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Fiction Gay

A full-fiction story...

Yong An: a fictional place.

The reason why I left Yong An.

The reason why I left Ju Yang.

I'm Luan Xu. A man with a gloomy surrounding.

I miss my hometown... The hometown where I and my best friend lived together, with our happy families, as neighbors.

The old hometown, Yong An, which was so bright and green back then, is now... all gloomy.

After the ending of the war which took place between the two countries ended, everyone left Yong An, which looked like a trashy landfill.

It all ended up in tragedy and dismay...

How I wished for everything to stay happy forever, but my hopes shattered after what happened.

Neither Yong An stayed, nor he. Nor my family, nor my home.

And nor my dreams.

This year is the 'after war era'. This month, we're celebrating the 5th anniversary of our new country, Xi An. Xi An isn't as beautiful as Yong An was but is tolerable enough to live in.

My father died as a proud warrior. He wished to take me along as a soldier, but his wish closed like a rotten, old book.

After his death, my grieving mother moved us to settle in Xi An, as refugees.

Things started to work out pretty well, however, I realized, something was missing.

What was that thing that I used to hold so precious to myself?

The reason why I left Yong An...

After the celebration ended, today was the last day of it. Most of the merchants were closing their shops, some women were pulling out their garbages outside their homes, and I was... wandering outside for latest news that can be of some help.

I wanted to search for a goal. And a goal I got was, 'Yong An'. I wanted to go back to Yong An and search for a way to revive it. Success rate was not sure, but my toiling rate was sure; 100%

At the end of my wandering, the only thing I found were these women, gossiping around about the news, "The young boy, he came again. This time, it seemed that he was looking for a person."

"How could that be?"

"He was ringing the bells of all the houses in the neighborhood, and searching for the name, 'Luan Xu'..."

"My, oh my, who could that be?"

I was surprised. He who knows my name can be related to me in some way. But who?

Who could that be?

I went closer to them and asked, "Young Aunts, may I know when that person comes?"

They shared a gaze at each other before saying, "He comes at the end of the weekday, every week."

I nodded and gave the slightest smile, "Many thanks,"

They all 3 started to gossip again, this time it was about me. I didn't want to listen anymore, so I just returned home.

When I got home, a feast was kept on the table.

I asked my mother in frowning, "Why are there so many?"

She smiled and said in joy, "Today is the last day. And... today is when your father died."

I finally realized and my eyes widened.

"Father's death anniversary..."

How could I forget such importance...

In the end, we prayed for dad and ate everything. It was time to go to bed. I wasn't really sleepy, so I just kept staring at the window. It was dark outside... I started remembering that person.

He knows my name... he will definitely come to find me.

The next day, cold started. Winter came in like a beast... so fast that all the sweaters appeared on people's bodies.

I took out the long, beige coat that my father used to wear, and went out.

As I was walking, I saw a mysterious guy, lurking in a long, black hoodie. He was standing to the wall, facing no one.

I felt concerned; I went to him and said, "Are you the unknown, mysterious person everyone talks about?"

My speech was, unexpectedly, a bit rude and straight.

He tilted up and the next second, the hood slipped down. His fair white hair got exposed to the blue sunlight, and beauty emerged on his white, pale-skinned face.

My eyes widened in shock, as I said, "Are you... Ju Yang?"

"Luan Xu..."

He instantly hugged me and fell on me.

I was dominated in just a few seconds.

"Ju Yang, what, what are you doing here?!" I said in a hurry and anxious tone.

It was a serious surprise for me.

Ju Yang appeared out of nowhere. And will he go somewhere out of nowhere too?

I felt scared.

"Luan Xu, I missed you so much. Why did you disappear?!" He asked me in fear and worry.

"I..." I had no words. I wanted to analyze the situation, but it got more worse.

"Luan Xu, tell me, the reason why you left Yong An!"

My eyes widened in shock. As if a strong blade had hitten on my back. The piercing pain I felt in my brain, was so extreme and powerful.

The next moment I opened my eyes, was at home.

"Luan Xu... Luan Xu..." he kept calling me in moaning voices and shuddering my hand while holding them tightly.

I got up and leaned onto the hardboard.

"Let go... it hurts."

He immediately let go.

"How are you feeling? Does it hurt? I didn't know you'd collapse by just being cornered... sorry."

He was as if going to throw tears.

"No... don't... just tell me how did you come here."

Ju Yang straightened up and said in serious words, "I came back for three reasons. One, to confess you."

I raised my brows in surprise, "What?"

Don't tell me he just came here to say that.

"I... I had wanted to say this for so long, I like you, Luan Xu! Or maybe..." he held his chin and said after a few seconds, "I love you,"

I was overly shocked and confused. First a sudden reunition, now a sudden confession? Does this guy tend to kill me from shocks?!

"What nonsense!"

"This isn't nonsense, you have to hear me out properly! This isn't my only reason," he said while frowning in a sad expression.

I gritted my teeth, moving my face elsewhere, allowing him to continue.

"Two, I wanted to make a plan with you. Let's revive Yong An, together."

Nosy shit.

I also wanted to do that; it was my precious and only goal, alright, but this guy... isn't he too sincere?

