Gay Fiction Romance

You're beautiful: A story of two beautiful men

Warnings: (blood, gay...if you're homophobic, I recommend watching sanders sides because most of these characters belong to him except the queen...)

I hear my footsteps echo in my ears as I trace my hand on the stone columns that lead to my rose garden." Roman!", I hear my name echo in the palace halls. "What brother?" I Respond as I hear the shuffling of his feet coming to my location.

"Mother has requested that you speak to the new prince, Janus. Believe me, I could talk to him for hours, but mother has requested you speak to the prince first because you are the oldest." 

"Why don't you talk to Janus since you're so interested in him, Remus?", I say smirking at my brother while his face blossoms into a bright red."Just, go..." Remus says as I walk away.

I head to the throne room through these red and gold halls with more stone columns holding this palace together. What was mother thinking, bringing yet another suitor trying to find a suitable husband for me without giving me another choice? 

"Mother, you called," I say just below a whisper trying not to startle her. " Roman! yes, you are just the person I was looking for!" my mother says introducing me to the new prince.

He is very interesting, He stutters his s's when he talks, He has two different colored eyes brown on the left and a vibrant green one on the right, To add to his green eye he has tattoos on the entire right side of his face that look like snake scales.

Janus also has quite a few unique features. His right eye glows when it's late in the evening, The snake scale tattoos and his right eye symbolize that he is part snake as revealed with his sharp fangs he uses to eat and small tongue, He also has a fancy for my brother.

"I'm telling you Prince Roman, sometimes you're brother is just the most unpredictable thing!", Janus says as I see my brother conveniently walk over to us." what are you both talking about?", Remus said in his raspy voice as Janus took his hand. "you~",Janus said in a sultry tone with a smirk as he kissed remus's hand and my brother's face quickly blossomed into a light shade of pink.

I walk away leaving them to talk for a moment together alone. I decided to have a quiet evening stroll in the enchanted forest, trying to at least find some more mystical spices or herbs to add to my special collection. As I turn the corner of the stone path I hear a soft and rich voice singing a melody, I head further down the path hearing the voice cut off.

When I reach a small stream off the rocky pathway I see an elf with the clothes of an archer. His ear was pierced with a golden earring dangling from it. His hair flowing in the delicate spring breeze was past his shoulders in a mullet with the tips dyed purple, half of his bangs covering one of his bright ice blue eyes.

He was sitting at the edge of a cliff with one of his legs close to his chest, while the other one swayed up and down with ease. The elf's bow and arrows, still in his quiver that had some purple and plaid patches sewn onto the worn out parts. We locked eyes for a second his gorgeous icy blue eyes met with my grey and softened stare.

"Are you just going to stand there and look at me?", the archer said as my face grew heated. "ah! no! sorry!" I respond rubbing the back of my neck. The archer jumped off the cliff landing perfectly in front of me while he brushed off his pants and looked back into my eyes.

"I'm sorry for staring it's just, I haven't seen an elf in these forests for quite some time now. And I haven't seen one so Handsome at that...", I say catching the elf off guard as he blinked his eyes in surprise, blushed slightly, and took a step back from me.

I notice that apart from the archer's beautiful facial features he has an injury under his parted hair that covers his right eye. "U-um excuse me but, may I take a look at your wound," I ask as he slightly pushes his hair back so I can have a clear look at it. I gasp as I see that the wound goes from the top of his right eyebrow to the bottom of his eye.

"what happened?" I asked him taking a handkercheif out of my pocket and dampening it in the stream so I could clean the wound. He hisses in pain as I make sure the wound isn't too bad. "well, whoever you are, I'm pretty sure this wound didn't come from a dragon witch."

I look at him in concern, "The name's vigril, and what in the world is a dragon witch?" He said and chuckling. "well, Virgil. A dragon witch is a witch that is part dragon, it's just the way it sounds which I know is pretty preposterous if you ask me." We both laugh in unison as our cheeks become tinted pink.

Ever since that day, Virgil and I have been meeting with each other for 2 years and I think it's time I proposed to him this time.

I once again go down the rubble path that always leads me to the sweet and serene sight of my love, Virgil. "Morning, love!", I call out to my dearest as he rushes into my arms with a grin upon his face.

"Hey." I say getting Virgil's attention. "hm?" I hear Virgil grunt into my chest. " I want to show you something.

I take his hand, running in a field of daffodils and looking at the sunset under a beautiful cherry blossom willow tree. I look passionately into his eyes smiling with the happiness of one thousand suns.

"Virgil, I want you to know that every day I spend with you makes my life even brighter. These two years that we've been together have been memorable, but the most memorable part of our memories is seeing you smile, taking in the happiness that has been given to you and letting me see the true you."

I kneel on one knee and look up with love, hope, perseverance, and pure happiness as I bring out the small red velvet box that used to lay in my closet for days. "Virgil, would you spend the rest of your days with me, and marry me?"

In silence I stare into my lovers eyes as he tears up and falls to the ground on both knees."YES! I swear on my immortal soul princey yes!" I get tackled in a bundle of hugs and kisses as he cups my face and presses his forehead against mine.

"you gotta promise me something virgil, you need to give up hunting so you can't move far away from me okay?"

"Of course I will , my prince."

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