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Adventure Horror Kids

It began to happen when Maria and Vincent altered their

home to become a foster home.

This is a requirement to set the stage for adoption, if so


Adoption was the plan.

Maria and Vincent met their children in early August.

They all got acquainted at the Taco Bell restaurant. Not very

fancy, but it worked well.

The three sisters thought this meet at Taco Bell was a real


It was a long-term commitment for Maria and Vincent.

It was salvation for the three female children, aged at seven,

five and four years.

The three sisters were in foster care due to major neglect.

Maria and Vincent dedicated themselves to help this sibling

group catch up on their educational skills. The oldest would be a

challenge, as she never attended kindergarten or first grade.

The girls arrived almost immediately. Normally, a test

weekend would occur to assure that the chemistry would work.

Maria became a Mom.

Vincent became a Dad.

Due to the start of the school year looming in just four days,

technicalities had to be taken care of quickly.

What happened on Friday was verry uncomfortable for all

involved. But it was a must for the start of school on Monday.

The girls had never received vaccinations.

Vaccinations were required by the state to attend school.

Crying and screaming was the case.

The middle-aged daughter would always describe the

syringes that were used as huge, as a big cucumber!

“How big is a big cucumber?” Vincent asked.

“I don’t know,” the middle daughter replied.

Vincent smiled inside.

Maria was preparing the ice cream in the kitchen.

“Ice cream!”

I scream.

They all screamed for ice cream!

It was the band-aid to heal wounds.

And it did!

The children still were nervous. Finally having parents and

living in a nice home. Their mindsets were based on experience.

They expect to move to the next foster house after a certain


They led nomadic lives, that’s all they knew.

There were a few dogs and a few cats.

This, in itself, was an education.

They learned about the balance of enjoying pets and being

responsible for their welfare.

Parents provide a great education. Parents work together

with the school to provide a sound road to form children into the

adults that would make them proud.

Children do the same, but in their own naïve ways.

As long as they try.

As long as we all try.

They explained to the girls that they were special.

“You didn’t just happen for us. We seeked you out,” Vincent

explained to them.

The three girls loved receiving their first toothbrush. The

toothbrush gave them a sense of control in their new life. It was

like a new game.

“Dad,” the middle daughter asked. “Why do you drink that

beer? It’s disgusting!”

“I like beer. Why do you say it’s disgusting?”

“I never liked it,” she stated.

“How would you know?” Vincent asked

“We had to drink it every night to make us go to sleep,” she


Many bizarre revelations would come forward over time.

When middle daughter was asked about how many dogs she

had, she would say five. However, two of the five were deceased.

As adults, we know when not to say some things. Children, on

the other hand, are exploring the language of the land.


It came fast.

         They would experience the Halloween Carnival at the school.

They would play games and drink punch. Each of them would

make new friends and spend time with already-made friends.

         Preparations for Halloween were easy for Mom. She was very

adept with a sewing machine and a serger machine. Mom asked

each of them what costumes they would like.

         It was a great way to learn about what each dreamed about.

         On the night before, All Hallows Eve, or ‘Mischief Night’, Dad

arrived home with four pumpkins. One each for the girls and one

for Dad.

         “Doesn’t Mom get one, too?” the oldest asked.

         “No,” Dad replied. “Mom is working on your costumes. Tell

me. What are your costumes for the carnival tomorrow night?”

         “I’m gonna be a clown.”

         “I’m gonna be a ballerina.”

         “And I’m gonna be a princess.”

         “Well, I’m gonna be a genie,” Dad said.

         “What’s a genie?” the youngest asked.

         “It’s someone who can grant three wishes. I met someone

who granted me three wishes,” Dad replied.

         “What were they?” middle daughter asked.

         Dad tapped each on the head as he smiled and said, “one,

two, and three!”

         As they interacted, the daughters watched Dad carved the

pumpkins to make jack-o-lanterns, each having different facial


         Mom approached the kitchen table as the team was finishing

up with the carving. She opened a drawer and pulled out four

stubby candles.

         “Your costumes are finished and ready to go,” Mom said.

         “The jack-o-lanterns are ready to go, as well,” Dad said.

