Destroyer of Planets

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"You are not supposed to play here,' Monty shouted at the top of the voice to scare off Tim. 

'Yes, you red skin trash. You are not allowed to spoil this place with your dirty presence,' said one of the bully friends of Monty. 

'I was just swinging, and I didn't do anything wrong.' argued Tim.

'Don't you dare talk to us? You are a creature of the swamp, and you belong there.'

'I am not from the swamp. I am from another planet destroyed by the Mega Dwarf. Our family is a refugee over here,' said Tim

Monty could not fathom the reply, and with the help of magic, he uplifted Tim from the swing. Tim began spinning in the air due to Monty's spell, and after few minutes of spin, Tim fell to the ground. He was unable to stand and preferred to sit on the ground. 

Seeing the dizzy Tim struggling to stand up, Monty and his friend began laughing. Tim was unable to digest this insult. Tim's ego urged him to use the magic against Monty. However, the rule of the city forbade the refugee to use any magic for one year. If anyone failed to follow this instruction, banishment was the punishment.

Some passersby saw this incident and hurried towards Tim. That stranger helped Tim by scaring away the bully Monty and his friends. 

Tim regained balance and somehow reached home. Tim's mother forced him to make new friends in this new land.  

Many children hated Tim for his physical appearance. The recent incident made Tim more aware of his physical appearance. On their home planet, now destroyed by the Mega Dwarf, no one talked about physical appearance. All they could talk about was the character. The soothing fragrance was the indicator of the amount of character inside that individual.

On this planet, all they can talk about how handsome a person is. The more beautiful a person, the more respect one can garner.

On Tim's home planet, a person garners respect based on the soothing fragrance. An individual would be able to emit fragrance if his/her heart is full of moral values implemented in their daily life.

'What happened to your fragrance, Tim?'

'This planet is not ready to accept us, Mom.'

'Do not worry, son. You accept it as your own planet and the people living here as your family. Forgive their actions and think good of them.'

'But how can I? All they do and think ill of me. How can I forgive those boys for their cruelty?'

'Because one has to for a peaceful co-existence. The opposing force will come to their senses when they will realize the wrongness of their action,' said Tim's mom.

'Their thoughts were worse than their actions. They did not know the magic spells well or they would have torn me to pieces and fed to the birds.'

'Never ever let them know that you can read their thoughts. They will not fathom that and will banish us for that.'

'Okay, Mom.'

Tim began reading the book that his father gave him to complete in a week. In the world of fairies, self-education was the key to scale new heights. Tim's father rose to an influential position in two weeks based on the vast knowledge gathered from books. 

'What happened to your fragrance?' 

'I told you already, Mom. Why are...,' Tim could not finish the sentence when he saw his father standing right next to his table. Tim knew that he failed to judge the source of the question. Tim preferred silence instead of righting his wrongs. 

Tim's father read Tim's mind and gathered what happened to Tim. Tim's father got the answer that did Tim's fragrance became weak.

'I am proud of you, my boy.'

'There is nothing to be proud of. Those boys used magic on me and I did nothing.'

'You did one thing, and that is the most difficult one. You resisted the urge to assert your greatness with your abundant power. You controlled your ego and anger, a feat unachievable by many.'

'I appeared weak, Dad.'

'It is better to conceal your power rather than use it for an irrelevant reason.'

After that, Tim's father got busy improvising the weapon to destroy the Mega Dwarf. 

The defense counsel hired Tim's father to develop a weapon to destroy Mega Dwarf. Mega Dwarf had a weakness, and Tim's father observed it when Mega Dwarf was busy destroying Tim's planet. 

Tim's family was powerful enough to rule the newfound fairyland, but they preferred to mingle. The creator did not bless Tim's family with wings like other fairies. However, Almighty blessed them with the power to fly without wings. They were red in appearance that shattered the preconceived notion that people in fairyland are beautiful. They were beautiful from the inside. However, the fairies of the new land could not identify the beauty. Every living creature detests what they can not understand. Tim faced this kind of hate every time.

Two years went by, and the weapon was not yet ready. Tim was now helping his father to make that weapon. But they failed in the trial. 

What worried them is that Mega Dwarf could attack them any day as it was almost two years since the last sighting.

All they need to complete the weapon was the source of energy that can last about five minutes. That weapon must remain functional for about five minutes to penetrate the thick skin of that Mega Dwarf. They failed to find such a source of energy.

Detested due to incompetency, Tim went deep into the Jungleland to find some peace. He meditated by could not concentrate. A deer was running here and there to save its life from the lion. That disturbed the peaceful environment. It was more than two years of Tim's resident on that planet, the rule of Magic spell ban did not apply to Tim. 

Tim used the spell and sent the lion into the deep sleep. However, the deer was still jumping as the Magic spell by Tim was ineffective on it. He saw that a stone near the deer was absorbing the magic spell. He tested the stone again by casting a spell to destroy it. To his dismay, the stone absorbed all the Magic spells and began glowing. The more he used the Magic spell, the more it glows. He placed that stone in his pocket. He went back to the city and resumed his duty.

That dreadful day arrived, and Mega Dwarf attacked the home of the fairies. That dwarf began destroying whatever came in its way. The defense was strong enough to delay the dwarf's progress but not enough to halt the mega dwarf. 

Tim knew what to do and thus placed that stone in the weapon. It absorbed all the magic spell of the Mega Dwarf. The defense grew stronger with stone absorbing all the spells, and energy from the Mega Dwarf. Tim fired the shot, and it pierced the skin of the Mega Dwarf to end its life. 

A red face radiating soothing fragrance destroyed the destroyer of the planets. 

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