The One-Man Army

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Science Fiction Fantasy Thriller

( N.B: Levi Ackerman is a character from the famous manga 'Attack on Titan' written and illustrated by Ishyyama. It's just a fanfiction I thought up. It doesn't have any connections with the real storyline. I don't own the characters used in this story)

"Hey.", Levi said with his ever dark tone.

It wasn't dusk yet but still, the room was dark. Candles were illuminating the room. Supreme Zachary with all the commander was sitting before the table. But Levi couldn't care less.

"Hey, four-eyes!"

"Oh Levi, you're already here!", Responded Hanje, commander of the survey corps.

"Why did you call me? Don't dare say it wasn't important."

"N-no, I was working on the diary of Dr. Zaegar and you know what I've found?"

"Why have I arrived here? If I knew, I wouldn't have bothered coming." his eyes waned. He was standing on the door, arms crossed and far from the meeting table as usual. All the people inside the room started to sweat.

"I want you to go to the high slopes of the north; besides the wall Maria." She had dragged out a big map and pointing towards a forest with her fingertips. " I've learned that there resides a 50-meter class, Titan. If that is killed, all the Titans will die with him."

Levi threw a skeptical look on her," Is that so? How come I didn't know that? Most importantly, it doesn't make any sense."

" I'm not lying, Levi. You should hurry to go there at once with your squad.", said the commander with a dry throat.

"Don't need to be worried, I, with commander Pixies and Hanje will manage the wall defense.", Zachary said with trembling hands.

"If it's an order, then just say so. But I'm going alone."

"No, you're not. It's dangerous."

"Maybe so for you, idiot! But I don't want to risk my men for only a ridiculous idea of a ridiculously ridiculous person giving a try.", He moved fast to avoid any other interference. Though no one had the courage to interfere in the first place.

It was almost dusk. " The sun is down, meaning it's time for me to rise. The Titans can't move at night."

He had his ODM gear checked, 3 sets of blades, a stout horse, a totally filled gas tank, Perfect.

He couldn't blink when the gate was opening.

The red clouds seemed like bloodstains in the sky. Birds were spreading their wings as far as they can. They needed to reach home as soon as possible to feed hungry babies. Soon there will be no light.

Another person had put on the wings. The wings of freedom, emblem of the survey corps.

The horse was continuously slamming the ground with its hooves creating a cloud of dust behind.

" What that 4 eye's up to. It's unlikely she would join the Zaegarists, but it's tough to believe her story." The dry wind filled with dust was kissing his face.

"Woah! is that a.....!"

He had to stop as he saw a 15-meter class titan sleeping like a doggy.

"How ridiculous! I don't have time to cut you into pieces. Let's keep going."

Levi wasn't afraid. In fact, he didn't know how to be afraid. He isn't called humanity's greatest soldier for nothing! The sky was dark. No moon on sight but millions of stars were shining with pride. The horse was running and continuously running. The terrain was unusually smooth. Of course, it had a coat of soft grass on it. The slopes were faraway. The signs of sunrise were clear.

" Those walking meats will get up in the morning. But they're too smart to climb a tree"

"It's better to halt for today."

Levi sure was one who could suppress his emotions but he was indeed a talkative person. When no one's around, he would talk to himself. And if there was someone to talk, he would talk to him. No matter if he understands or not.

He decided to halt the journey for the day. The only forest within the wall Maria was the perfect spot.

" The forest is a perfect cover. Moreover, it'll give me the chance to fight using my ODM gear properly if it comes down to that."

The horse was kept near the tree he chose to pass the daytime. There was no need to tie it as survey corps' horses were well trained.

Titans were considered to be large humanoids. It's not too long ago the survey Corps knew the real story. Titans were once humans. They were turned into large zombies with a serum injected into their bodies. Levi was shocked to learn the truth even though killing Titans was his hobby.

'Don't say I was running around killing ordinary people all along.'

But it didn't take him long to return to his old ruthless self.

'Killing someone is wrong. But killing someone to stop him from killing is a duty. '

The night was almost over. He couldn't be so careless to sleep. Watching the sunrise was indeed the best thing to do.

" Why Erwin promoted her instead of me?"

, Was he upset? No chance. He knew himself that he was not suitable for being the commander. Instead, the war leader was the best post for him. He was the corporal. He was the captain of the 'Levi squad'. Levi never regrets his decision. Even if Erwin had to die, Levi knew his decision was correct. The important thing was to kill the beast Titan; the last wish of the late commander.

The sun rose. The scenery was beautiful. But not for Levi. Titans could not climb up. At least they shouldn't be able to.

But he wasn't totally right. In the morning a group of abnormal Titans started to try climbing up the trees.

