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Adventure Black Christian

“Where is God of Elijah?” And when he also had struck the water, it was divided this way and that, and Elisha crossed over. 2Kings 2:14.

“It is crossing over to all of your new seminarians. I am sure you have heard this reading of 2kings 2:14 thousand times before, but today reading is different to all of you. Your orientation won’t start and end with dos and don’ts of this institution, you must crossover from physical to spiritual since you decide to enter seminary school, you must make up your mind to crossover spiritually for that is only way forward here. “Spiritual way” The hard and only way.” Father Ben said. He was conducting orientation ceremony for the first year’s students of akpu seminary school.

The new intakes numbering about forty, knew that before they are through as seminarians, maybe, it will be about half of their present number will be priest. Jude was going through all the do's and don’t of the school and was wondering if the law is meant for man or man for the law. According to him, most were unnecessary. They were even told that everyone is watching everyone. “What is meaning of that nonsense,” he queried, even in heaven, There is democracy. Why are they behaving here as if we are damn communist” he concludes.

Four years later, he has been summoned five times to the directors’ officer to defend himself from alligations he considers irrelevant, cained four times and warned that if he enters director’s office again in relation to any problem, he will be shown the door from there. His spiritualist as they call the priest in charge of any seminarian has been discussing with the director concerning Jude’s behavior. “The boy seems to be intelligent, but I can’t understand why he cannot control his temper.” The director said. I have been watching him, at times, he believes that the whole school is after him.” His spiritualist quipped. “He is showing rebellious spirit in everything around him, questioning everything since four years he had been with us here. Inas much as it is good to have inquisitive mind, his, I must confess is over inquisitiveness? It is a sign we have been neglecting for the past four years now, telling ourselves that with time it will go away. It has refused to do so. You have to work on that your boy and his imaginative mind or I will show him the door” The director ordered. “Yes, I will keep eye on him.” The spiritualist assured.

The director and Jude’s spiritualist was reading him wrongly. He was passing through internal crisis. He entered seminary school and was exposed to multitude of spiritual books from the library. In Akpu seminary school you are allowed to return to school with any text book as long as it is religious text. For years, students has been building up the library and Jude was exposed unguided to the weapons and it affected his mind and belief seriously that it was manifesting openly unknowingly to the management. most of what they are being taught is contrary to what he knew already that somehow has shaped his understanding of how things is, and should be approached and done. Spirit of the doubt was playing Joker seriously in his mind and he found them too difficult to handle. He was even beginning to question the existence of God those that wrote books he was reading never questioned for once.

He was cramming all the quotations and verses in the bible, and other students don’t understand why he is disturbing himself. So, when they go to tease him, fighting will start. On his tenth year in the seminary, Yancheng spirit goes to their school. The first week of 'Yancheng spirit' was filled with drama. Some it got by I:oo am will rush out of the room shouting Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!, some will starting shouting: I believe Lord, I believe, I believe, yes lord, I believe. Some sat infront of the dormitory moping for five hours without food. Some were seriously casting and binding for hours.

There was total confusion, fear and noise. The managment held emergency meeting and decided to let them get normalize with their new normal before talking to them. When the director gathered all of them in newsroom, he found out that about five of them were missing, he called security to go and look for them. They saw them in the chapel shouting: Devil is liar, he is a liar, you are a liar. If you are a pillar, I will pull you down in Jesus name. I will pull you down in Jesus name, Amen. No morning and afternoon food and none were feeling hungry. The director moved all of them to the chapel and began mass. He believes that it is the best way to calm them down. Jude was among the group that was staring into space for hours. He could not believe what he is witnessing. Another man thought, screaming in his ears as if the person is shouting into his ears. How come he can understand what the two Yoruba seminarians were saying in their languages. The priest conducting the service was reading 1Timothy 4:1-5.

   “Now the spirit expressly says that in later times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons

2.       Speaking lies in hypocrisy, having their own conscience seared with a hot iron

3.       Forbidding to Marry and commanding to abstain from foods which God created to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and know the truth.

4.       For every creature of God is good, and nothing is to be refused if it is received with thanksgiving

5.       For it is sanctified by the word of God and prayers.

6.    If you instruct the brethren in these things, you will be a good minster of

Jesus Christ, nourished in the words of faith and of the good doctrine which you have carefully followed”.

As the officiating priest was reading the scripture, Jude was busy interpreting it as it suited him. He concluded that for sure, that was exactly the spirit Jesus Christ had when he was on earth. The only different was that, he kept it to himself for 33 years and later sent it to his disciples who in turn kept it to themselves and was calling it Holy Spirit. “Some people are selfish. How can you go to your grave with wonderful spirit like this?, you suppose to share. He concluded. He began reading bible in another way attaching his present condition in everything and every verse to see how it mashup.

He was sent on apostolic work to nearby State. He was very happy to see how general public was handling their new normal. Everyone was behaving as if all were well. No one was talking about it, it is not good news. They are behaving as if something is wrong with the spirit. “Don’t they know that it must have been the Holy Spirit apostles received on Pentecost?. “How come, was it not when holy spirit visited?, they started speaking and understanding many languages. He asked himself. “But wait, they laid hands and people received Holy Spirit, here, it is fire through the eye and people received Yancheng Spirit. It must be the same, whether through hand or eye, the central message is that there was 'receiving'. He concluded. How about moving around in spirit? Prophet Elisha asked his servant Geisha “did I not go in spirit with you to meet Naaman?”.

Now young and old is moving about in Spirit, it must have been what Elisha was using them, Yancheng Spirit. What does verse 4 of 1Timothy 4. advised?. He queried.

God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

God of Israel

God of Elijah

God of Jude

He smiled to himself and went to work of gathering women and men of the parish he was in. he will have his own spiritual Angels and ArchAngels very soon. “Action is what Is needed now, no more talking or dreaming but action” He concluded.

On the all saints night, more than fifty witches calling themselves angels gathered at the back of the church yard waiting for brother Jude as they call him to give more instructions.    

October 26, 2020 14:47

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Hannah Barton
20:35 Nov 05, 2020

Interesting idea but it was hard to read in some parts, due to grammar and word usage - but I'm unsure if that is intentional or not. I don't feel there was enough to this story to understand what's really going on, other than someone is immersed in the Bible.


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