Horror Adventure Thriller


It was a normal lunchtime when I saw it. i was walking to the queue through the gym when I saw Mrs Pilut. Everybody hates Mrs Pilut, she is one of those math teachers who carry a ruler around and her hair is tied in a bun. She is called PI Butt by older students.

I saw her on the ground, her legs were bent and her eyes were staring blankly at the basketballs. She was sideways and in a pool of blood. At the moment I was inspecting her and i found a knife. When I looked at the knife in my hand I heard a gasp and i turned around

there i saw Melanie Mereck the head girl, alarmed I remembered I had the knife in my hand. I tried to reason and said “no no I’m not the murderer I just found her dead and...” But then my best friend arrived and screamed then she suddenly ran off and a few minutes later returned with the cops.

I tried to explain that I didn’t murder her but Melanie said “police arrest her i caught her red handed next to body with the knife in her hand” and the cops arrested me and i was trapped in the cell.

inside the cell I stood looking around my hands were chained and I was forced to wear a orange suit it had many stains and smelled of muk. It Looked like I was trapped, I was trapped in my very own nightmare.

as I saw my food wriggle it looked like puke mixed with blood and smelly socks and it was retched. “BOO.” I saw a Creepy clown his red eyes were twitching and his make up was smudged and his teeth were yellow his mouth was twisted to a forced smile, “I was here for killing millions at all the birthday parties, it is not my fault though..” I suddenly didn’t want to hear him, I didn’t want to see him and I didn’t want to be there, I ran as fast as my legs could go and I didn’t stop until I was in my cell.


When I saw Hicky crouched over the body with the knife in her hand I was scared I couldn’t move I thought I was a goner but then Sally came and called the cops, I was saved I thought. I watched as Hicky was arrested. And she tried to say she didn’t do it, That liar, she always lies but not anymore. I thought Triumphantly.

over time I realised something another death of Vicky, Hickys sister. I swore the knife on her stomach was the same as the one on Mrs Pilut’s back. Then I thought, maybe Hicky was right and maybe we made a mistake but it couldn’t be true could it?


I ran in the gym and as soon as I saw Hicky next to the body I was scared had my plan gone wrong. But then I saw the knife in her hand and came up with a new plan, I screamed for effect and ran away to tell the cops and smirked to myself as I watched the cops arrest her. Yes I was her friend but she was really annoying. Suddenly I had felt guilty but it was all taken away when Vicky got killed by... I meant she died. I know what I did was wrong and i hope they don’t know about my secret


where was I oh yeah, I didn’t stop until I was in my cell but the whole night through I couldn’t stop thinking about who killed Mrs Pilut. who Would kill her it was like I killed her but I know I didn’t and I wish I could tell everyone that but they never believe me. “Ugh, I bet that Killer is glad they got rid of 2 people.” I said to myself madly.

I woke up late the next morning after all that grumbling and when the lost came in I found an article that said “DEATH OF VICKY” as I read on the description said “Vicky 8 year old was found murdered a few days ago, police commented ‘we had already arrested the culprit after the first kill but now her own sister is dead the same knife in her stomach. I think something here doesn’t fit in but don’t worry citizens we will find the real culprit.’ Apparently the culprit before Hicky Colsworth was not actually the culprit but she was framed. Dont forget to read more copies to find out the truth.” I skimmed the rest of it quickly as a tear slid down my eye. My sister was gone and i never got to say goodbye or even see her, tears fell down my nose and I returned back to my cell. Will I ever get out.


when I first came into school I was excited to be with my sister

but then I heard rumours my sister killed Mrs Pilut and was sent to prison. Then and there it was me who cried not because Mrs Pilut died but because my sister was gone and when she would be back she would be mean and unkind unlike she always is. As I was walking down the hallway I passed my friends and said hi, but they didn’t say hey back or wave and they didn’t even look at me they avoided meeting contact with me like I didn’t exist. I was confused maybe they just didn’t notice me I said hi To the others and they didn’t look at me either, when I would sit near them they would keep shuffling away, perhaps they thought I would kill them or maybe I did something wrong. As I walked down the corridor to classroom B5 i saw somebody run up to me, they were dressed in all black, they then said “ your Sister is innocent just like you ” then suddenly I felt a sharp pain and fell


i Killed Vicky and Mrs pilut sure I lied and screamed but I had killed them. i Was a murderer but here is a story. I never meant to kill them I was just worried I never wanted to kill them but hatred had made me become a criminal a killer and that facts was impossible to be stopped.

December 04, 2020 21:45

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Claudia Morgan
14:15 Dec 08, 2020

I like this, and the multiple points of view. It can be hard to follow though, a couple grammatical and spelling errors. Anyways, amazing story, congrats!


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Marcail Nevaeh
23:35 Dec 07, 2020

Good story! I liked how you switched perspectives!


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