"What are these bone heads up to now?"

"Oh come on. I don't want to make my blades filthy with your blood!"

But he wasn't that lucky as one or two abnormal almost climbed up to him.

"That's it."

Levi jumped on one's head. "This is such a waste.

Now don't move or things might get messy!"

He dragged his blades out holding them backward; in the same odd manner, he always used to hold. He was spinning like a fidget spinner while chopping the Titan into pieces. The only other Titan around also started to attack him only to turn into dust within seconds. Levi sure was powerful. But his blades had limitations. Both of the blades he used were broken.

There wasn't any time. The rest of the Titans were approaching him stretching their hands forward. He rushed to his horse.

" I need to hurry. Looks like they have learned how to climb up a tree. Never thought these bone heads are quick learners.", he slapped the horse causing it to start running." Yeah, you!"

The horse was running faster than ever. The soft grass beneath was highly overlooked. A horde of Titans decided to follow him. It wasn't the right time for sightseeing.

"If only I had more blades." He dragged out a sonic signal flare to use it as a decoy. But those idiots didn't even seem to hear.

"Oh, my bad. they are too smart."

He then switched to color flares in order to make them blind. The plan worked perfectly. But Titans still were chasing after him even though their speed decreased. He could almost see the slopes.

"It won't take long. I'll make sure you all get what you deserve after I finish my appointment with the colossal titan."

His horse ran quite fast. Most of the titans were lagging far behind. But one abnormal with incredible speed was just behind him.

It grabbed his horse forcing him to jump off in order to save himself. It was an 18-meter class. The titan proceeded to throw it.

"What's with that? Titans only attack humans."

Levi had already recovered from the fall. His jaws hadn't been tightening. His gaze was as sharp as it always had been.No vein was visible either. But he was pissed. He didn't look like but he was. He shot the hook of the ODM gear straight to the hand and used the gas to increase his speed. He cut down the hand forcing the Titan to step back. He was a little bit late. He couldn't save the horse as the Titan smashed it in its hands instead of throwing it.

"You idiot!", he shouted swinging backward and turning on the gas. He was still in the air aiming the ODM gear.

"You piece of shit! can't you see me?!" He threw the hook to the forehead of the Titan with burning eyes and pulling the rope, he was standing on its nose!


The Titan tried to punch him but as he jumped out just before the contact, he got punched by himself instead.

"It's time to teach you how to behave!"

He cut down the legs causing the Titan fall.

"You were having fun killing my horse?!"

He started to rip off the Titan's body using his razor-sharp blades. The Titan was screaming terrifyingly. Those loud sounds were causing the earth to shake.

"Then why don't you try having some more!?" The Titan's speed was incomparable with the speed of Levi.

He went to the eyes," Wanna play?" Soon both of the humongous eyes were stabbed several times causing severe damage and bleeding." Then play with me!"

Soon the Titan was history.

But the horde was still chasing him approaching closer and closer with every passing moment. He used the gas again to climb up the slopes faster. There wasn't even a single Titan; let alone a 50-meter class colossal.


He roamed about in order find the Titan which was supposed to be living there only to find nothing.

"So she lied.

But why?"

, He was looking at the horizon when he noticed a horde of horses heading towards the southern wall Maria. He used the binoculars to have a good view. He brought that during the adventures when he went outside the walls. It was Hanje, leading the survey corps towards the southern gate of the wall Maria. It wasn't unexpected. An expedition outside of the wall Maria was already scheduled the next week. But the problem was how the safety would be ensured as there were tons of Titans within the wall Maria.

"I see. So, you used me as a decoy, good plan, no doubt." he was looking at the horizon aimlessly.

"But you should have told me before ." He wasn't laughing. But it was sure he was content with the smart plan of the then Commander.

"Idiot, you thought I will kick the bucket here?!"

"Is that why you didn't tell me?", a smile was visible in his lips at last.

"It's time to teach that 4 eyed geek a lesson." In the meantime, more than a hundred 12 Meter class Titans had surrounded the slope. He didn't even have the horse to run away. There was no way he could outrun a 12-meter class. Moreover, 4 of his blades were already worn out fighting those 3 Titans earlier, meaning he had only 2 blades left. The gas, he left was also insufficient. The food wasn't near enough for an on-foot journey.

Was he afraid? Would he be able to survive? Levi sure was considered to be equal to a thousand regular soldiers himself but was that enough?

Levi showed no emotions at all. His eyes narrowed. His grips became tighter. His hands waving the swords round and round as he always does during calculating moves. Was he thinking if he would ever be able to return or not?

