and find my apartment. I head inside. I kick off my shoes and lay on my pull out couch exhausted from my long day at a dead end job with people I hate. The place where I will slave away till i am worked to death. I look towards the kitchen, but I have no strength to cook. I look at the phone but with no patience left.

I close my eyes hungry the thin blanket exposing me to the cold. My heater hasn't worked in months and it's a especially frigid January. Somehow despite this I lull myself to sleep with my tears. How did it come to this...

Then all of a sudden I'm not in my apartment anymore! I look around to find myself in a meadow a beautiful meadow filled with my favorite flowers, blue orchids. I pick one and place it in my hair. My hunger is gone and the warm sun shines down on me. I run through the meadow full of bliss and glee. Then i reach the edge. In front of me is a beautiful city of silver. I take a step into the city.

I'm back in my apartment. I feel my heart drop to the floor. I look at the clock and it's time for me to get ready for work. What's the point. What's the point of living anymore. I need to find a way back to that wonderful place. Maybe then I will be happy

I'm on my way to work now. I head out and walk for about half an hour to my job. I go inside the beautiful house and see the youngest kid running around. My boss gives me a list of things I need to get done. I clean the entire house and by the time I'm done it's time for dinner. Better get cooking. As I slave away in the kitchen the eldest kid or more like young man being about my age comes up behind me. I know he has always liked me ever since I've been working here which is about a year, and has been pressuring me to be a live in servant. More like slave in this case.

" You look absolutely horrible. I hate to see you like this." He says wrapping his arms around me. " You should come live here it's much more comfortable than what ever rat-hole you live in. I'll make sure you have everything you want." I stay silent. It's tempting, but I know exactly what he. I remove his hands from my body serve dinner and leave the house.

I go back to my rat-hole of a home and manage to make myself a bowl of noodles. When i finish the electricity goes out. Just great. I put my bowl in the sink and turn in for the day.

I'm back! This time I'm inside the city. I look around and everyone is dressed in beautiful clothes. I look in the windows of the stores and I see the reflection of someone...is that me... The person I see s beautiful, dressed in elegant clothes. I look down at myself. It is me!

I see an estate just like the one I work in." Hello master how are you today" I hear the voice of young man. It's the boy I work for! " Welcome home." He leads me inside the house is decorated just like I imagined it would be if i ever owned it. The boy waited on me hand and foot the younger one playing like he always did.

How is this possible. I explore the entire house. I can barely contain my joy. Dinner is a magnificent feast of all my favorite foods. I've never felt this full before. I turn in for the night in a warm comfy bed my stomach full.

I wake up expecting to be back in my old crummy apartment. Instead I find myself in this dream of a world. I wake up full of energy its 12pm and I don't have to work! I decide to explore this new city. This time instead of window shopping I walk into the most expensive store I can find. I try on outfit after outfit and have the most fun I've ever had. I am about to leave out when someone stops me. " I think you're forgetting your clothes." the owner of the store says. I panic. " I don't have any money." " You don't have to pay for anything anywhere why would someone like you need money." He says seemingly confused. I practically jump with joy and i quickly load the clothes onto the cart.

I get back home in time for another absolutely amazing dinner and have another peaceful night.

Another day in my wonderland I walk around in my brand new clothes and see a group of young people around my age looking at me as if I am a goddess. I walk over and greet them. They compliment me and beg me to be their friend. Of course i let them. We spend the day shopping and we head back to my estate and watch a movie in my theater!

Days pass like this I lose memory of my old life. Me and my friends go to a restaurant and order everything on the menu. I forget my family. We go to an amusement park. I forget my job. I go shopping. I forget my apartment. This is my life it's all I know.

Months pass. I have a boyfriend now. I meet him at the pool. It's always warm here and i go to the pool almost everyday now. He lives with me and my house and he plays with the little kid that runs around. I never quite understood why the little kid is here but he is amusing.

Today my boyfriend proposed an we're getting married immediately! Before I know it I'm standing at the alter in a beautiful wedding dress. As soon as I say I do I find myself in a strange place. I'm in a hospital! The servant boy is standing in a corner. All of a sudden everything comes back to me! " You have been in a coma for a year." The doctor tells me. No no no no no no no no no no. Im screaming now as the memories make my head hurt. Each one a wrecking ball. I need to find my way back! Maybe if I sleep forever. A permanent sleep...an irreversible sleep. I throw myself out of the hospital window...I'm back in my fantasy world....forever.

February 27, 2020 22:19

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Ok Ok
19:18 Mar 02, 2020

very nice


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