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Mystery Thriller

As I lay there in a pool of my own blood the first thing that came to mind were not that I wanted someone to come and help me, although I wanted, but it was rather the fact that would someone identify me solemnly by my feet.

You see my left foot had a big red speck of a birthmark. I found it rather odd that most people had a birthmark rather on their head or on their hip, but mine was a big red swoosh on my toe. Maybe the birthmark knew I would be nothing on this earth just a speck of something that could have been.

My mother was a drunk and my father left Mom as soon as he found out she were pregnant. My mother was not a real mother for me and I was in and out of foster homes travelling from one seemed to be happy couple to the next. How cliché right? , but it’s true.

You would probably think right this is going to be a cliché story were the person is unhappy and then kills herself , but no I were indeed not unhappy .


3 days and 10 hours back


“Lucy you better hurry up Kyle won’t stop the party just because you didn’t pitch.”

This person talking here is my best friend Ruby. She’s witty, the life of the party and yes also my best friend. She has smart features about her a sharp nose and a red bob with green eyes, me on the other hand not so much. I’m just your average teenage girl, brown hair brown eyes the works. Kyle is my boyfriend. I have known him since Grade 6 when he moved from Arizona , but he always mistreated me. We are now dating for 1 month and still he doesn’t treat me like his girl, but as a piece of meat ready to be eaten. 

Ruby says Im stupid to wait for the right guy, but I don’t wanna make the same mistake as my mom.

“Im coming!”


At Kyle’s party


“Ruby I can’t go in there dressed like this.”

I don’t even know why I let Ruby help met pick out clothes for this party. O right I remember she made me sworn to not let her aura down. What have I gotten myself into?

“You look sexy Aria you really do, your killing that black mini skirt.”

I slapped her arm just as she said I look sexy and beckoned for her to just walk in so that we can get this part over. I’m not the part type after all I never been never will be, but I like beer pong. Mostly I think, it’s because I could aim very good and control my alcohol too.

“Yass girl let’s do this.”


“Aim Aria aim you don’t want to let Kyle win do you, aim.”

I hear Ruby scream as I’m on the last ball of beer pong.


The last ball sinks into Kyle’s team’s cup. I jump up and down and do a little wiggle dance. Just as I’m about to back up in the dance and do a little twirl motion I bump into someone.

“Hey baby girl shake that ASS” Kyle whispers in my ear then he steps one step back and spanks me on the ass. The guy starts cheering.

“Whooo I know what you getting girl.”

Kyle fist bumps someone.

Now I know this sound cheesy, but if you know Kyle you know when his mate’s encourage him to do something he’ll do it. I’m not that type of girl and I don’t plan on sleeping with Kyle just because someone encourages us. I want it to be special. So I do what any sensible girl would do. I smack Kyle in the face and say:

“You will never change, we are over.”


At home Ruby and I are sitting on the couch eating chips and watching some series, while we chat the night away about how stupid Kyle is. I love this girl she always knows how to cheer me up. She might be the life of the party, but she sure as hell stick to her friend duties.

Time flies by and I’m feeling much better now than I did previously. Ruby is fast asleep and I’m also starting to doze up. Nothing to worry about, my Foster family is out of town for a week, so I don’t have to worry about cleaning the dishes.


The next day


I awoke with an aroma of smells around me. I smell the air. Oo it smells so good… waffles …. And could that be chocolate I smell.

I love Ruby. Did I already tell you that? She is just the bests of best. She just always knows when I’m feeling down.

I descend the stairs and the aroma is still there, but no Ruby, just a letter.

Hey girla

Had to run.

Family duties. :-

Waffles in the microwave, chocolate on the pot.

Help yourself.



Once I finished my magnificent waffles I head upstairs to take a shower and receive an odd message.

Why didn’t you choose me?

Is it something I said?

How odd must be Kyle or one of his friends trying to play a trick on me, a jumped into the shower washed myself and changed for the day ahead. Today was Sunday that means no school and only relaxation for me. After what happened at the party I didn’t feel like attending school anymore, but I couldn’t just leave. My parents knew everyone or must I say my foster parents. They should be returning in 5 days.


I plummeted onto the couch and sigh. Life is good. I don’t care about Kyle or that stupid message I am just going to relax and bench some series. I miss Ruby already. I decided to message her after a few minutes.

Hi Ruby

Everything okay at home?

I miss you



The day is almost over and I’m already done with the first season of Teen Wolf. I decide to make myself some mac and cheese. I grate some cheese and am busy cutting the beef into blocks when I receive another disturbing message.

I told you, you need to be careful

What the hell this is really freaking me out. So I just sat a few minutes more in front of the television screen then eat my mac and cheese and decide to go to bed.

That night I had the strangest of strangest dreams. It felt as though the universe were trying to warn me about something.

Then I wake up with a startle. I hear a tapping sound outside. Someone is here. I check my alarm. Its 3 am. What the hell. I grab the baseball bat next to me and descend downstairs. There a knock on the door. I’m scared to open it, but what if it is Ruby and she needs my help. I open the door.

It is my biological mom.

I let her in and make her comfortable on the couch. She is drunk again. I decide to not attend school the following day, because I just can’t leave her at home alone, in my foster family home.


One day later


My biological mom has disappeared again and the messages send to my phone is just getting worse and worse.

The following morning

I awake with a scream someone is trying to smother me with a pillow I can’t see the face. I kick. I hear a grown. I ran downstairs about to grab a knife when someone pushes me down on the floor. What the hell. I have done nothing wrong.

I look into the face of the person its Ruby.

I want to say hi to her and she just looks at me. I get scared. I reach for the knife, but I’m too late she already has the knife. I kick and scream. Then I feel something sharp stab me.

I’m sorry I’m sorry I hear Ruby say. I never wanted to hurt you. I just wanted you to see me. Ruby runs out the door.

I’m lying in a pool of my own blood waiting for death to come and for this confusing day to past.

I lost my boyfriend.

I lost my Mother.

My foster family is gone.

Ruby is gone.

And I I’m dying.







June 09, 2020 07:08

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Audrey Winter
14:15 Jun 23, 2020

I totally forgot about the pool of blood scene until the very end! Very entertaining!


Anja Z
15:28 Jun 23, 2020

Thank you:)


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Lori Colt
22:12 Jun 09, 2020

The story is compelling. I didn't see the ending coming.


Anja Z
22:26 Jun 09, 2020

Haha thank you that was the idea :)


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00:10 Jun 18, 2020

Very interesting story Anja, and quite unexpected! Good job🌟


Anja Z
13:19 Jun 19, 2020

Thank you :)


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Kelly Vavala
14:59 Jun 16, 2020

Great job! Can you check mine out as well? Ashen Tears


Anja Z
23:21 Jun 16, 2020

Thank you :) Will do so .


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Batool Hussain
16:19 Jun 15, 2020

Great story, Anja! Mind checking my stories out?:)


Anja Z
18:45 Jun 15, 2020

No problem will do so a.s.a.p. :)


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19:33 May 12, 2021

Very nice. Love it.


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