"Why that crap now?" I dropped my head down in despair, "It's nearly impossible to revive it."

He held my hand and said, "How can you say that without making any effort?"

I was surprised again. "How is it, then?"

He leaned back and said, "It's not easy, I know. But we can do it. If it's you, the one who loves Yong An, and me, who loves... you, then it's possible!"

"Tch. Whatever."

I thought I had lost all my passion to resurrect my old hometown, but I was wrong.

"Then what's your third crappy reason?" I said in anger.

He furrowed and asked, "What is the reason you left Yong An?"

I was speechless. The same pain, which collapsed me, returned.

I couldn't answer.

Suddenly, my mother knocked and said loudly, "Luan Xu, Ju Yang, lunch is ready!"

We three ate after so long, but the other three were still missing.

My mom asked Ju Yang in worry, "Xiao Ju, what happened to your parents? Are they living here too?"

He didn't look at her but kept on eating his chicken leg.

Saying in a munching voice, "Aunty, as you know, dad was a soldier friend of Luan Xu's and so he died too. My mother also passed away, as for me, I'm known as a mysterious guy around here."

She was obviously surprised to hear such 'straightforward' speech and without any expression. As if, Ju Yang was not sorry or sad at all.

"Oh... my condolences." she sympathized anyways.

After lunch, Ju Yang dragged me to an alone side by my arm.

"Hey, hey, are you trying to rip my arm off?!" I said while running.

"Keep it low. If they see the mysterious guy dragging over a neighbor, they're definitely going to report me to death!"

I couldn't answer such a low-leveled speech.

We arrived at a place. Not a surprise, it was a landfill.

"What do you want to say?"

"You're so beautiful, Luan Xu. I'm in love with you..." His red face was exposed.

"Ugh, go away, you're being... disgusting."

Nothing changed. After a while, I could feel another mouth sticking closer to mine, with our tongues strangling to each other.

I pushed him away. The saliva was dripped down my mouth.

I asked while blushing heavily, "Why did you do that?"

"Reason is that I love you."

Gross shit.

His face was overly red with panting.

"Cut the nonsense. What's the plan?" I stuck to the main topic.

Ju Yang wiped off his mouth with his wrist and said, "Let's go back, I'll give you the papers. After that, we just have to meet with a council and revive Yong An."

My anger burst out. I instantly tugged his collar and yelled, "Then why the hell did you bring me here?!"

"Slow down," he calmed me. "We couldn't do this at your home..." he blushed again.

I hate that guy. He was disgusting.

"Luan Xu, won't you tell me? The reason why you left Yong An?"

I was speechless again. I didn't answer again.

We came back home. Read the papers and understood. The 'council' he was talking about, was no other than a lively mafia.

"Why would a mafia help us?" I asked in reason.

"They also see their benefit, because."

After proceeding through the plan, we both, along with the mafia, were able to finally revive Yong An back.

How: The mafia leader was a nice friend to the government of our current hometown, and they both had political relationships. With seeing benefits to each side, they agreed to take Yong An into a collaboration, that after Yong An established, they would provide endless benefits to Xi An.

It all made sense, so everyone agreed. Without the notice of any citizen, Yong An once again rose as a country.

After six years, did it get acknowledgment from people around the world.

I was already 18 when Yong An established into a real country. It was small but livable. It didn’t have the same beauty but was green.

I and Ju Yang sat on the bench in the Yong An Public Garden.

"Luan Xu, are you happy? You got your beloved home back."

"Mn." I nodded and said without looking at him, "Also, that I got back my beloved person."

I finally looked at him and said out my feelings, clearly, "After the war and separation, I always thought something was missing in my life. And that was you. You were the missing part in my hole. I got you and Yong An back, what could be more excellent than this?" I smiled.

He was surprised but glad to see my smile.

"If this was to bring your delightful smile back, then.... why did you leave Yong An?" he smiled.

This question... ah, the only question I was always unable to answer...

I realized that this question had been repeatedly phrased. Each time it would come out, it would leave me speechless.

Why? Why did I leave Yong An? Why didn't I stay there and lived on my own?

The answer was that... I couldn't get it.

Slowly, my tears started to pour.

Ju Yang wiped them with a napkin and said with a smile, "It's okay. Don't cry."

"Why... Why did I leave Yong An?" I asked while dripping.

"Perhaps, you... wanted this all to happen. You wanted a twist in your life to happen?"

Ju Yang hugged me.

"I don't know. The reason why I left Yong An, why I left you..."

But even after decades would pass, the universe would end, someday, I would get the answer, right?

So... after 5 years of living together with Ju Yang, I finally got the answer.

He was in the kitchen, cooking.

Ju Yang took off his apron and turned to me, who was just walking in.

"Luan Xu," he said in a serious tone, yet smiling his way. "What is the reason you left Yong An?"

Ah, I know it's hard... hard to speak it, but...

The reason why I left Yong An.

The reason why I left Ju Yang.

The reason is.... because it was fate. Fate made it happen like that. Fate decided a twist in our lives. Fate gave us hardships to bloom our love.

The reason is that our love had to bloom.

The reason for everything.

July 20, 2021 21:35

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