         Mom planned to wear a strange ‘joker’s’ hat while she handed

out the treats.

         Dad would take his daughters around the neighborhood after

the carnival.

         “What will you say after you ring the doorbell or knock on the

door?” Mom asked.

         “Trick or treat!”

         “Trick or treat!”

         “Trick or treat!”

         Each daughter had her nails painted a different color to go

with their costumes. They really loved this charade.

         Halloween preparations were officially completed!

“I will pick them up at the half-way mark. They need to go

‘trick or treating.’ That is what the holiday is all about.” Vincent


That was fine.  

         Belief and determination are both powerful.

         Maria would stay at home to hand out treats.

         The girls were totally amazed at the sights of this strange


         The amazement would hit most vividly in just a few minutes!

         Close to home, they came upon a house with things very

bizarre. Coffins were placed on the front lawn. They would

periodically open and a ghoul would sit up. A real live ghoul! Then,

they would lay back down and pull the lid closed.

         A few figures in black robes wandered around, touching the

trick-or-treaters on the shoulders and neck.

         The strobe lights flashed.

         Eerie music played.

         A witch sat at the top of the five steps leading into the house.

         She lured the children. She beckoned to them.

         The coffins kept opening and closing.

         When enough children had amassed, they would approach

the witch with her big cauldron of candy.

There was safety in numbers.

         Figures in black robes approached them and brushed by


         The coffins opened and closed.

         Spooky music still played.

         They just stood and watched for ten minutes, all holding


         Again, the trick-or-treaters amassed.

         As they cautiously approached the witch, coffins were

opening and closing. Hooded, black figures continued to drift


         Fear levels were increasing rapidly.

The creepy music got louder as they neared the five steps up

to the witch.

The small street was very alive on this evening.

Lightning could be seen in the distance. The impending

thunderstorm was about thirty minutes away.

Suddenly, the front door behind the witch burst open.

A man holding a chainsaw now stood behind the witch,

wearing a scary mask.

He pushed away the cobwebs hanging over the porch.

The chainsaw immediately buzzed. Cobwebs flew in all


The children scattered in a panic.

Save yourself!

Vincent caught up with the oldest daughter two blocks away!

His heart was pounding!

Lightning was beginning to get intense. Thunder could now

be heard in the distance.

The girls would have about twenty minutes to continue to fill

their bags with candy.

They continued to hold hands as they all went house to house.

“Trick or treat!”

“Trick or treat!”

“Trick or treat!”

Dad’s sprinting of two blocks had certainly raised his blood

pressure! Now, as they were ending their odyssey, his blood

pressure was at long last returning to normal.

They were surprised along their route. Some home residents

would respond to the doorbell in a costume. Some wore friendly

costumes, and some were threatening. Some houses were

decorated creatively, and some were not.

They passed many strangely dressed creatures. It was surreal!

So many big creatures!

So many little creatures!

So many scary creatures!

There were witches and even Dracula! Hobgoblins, too! There

were other things that they had never, ever seen!

So many jack-o-lanterns!

Halloween is a magical night.

Each year, Vincent would put an envelope at the front door. It

contained a silver dollar. It was always given to the first trick-or-

treater after seven o’clock.

The thunder indicated that the thunderstorm was imminent!

For all of them, it was like no other night that they had ever


Time to head home.

“Hi, Mom.”

“Hi, Mom. We have lots of goodies!”

“Hi, Mom. We went to a really scary house!”

By the stars in their eyes, you knew that it was like nothing

that they had ever experienced in their lives.

“Do you want to do this again next year on Halloween?” Dad


They each nodded yes eagerly.

“But only if we can go with you, Dad,” the middle daughter


The girls were busy surveying their treats. Trades were being


“May I have one of your treats?” Vincent asked the oldest.

She handed him a treat.

“A great night for their first Halloween. Who claimed the silver

dollar this time?” Vincent asked.

“A young lady, about eight years old. She was dressed as

Cinderella. She looked great!” Maria replied.

Halloween is a magical night for children, and adults, as well!

It was only the beginning of the thrill!

Buckle your seat belts, please!

The thrill of it all ! ! !

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