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Thriller Drama Creative Nonfiction

People of the Times newspaper rushing to prepare for the big interview of Mr. Samuel d'cruz. He's highly recognised as an author and life coach. His first interview going to break all the records of Times.

For his arrival all seemed to excited even the chief editor cancelled all his appointment to personally conduct this interview, as for the first time Mr. Samuel giving his interview and he finally got ready to do this interview with Times.

Mr. Samuel enters with bright and warming smile on his face. His decency rules over everyone's heart present there.

Chief editor Mr. Wilson starts the interview with telling his achievements. He told Samuel that he too a fan of his writings to which Samuel humbly thanks him.

Mr. Wilson started the interview with some fun facts about Mr. Samuel like he's a " black coffeeholic " and less addictive to alcohol, drugs.

The interview goes on, Wilson asked him why such a renowned personality like him giving his first interview so lately whereas people loved to be interviewed.

Samuel replied that being interviewing is a tough job, you never know what people see you as and your one mistake during the interview becomes a big issue which he didn't seem to like at all.

Mr. Wilson finds it amusing and says that you are in the showbiz where people would like to know you and you have to reflect yourself in your best way.

Samuel replied this is what I was talking about just now to reflect yourself which I would like to be private, I want people to like my work, myself too but they shouldn't intrude in my privacy.

To lighten his pressure Mr. Wilson turned the subject to his past life how was he in his college days? Samuel said my college memories seems to have bitter sweet memories. I was the leader of our famous bridge club. Those days were the best with my childhood friends Daniel, Albert and Michael. We were graduating in distinct subjects but bridge game always reunited us and we never losen any match with our competitors.

We used to give silly tasks to the losing competitor like doing squats in the centre of the university, cleaning the floors...

But there's some rumours about us that we bullied someone till his death but actually that person take the punishment seriously and cleaned the floor till he collapsed.

Oh that's seriously some serious stuff about you. Oh good lord that's scary said Mr. Wilson. He had a deep conversation with him about his upcoming novels,his life and how he tends to become an author.

Samuel thanked him to invite him in such a platform and he hopes that after this interview he may able to overcome his interview phobia.

While driving back to his home Samuel remembered how he answered the most fun question which suppose to be fearful for him back then. Mr. Wilson asked him "Has he been famous for something which people supposed to believe he did but in reality he didn't do it"? To this question Samuel openely answered there's a time when it was really tough for me and I suppose to be everlasting victim for the rest of my life.

Back then, our bridge club seemed to be popular between the students. No one can easily get to play with us until we found them eligible as our competitor.

Many students like to play with us but we used to check their skills to be our competitor. Student should have some unique skills,perspective or dedication to compete with us. We were the best of best after all. Every girl seem to have a crush on us. Those who wanted to compete with us should have to submit their applications and we then choose them.

There's a student Henry who was studious, wears spectacles,find us charming and want to enroll in our club badly. He used to lure us, follow us on social media. After his so many requests we consider him but he didn't seem to have a knowledge of bridge at all, he's good in theory but in practical way he's too dumbo for the game. We didn't spent a penny over such losers.

We tried to tell him that he's not eligible for this game and he can't join us but he doesn't care about all that, he just wants to be cool and attention seeker. He kept stalking us on continuosly we tried to reach out to him, to give his best shot in his studies but he just kept chanting that he wanted to enroll.

All our energy goes in vain. So we kept ignoring him, he somehow managed to learn basic bridge so he once again approached us, we discussed about it,we played with him on one condition that he will stop following us like a freak and we have a match with him where he losen badly. Even after that match he didn't change a bit, he wanted to have a rematch, which can't be possible as we didn't play with the same person again.

One evening when we were returning back to our home,he appeared and pleaded to have a rematch,we tried to console him but he was not in his control and suddenly his request turns into rage and he hurts Albert,he cried out loud saying I m pleading you but you didn't seem to notice or care about my feelings at all. I angrily punch him and he falls down on the ground. We bandaged Albert and decided not to made any contact with that psycho.

Next day he came again pleading for the enrollment but we hushed him and barked over him that we would never ever going to enroll him because he's a totally psycho.

After few hours,he went live on Facebook and commited suicide blaming us that he pleaded before us but we never listen or care about his feelings. He kept chanting that he's not a loser or a psycho and he's the most lovable personality in this university.

The committee handled the case,we were victimized and In social media, we were murders and people want us to die too. This whole scandal took a massive form,we got a clear chit from the sheriff but people still see us as murders. The university restricted all the club's. Henry mother Rose blames me, called me a murder in the media. We have to leave the university in mid-term, we flew to abroad since then we weren't in contact.

I tried to knew about Henry when I once visited my hometown how's he doing, when he did not enrolled in our university, I got to know that he's the only child, his parents didn't have time for him, he felt lonely, he's being bullied as a loser and a bookworm psycho and he was attending the psychiatrist for his treatment.

I felt completely broken,i felt like I killed someone, I never happen to play bridge again after that incident. This guilt of killing someone only child will forever going to remain with me.

Just when someone breaks his thought of interview that the signal's green and he should move.

I was living a saddist depressed life until now, the flowers again blooms in my life just because of my wife, parents and supporting friends.

August 29, 2020 12:28

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