Adventure Coming of Age Fantasy

BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. My alarm clock made so much noise. I stumbled out of my bed. I then got ready for bed. Quickly, I got on my clothes and brushed my teeth. Then I ran to the mailbox. I went through this every day. But today I had a good feeling. Like today was the day. In my world, you either get to be royal, a villain, or a hero. I was praying to be a hero. Villains died young. And royals were overrated. I wanted to be brave. I got my letter. Today was the day I found out who I was going to be. This letter determined my entire future. I went in and showed my mom and dad. We opened it together. My mom was a hero, my dad a hero.

I could only pray to be like them. But when I opened it, we were all severely disappointed. I was royalty. Accepted to princess academy, that I would leave a week from today. I was very angry. How could they have ever done such a thing? To mess it up. I started to pack. Maybe it was a joke. It had to be a joke. No, it was real. My parents went to work. I was pulled out of school. When you get into high school, they have a protocol for when this happens. Someone gives you a box of everything from your locker. In there, they teach you how to grow up innocent. But now, I was going to be a princess. A dumb princess.

My parents wouldn't talk to me. I found all my old backpacks and put whatever I saw necessary in the bags. There were only four. My parents were mad, and wouldn't give me any luggage. They said, "You were not accepted to be a hero. You are going to be a princess. You are a disappointment to both of us, after all, we had done to raise you properly. Now figure out. Princesses can get their people to do things for them, right? Just ask them." I did eventually figure out how to do it. My mom kept a bunch of tote bags in the basement. So I used those. I would cry during packing. My parents were so disappointed in me because I could not be a hero. Why could I not have chosen?

She never used them anyway. A week after that, they didn't say goodbye to me when I left. I felt miserable about it. What was I going to do? The taxi drove for days. Two days in fact. But it was more like a limo. Very easy to relax in. But as soon as I was there, they decided that rummaging through my stuff was necessary. And when they saw my baggy shirts and sweat pants their noses wrinkled. They smelt my hair. "No, no, no!" Shrieked one. "I will fix her!" the same one declared. Then I have whisked away, and then people pretty much stripped me to the bath. They showed me everything I brought as I bathed.

"No, this is not what you are allowed to wear!" When they saw my favorite pair of sweatpants. They were mad. I told them I'd finished, but then they walked over and did it again. I was bored and tired afterward. I thought we were done. "Why do you not have luggage bags?" they kept asking. I told them about my parents. They said they were sorry. They were all royalty before apparently, but they all broke a rule, by wanting to be someone else. So now they were serving the new royalty. I was to be married to the prince of Buckingham. Great. Everyone else's dream.

I was supposed to be a hero. And here I was, to be the next princess for Buckingham. Well, they let me sleep. I had to have silk everything. They let me be in sweats one last night. But at way too early o'clock, I got woken up. They told me to get up and hurry. They put me in a room of dresses. All of the same color, but different styles. I at last found one I liked. They put me in it. It was a complete and utter makeover after that. I never wore make-up in my entire life. Heroes didn't wear make-up. So I didn't. But then they did my hair in a very elaborate bun, making my head hurt. had never looked so good in my entire life.

After that, I was taught how to be a princess. I felt the stress from it, but I realized by the end of the week I had shown a lot of improvement. A month after that I met the prince. We were betrothed. We befriended each other quickly. We accepted our betrothal. Months later we were married. I was officially a princess. But then the queen fell sick. We were so upset when she died, but that made the price and I the rulers of the country. My parents and I made amends then I had two children. I found that I was actually happy to be royalty. Who would have known that hearing the alarm that day would have changed my entire life.

My children were also chosen by royalty. But my husband and I soon found ourselves being so upset about the system. We passed a law in our country about it. You were now allowed to choose. And we made another category. Normal. A lot of our servants chose to be normal, and still choose us. Our children chose royalty anyway. There was a test you had to pass for the one you wanted. But it was usually easy enough to pass. If you fail, you had to be a villain though. But there were so many people after my husband and me for our spot that we chose to be normal after 60. Then we retired happily, for it to be our children's turn to rule the country.

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