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Fiction Fantasy Adventure

My name is Zarius, and in times long past I was counted among the Pantheon of Gods that reside on Mount Olympus. But that was many ages ago, before I made the mistake that turned out to be the most significant of my entire life.

Back then, I was simply a young boy who was brimming with curiosity and aspiration. I desired nothing more than to establish my worth in the eyes of the Gods and to be counted among those they see as their own. Thus, when I spotted Zeus's thunderbolt lying unattended on a table, I was unable to resist the desire to take it for myself, and in my excitement I found myself reaching for it. How would the Pantheon react if they saw me with it? Would they cheer for me as they did for Zeus? Fame was my driving motivation, but it instead cost me everything.

I felt a burst of energy as my greedy hands snatched the shimmering thunderbolt; my entire body seized as the weapon consumed and scorched my arm. The next thing I knew, Zeus was towering over me – a look of malice woven into his visage. He snatched my wrist and unclamped the weapon from my electrified hand, allowing my body to relax as I fell to my knees. 

“Zarius! Incompetent boy, how dare you lay your hands on the divine thunderbolt?!” Zeus roared down on me, “This weapon created Olympus as we know it! This act of greed can never be forgiven!”

“Please, I beg of you—” I attempted to speak, yet Zeus thrust the bolt down, aiming it at my throat as he resumed.

“Quiet! You are a God, yet you act as a mere mortal would. You do not belong in the Pantheon!”

 Because of his anger and my greed, I was cast down from the heavens to the earth below, with no chance of ever returning home.

After that, I aimlessly travelled the world, always having the impression that I was all by myself as generations of humans passed by. Both the companionship of my fellow gods and the splendour of Mount Olympus were things that I found myself missing at all times. I knew it was hopeless, yet I couldn't help but feel as though I should find a way home – or at least try.

As a result, I decided to become well-known among the people. I journeyed to the furthest regions of the globe, working wonders and slaying evil beasts for the betterment of the land. My reputation as a hero soon began to spread, and I clung to the belief that one day the gods would recognise my actions and grant me permission to return home to my family. When I was a boy, I always sought for fame, but after experiencing it, I realised that it was meaningless without someone to share it with.

And after what seemed like an eternity, my wish was finally granted. Hermes, the Gods' messenger, appeared in front of me and informed me that I was once again permitted to enter Olympus. He smiled at me and gave me a pat on the back as he spoke.

But while I remained there, listening to Hermes' words, I came to the crushing realization that I couldn’t comprehend anything he was saying. I was overcome by a sudden feeling of panic that painted my heart with dread. Had I been away for such a long time that the tongue of the Gods had evolved? Or had my comprehension of the language itself deteriorated to the point that it was no longer possible to understand?

I did not express my uncertainty to Hermes, but on the inside, I was warring with it. After devoting my life to establishing my worth in the eyes of the gods, I was crushed to find that my journey was far from over. Would there ever come a time when I could feel at home again?

As I made my way through the gates of Olympus alongside Hermes, I was met with a cacophony of cheers from the assembled crowd. My fellow gods hurried to greet me and embrace me upon my return, but the fact remained – I couldn’t comprehend a word of their welcoming. Did I even deserve to be there anymore? Or was I simply a thief to them all?

As I looked around, I noticed the changes that had taken place while I was gone, and they proved to be just as I had feared they would be. The once-familiar environment was now cluttered with foreign structures and bizarre apparatus. Even the Gods conversing in the streets appeared to be from another world, with their strange clothing and unusual behaviours.

I started to get the impression that I was an outsider, and I questioned whether or not Olympus was even my home anymore. I yearned for the feeling of belonging that I had experienced in the past, but I was well aware that it was gone for good.

As I made my way past the bizarre edifices, the goddess Hera, my mother, came out to meet me. She encircled me in a comforting embrace, and I felt a wave of feelings sweep over me. I felt helpless and overwhelmed by the sensation of loss and longing that had been building up inside of me for centuries, and I exploded. At that moment, I allowed my lifetime’s worth of tears to be spilled over in my mother’s arms.

I made a solemn promise to myself that I would do whatever it took to get back what I had lost. I would do everything I could to get my relationships with the other gods and goddesses back on track, and I would do anything to prove that I am worthy of being counted among them.

I was well aware that it wouldn't be simple, but that didn't dissuade me from my goal of accomplishing it. No matter how challenging the path to Olympus might be, I will never give up the struggle for my rightful place there.

December 22, 2022 11:01

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1 comment

Tonia Nor
20:05 Dec 29, 2022

I’d love to read the full story!


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