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The night is young with a cool breeze coming from the kitchen window. How beautiful the night sky is with the visual of the big dipper. The stars luminating the full moon. Tonight, is going to be the night filled with love and compassion. 

The table is set up for dinner for two, white candles, red roses in a vase, and a bottle of red wine. The dinner on the stove ready to be served. 

He should be here soon like in a couple of hours. This will be the first dinner date in a long while. I hope he loves my outfit and shoes. This night has to be perfect. Well, I am going to lay down and wait. I just downloaded a new book to my Kindle. It’s your typical love story told in fantasy and it was on the best sellers’ list. The waiting game is not fun. 

Someone began to knock at the door. I came to the door, "Hello, who is it?" A soft deep voice responds, "Hey it's me Jay." Am I dreaming right now? Why is Jay at my door? I have not seen him in five years, "What are you doing here?" I was in complete shock this big chauvinist pig is here, "Hold on I'm going to open the door, and what do you want seriously? I'm waiting for my boyfriend to come over for dinner. So, if you don't mind, can you see yourself off my property."  

He looked at me with those sad puppy eyes, like I was going to fall for the banana in the tail pipe. He took a deep breath, "Can we talk, please? I really missed you a lot!" Is this dude for real? I don't this so, "Look there isn't much to discuss. I haven't seen you in how many years? Yes, like five years! 

Jay's eyes watered up, tears flowed down his cheek, "I love you Jenna with all my heart!" I could not believe the things he was saying, "Honestly, you broke my heart when you cheated on me, and had the nerve to deny it. It's too late, I had moved on. Sorry you wasted your time!"  

Jay looked down," If you change your mind or if you want to chat, just call me. Remember, I made a mistake, and I am so sorry. Please forgive me!" I just wanted to slap him for what he did but he wasn't worth my time, "Well, thanks for stopping by!" I quickly slammed the door, so he would get the memo. 

Hours go by, and I am wondering where the hell is my man, Patrick. He is taking forever. Let me text him really quick.  While I wait, let me call my sister, Shana. 

“Hey Shana! Shana sighed before answering, “Hey sis, what’s up?” “Shana guess who came by just now?” “Who?” “Girl, it was Jay! He had the nerve to ask me for forgiveness. I told him to leave rudely” Shana wasn’t surprised at all, “He messaged me earlier asking questions, but I didn’t respond. I totally ignored him.” I knew the idiot was trying to get the 4-1-1 on me, “Well that’s good, just ignore him. The cheater cheater pumpkin eater." My sister and I started laughing so hard, “All right Shana, I will let you go. I love you, and have good night!” Shana chuckles, "Good night and I love you too!"

Finally, Patrick texts me. Alright cool, he is running late is all. I shouldn’t worry. Well after all I did meet the man of my dreams and no one was going to ruin the evening for me.  

Ten minutes later, my phone starts blowing up. Oh, my god, this dude Jay didn’t get the hint. I am not going to feed into his nonsense. The woman he cheated on me with must of dumped him. He is a pig after all. So, I am an idiot for answering the phone with anger, “Look Jay, I don’t know what your problem is but it needs to stop now!” Jay began crying on the phone, “Give me the opportunity to make up to you. I know you are upset but I changed. You have to believe me! Please baby give me another chance!” “Honestly, I am so over you. I do not, I repeat do not, want to speak to you again. Hey, are you near a closet right now?” Jay responds with sadness in his voice, “Yes.” I started laughing at him, “Well hang this up, Bro!” Click! 

I hear a loud knocking at the door, hopefully it’s Patrick. I hope he didn’t hear my conversation with the loser, “Who is it?” No one is responding but knocks again, “Hello who is at my door?” A man began clearing his throat, “It’s me Hunny, Patrick!” I am a bit nervous, butterflies in my stomach, and flew open the door, “You scared the crap out of me!” Patrick started chuckling, “I apologize baby girl. Patrick bends his neck down and started making out me. He always was a very passionate guy. It’s one of the things I love about him.  

He began caressing my body. I could feel his passion coursing through my body surrounded by wild fire. The hairs on my arms stood right up. The room filled up with love quickly which drove Patrick and I to make love. His touch makes me feel like a goddess.

When two people deeply love one another, it’s like you share a bond of empathy. The moment you finish each other’s sentences. Honesty and communication come easy between two people. 

After the most exotic experience I stood up, went to clean up, got dressed and said, “Patrick let me finish setting up here in the kitchen, and I love you babe!” Patrick began smiling and his face blushed, “I love you too!” 

I walked over to the kitchen to serve the food. The feeling of joy and happiness is the key to succeed in life. Don’t let life live you but live life and enjoy every day that comes. 

With my smile reaching from ear to ear, “Hey Patrick, I’m going to go wash up really quick, dinner will be warmed up by the time I am done.” He took a breath with a smile on his face, “Don’t take forever sweetie, I don’t want to starve.” He is so hilarious, “Alright you got that one!” 

Finally, we meet in the kitchen at the same time and he leans over to give me a passionate kiss. Of course, I kiss him back. “Baby boy, I love you so much.” He grazed into my eyes, I’m the luckiest guy in the world.” We both sat down with love in the air, and enjoyed the best meal ever! 

June 26, 2021 02:49

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Sandra Sousa
02:45 Oct 23, 2021

❤️ this short story


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Laiba Nadeem
18:13 Jul 04, 2021

This story is love. Read my story too.


Deborah Cabral
19:13 Jul 04, 2021

I will, thank you!


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15:46 Jul 03, 2021

Sweet little story, Deborah.


Deborah Cabral
17:15 Jul 03, 2021

Thank you


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