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Drama Thriller Suspense

“Call the ambulance for God sakes, Kelly! Oh my gosh! This is a life or death situation!” These were the words that were shouted out by Miss Fanouchi. I trembled with fear as I agreed to her order, constant pain stabbing my heart of thinking what to do. What will happen to Philip Jr? How about the grudge Miss Fanouchi will hold against me? My career?

Little Philip was gasping for air as he held tight to Miss Fanouchi’s poofy, floral skirt. He was mumbling, “I can’t breathe, mama, I can’t breathe.” He was struggling on the floor, spinning, fidgeting in every direction possible. I watched in horror as Philip Junior was crying, tears flowing down his cheekbones and Miss Fanouchi death staring at me with a look so frightening. It was like she was piercing into my heart and examining it, all she wanted to say was, “I will make you pay.” My whole life was flashing in front of me. What will I do? How can I ever rewind, go back in time and change what I did? Is there any way to stop how stupid and ignorant I was? I overlooked one tiny mistake and everything has collapsed within a minute.


“Miss Kelly, would you like the cake to be chocolate or Peanut butter?” The professional baker with a brown beard and a messy floury apron asked me. He had a gentle and sweet looking face, with a subtle smile. I replied with, “Yeah, yeah. Whatever. Chocolate‘s fine.” Oh, Kelly. Oh, Kelly. “Okay, ma’am, sure.“ He said with a broad, tough farmer voice. I looked into all the aspects of the party, and it was perfect. An iconic PJ Masks party was born. Piñata, fun sports themed games ( Miss Fanouchi made a special request for this), musical chairs, a table filled with an array of starters, music, and a whole lot of dancing. The party looked and felt quite elegant for such a kiddies themed party.

The cake arrived. Two handsome young lads carried the cake over to the party table and one of them said, “Young Miss, where’d you like me to place this?” I blushed for no reason, and said “Over there.” My shy eyes gave away what I felt in my heart. I cringe now as I look back. The cake was four tiered, with a shiny coat of green, red and blue chocolate glaze to finalise the professional feel of the decadent dessert. Lined with blue glitter striped velvet liquorice. The inside had chocolate flavoured sponged cake with chocolate chips, and an amazing cheesecake strawberry filling. It smelled like honey for such a chocolatey cake. I felt, smelled and saw the chocolate goodness oozing out of this cake.


”Come in please, Mrs and Mr Hazel. You too, Dan! You all look darling!” I spoke with daring enthusiasm that would make a normal person, unlike me to puke. Who says “darling”? It’s 2021, Kelly! Wake up! We aren’t in the 1940s anymore... Many guests came from the huge front glass doors, gazing in astonishment as they came. They were all like, especially the kids, “Ahh! Woahh! Woww!” It was like almost wooing me. I clearly remember this one annoying mom and her bratty kid coming up to me and praising me, selfies and all.

”Ally, look! Miss Kelly Barks is here! Oh my God! It’s really her! We saw her in the “Come Party With Us” show on WoahTv. She looks so beautiful in real life! Let’s go say hi!” The mom whispered to her daughter. “Mom! No, stop embarrassing me in front of my cool friends.” The girl whispered back. “Okay hun, I won’t go.” The mom whispered with a sad and depressed voice. Nevertheless, she still approached me.

”Oh uh um, hi-i, Miss Kelly...” The woman said with an enthusiastic but toned down voice.

”Oh hey, Miss Brown! You look gorgeous! Thanks so much for coming by. Please enjoy!” I said trying to be exciting.

”Oh, stop it. I don’t look as pretty as you. That blue dazzling dress really fits you well. I love it! Yeah, I also want to say would you mind organising a party for my young one, Ally as well?” She said more faster every second.

”Oh um- sure, no problem. Thanks for the nice compliment. Well, I’ll get to you bout the party for your kiddo. For now, please enjoy!” I said with the teensiest bit of agitation and gratitude. I just wanted to to stop her from arranging another party for her snooty girl. So irritating. Ugh.

All the kids, parents and some work friends of Miss Fanocuhi all arrived. Everything was just right. It was time for the birthday boy and his mama to arrive.


Philip Junior arrived in his Connor fan outfit, bashing through the glass doors. There was a huge thump that echoed the hall. His voice was so shallow, whispering as he spoke in fear, suspense and excitement.

”SUPRISE!!” We all jumped out and greeted him. His heart beated faster than ever and his blood shot from his feet to his brain in half a second. “What?! No way!” He spoke louder than everyone. He ran to his best friends, leaving out the odd nerd kid. So, snooty kids it is. His best friends hugged him and they started to talk with each other. Miss Fanouchi waved at me and signalled me to come over and mingle with her random friends. I walked in my two, no, actually three inch heels with an unsteady amount of pride, walking like a model doing a catwalk. Everyone was staring at me, especially this one wavy haired guy wearing a checkered shirt. He pulled his glasses back and stood at a distance away from me. My hair was glistening in the dark night, the moon shadowing over. They all complimented me and I felt like a queen I tell you.


I excused the “chatty group” and headed over to a corner by the hall. I had to take a call from my pops and we chatted for a while. We weren’t close for a while because of the divorce and all the drug abusing he did, but I tried to get closer to him for the past couple of weeks now that he’s in rehabilitation. As I turned back to watch the moon shining brightly, the wavy black haired guy approached me and I looked away.

”Hi-i. My name is Jack. It’s ni-ice to meet you...” He spoke in a very soft voice.

”Oh hi, Jack. Hope you’re enjoying the party.” I spoke with a soft voice as well with a subtle curvy smile. Even though I acted normal, my cheeks were red.

”I just wanted to say that it’s a really good event and you look pretty too.” He blushed when he uttered the last word.

”Thanks.” I said and walked away in two seconds.

It was time to cut the cake.


Everyone was gathering around the cake. Miss Fanouchi had gone to the women’s bathroom. Little Philip looked at the cake like it was his forever longed dream come true. I cut into the cake and Little Philip became very confused and said, ”I c-can’t eat chocolate. I’m allergic to it.” Everyone including me said, “So allergic that you can’t eat it?” Then, we all smooshed cake onto his face when he constantly denied. Why didn’t I believe him? Was I, including everyone else drunk or something? Little Philip starting coughing mercilessly and Miss Fanouchi came out of the bathroom sprinting to see what the commotion is all bout. She said, “Phillip! Phillip! My baby! Who the heck fed him this chocolate cake! He’s so allergic to chocolate! He can die you fools!” She screamed at the top of her lungs. “Mom, I told them, even Miss Kelly, but they forcefully fed it to me.” He said as his voice quickly faded away. “I know you did baby, I know you did.” Miss Fanouchi spoke to him, gently tapping his head to comfort him.


Miss Fanouchi screamed, pointing her finger at me, “KELLY!”

May 24, 2021 14:21

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Pahani Wijeratne
14:22 May 24, 2021

This story was really fun for me to write!:) Hope you all enjoy this one. Please make sure to comment anything you would like to say and drop a like too! Have a wonderful day ahead ✨


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