Of course not. It's Levi Ackerman. The one-man army. He shot the ODM hook towards a solid spot on the slope. Then, he jumped off.

He wasn't content with the speed acquired by the gravity. Maybe he didn't consider the falling speed enough, so, he used the last amount of the gas he had to speed up more. Of course, gravity is too slow for him.

Levi didn't like to be filthy.

But soon the whole area would be filled with flesh and blood. All the jumbo-sized dumb heads were going to be cut off. Because it's Levi Ackerman.

He can't die until he kills the beast, Titan. He promised Erwin. And he's gonna keep that promise.

No matter what!




Spoiler alert!

A part of humanity had surrounded themselves with 3 enormous walls to

Keep human eater 'Titans' away. The flow of time caused them to forget their past history. Survey corps is responsible for expeditions held to know more about the outside world.

1.Zaegarists: The supporters of Eren zaegar, a central character of the manga. Eren planned to eradicate most of the humanity for the sake of Eldians(the tribe he is from)

2.ODM gear: Omni Dimension Maneuver gear. A high tech gadget that allows it's the user to fly like spiderman.

3.Signal flares: color smokes and sonic signals generated with a handgun-like gadget.

September 22, 2020 12:31

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Hriday Saboo
07:06 Sep 26, 2020

Cool story Fplldg Wakdwwdg I liked the character Levi. Would you mind reading my stories as well


Fplldg Wakdwwdg
09:43 Sep 26, 2020

Thanks! I'd like to read your work.


Hriday Saboo
10:22 Sep 26, 2020

Welcome thanks


Fplldg Wakdwwdg
12:15 Sep 26, 2020



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Lynn Penny
14:05 Sep 23, 2020

This was lovely. I have never watched attack on titan, but I could still understand what was happening so that Is good. Your dialogue spacing here is great, though it is a bit stiff. Try saying some stuff out loud and feel it out as if it were a movie. I find that by doing that, your dialogue will start to flow better.


Fplldg Wakdwwdg
15:12 Sep 23, 2020

Thanks a lot for reading it through and the valuable feedback. I know my dialogues are pretty stiff. Sorry for your troubles! I still can't express the emotions properly in English. I'll try my best to solve this problem. Hope you will continue to help me.


Lynn Penny
16:47 Sep 23, 2020

All progress is good progress when writing. Make sure you aren’t hard on yourself, it’s amazing that you are writing in a second language! Maybe one day Reedsy will have a section for different languages.


Fplldg Wakdwwdg
03:15 Sep 24, 2020

Thanks! 💖 Keep well out there.


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Tannistha Nandi
10:27 Oct 02, 2020

Good one!


Fplldg Wakdwwdg
11:49 Oct 02, 2020



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Aisa M
15:22 Oct 01, 2020

From Critique Circle: Hi there! This got me googling Attack on Titans. :) The story is nice but I feel that Levi is too perfect. I noticed some mistakes on punctuation but this is something workable. Keep writing!


Fplldg Wakdwwdg
16:23 Oct 01, 2020

Thanks for your valuable feedback! Yeah, I kinda got carried away. ( as being a fan of him😜) Thanks for pointing out though 😇


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Charles Stucker
21:40 Sep 25, 2020

"Hey for eyes!" - four "Why did you called me?" call- it is past tense because it is "did" and call is used as a noun. coming.", his eyes waned.- delete the comma "The horse was running and continuously running." I'm not sure if this is how the mange handles it, but running a horse for too long will kill it. Over long distance, a fit human can outrun a horse because we have so much more stamina. they're too smart to climb a tree- do you mean too stupid? "But he wasn't that lucky as one or two abnormal almost climbed up to hi...


Fplldg Wakdwwdg
01:14 Sep 26, 2020

Hey! Thanks for the feedback. It was really a great help to me. I still have some time for editing. I'll make sure to fix all the problems you pointed out. You really took your time reading thoroughly. Thanks again. Keep well!👋


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Aveena Bordeaux
21:08 Sep 23, 2020

I like this a lot and the plotline was very fitting for the prompt! There were the occasional grammar mistakes but they could easily be fixed with MS Word or Grammarly. The story was written in past tense but you switched to present in this sentence - Levi has already recovered from the fall. You could say 'Levi had already recovered from the fall'. This would make it flow better. Also, right next to that, you said he was pissed. Instead, you could show us that he's pissed, for example - He tightened his jaw and clenched his fists, th...


Fplldg Wakdwwdg
03:12 Sep 24, 2020

Thanks a lot for your kind words. This means a lot to me! I'm glad you liked it! I'll remember your advice and make sure I edit the flaws you mentioned. Your advice and support help me keep trying harder.


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