Adventure Horror Mystery

The night had fallen when Rachel backed after the party at Smiths; a farewell party it was. They sold their house to Ryans — a Latin family somewhere from Northern Europe.

A surprise to Rachel: it was midnight, and the party hadn’t entirely over some guests wouldn’t have left, yet. They were bidding their adieu to Smiths. But Ryans arrived with all their goods and chattels to be shifted. Rachel stood on her balcony when the truck stopped there and wondering about how bleak her life would be when Peter Smith will get away from here? She barely had friends, and Peter was the truest.

“What on the earth forced them to shift at this sort of time?” she muttered to herself. Anyway, Smiths didn’t look much bothered to ask them questions; they welcomed them to had gone faded party for dinner. Rachel thought to take her sleep, and she knew when she’ll wake up in the morning, they might have gone by then.

The next day it was an unwelcome rainy day, full of billowy clouds in the sky, running here and there — Rachel loves to see them. But she would see was the utter silence at Smiths house. As expected, they had left early in the morning.

‘Peter didn’t come to see me, and it was a fair decision, and wise.’ Rachel thought.

Ryans already had made their house arranged — the fancy chandelier was dangling on the entrance, where once Peter and Rachel put the chandelier made of paper and cardboard.

She sniffed the morning air filled with trepidation, and it had no more smell of world-famous streaks that Miss. Smith makes. Her eyes were seeking hope. Suddenly, they stopped at Peter’s window. She could see him reading the Vampire and their lost empire’ she jumped a foot above the ground in excitement. She thought Peter was reading as he was reading the same book, currently. She filled with utmost disappointment when the boy came out on the balcony. He was a big muscular guy wearing shorts only, his blue eyes peering far in the clouds. Rachel couldn’t stop herself ogling the manliness glow coming from him. A moment ago, she was upset, seemed like ages ago, now aroused to some extent. Her eyes were fluttering to lose in his eyes. She had a heavy breath now, so she absconded inside to avoid him, to see her blushing — the very nasty first impression it would be.

The next day it was sunny, as usual, near the seaside towns. She was all set to impress handsome Ryan — she stood on her balcony have waited for an hour; she didn’t get any sign of him.

 A week passed, she didn’t see them; they never came out of the house. She never saw Ryans. They were quite strange...

She ran towards her balcony as she heard the loud limpid laughter outside at the time when the entire town is sleeping, and Owls are hooting. They were Ryans wandering in the gloom of night when the fog was blanketed over the entire city. Rachel barely saw their faces, but she could recognize well the hot blue-eyed man stood on the balcony half-naked that day. All of them were wearing cloaks, and their head covered, a fear tickled down in her veins.

“They are not only strange but spooky,” Rachel hissed when her beady eyes were fluttering lecherously.

She rushed inside and hid under blankets. Soon her lilting heartbeats found the warmth and came down to normal, and she had fallen asleep.

The day was bright, and twinkling canoes were propelling far in the sea; Rachel was feeling light and would come to the balcony to see the sizzling man in the next. She couldn’t see them; it was an eerie silence, as usual. She heard a rumor of Ryans being Vampire—she could believe it badly after that frightening night. She would dare not to confirm them directly, but she decided to spy on them. She went to Ryans, elegantly they welcomed her, and she looked pleased by their hostility. She never knew she would slay Eric Ryan with her astounding, dazzling beauty. But rather than seeing him, she was highly bothered about the stink of something dead in their house. She wondered how they are alive here—she would have died if she stayed one more minute. She ran away when Mrs. Ryan was inside for lemonade. Eric was becoming red, utterly aroused.

However, Rachel got her confirmation of the rumor of Ryans being a Vampire. They are Vampire — she must say that was the stink of fresh blood, of any animal or disgusting to think — of a human. She was trembling with fear like she would have escaped from peril. That would take her life.

The same night she heard them wandering around in the town in the foggy gloom, a fear ran down her nerves every time they were around. It was becoming the coldest night of the season. She could barely walk as she was shivering, but nothing would stop her to follow them today. What they would do this late? Rachel thought and went behind. The hooded Vampire family was at the hunt in the night; she blanched by what she saw. Now, she was feeling no more cold—the rapid blood flow in her veins from head-to-toe made her warm. Eric snapped the poor old-man wearing rounded specs with head walking towards them and tilted his neck aside and sucked his blood. The old-man almost died when the last member of the family Mrs. Ryan filled her belly with his blood. Thereafter, threw him in the hedges of a house And again Eric’s sister murmured something, and all laughed hilariously-

It was cloud drooling down, and the sun didn’t appear, so she could see Ryans in the street. Eric came to Rachel to ask for a date. She would like to, but she was afraid. After a moment of brainstorming with herself, she agreed because she thought, “if I’ll refuse they’ll gonna suck my blood, as well.” What so ever, Eric was an irresistible boy any girl could never refuse him—what a grace he had.

Slurping her coffee, Rachel asked him fearlessly, “I know Eric, you’re a Vampire, aren’t you?”

He turned pale in a moment; a disgusting smile spread on his lips. “Y... Yes, we are,” he said coolly and looked down to avoid her eye-contact. His coffee was getting glacial. “But I’ll never harm you, please don’t leave me.” Rachel almost left the café that was getting shinier, day after day, as Christmas was coming.

She breathed heavily and asked something, bewitching her controls on her emotions. “Why did you come here, among the normal people like us? I saw you yesterday sucking the blood of Uncle Robert. Argh! He is critical,” Rachel barked out anyway, her chocked throat not letting her speak eloquently.

“Umm… I am sorry. Who told you, you’re normal?” Eric said wryly. “You’re not any ordinary Vampire, you’re supreme of our community. You could survive in the normal conditions with these nasty humans and could survive with us, as well. You’re the first Vampire to achieve: you can live without blood as a human does, you can stay powerful in the sunlight. You’re our Queen. You’re selfless, pure, and divine that our community was looking in for our leader. We’re here to protect you since we are the best fighter.”

Rachel couldn’t believe this, she smirked and hissed. “What rubbish? Why would you do that? You are trying to outmaneuver me, don’t you? I am not foolish, am I?” This time she was more confident and fearless in making eye-contact with him.

“I knew you won’t believe, I have proof. See you at my house. ”

“No, I can’t. It stinks. I’m not in a mood to puke, anyway.” He laughed with dazzle. “See you,” he said and left before the sun would come out digging the clouds.


“Is my house stinking to you, Rachel? Eric was saying,” Mrs. Ryan broke out. She looked upset. The delicate fine lines under her eyes were beautiful, she looked as young as Eric.

“Anyway, mom. I told you these humans don’t deserve our respect. But you wanted to see her as my wife. You decide what to do with our Queen,” Eric said in a rageful voice. It made her shudder.

“Umm… let’s taste her blood. I am sure she would taste like strawberry. What do you say? She is beautiful and amorously sweet, isn’t she?” Mrs. Ryan sullenly said and peered at Rachel. She was drenched with sweat, her face soaked with utmost fear, and heartbeats became somber. She couldn’t run, she got trapped. The evening had fallen outside, and fog covered the window panes. She couldn’t see outside, and so her house for the last time. The house her mom and dad would have made with profound delicacy and love for her. She never saw them, but she could see them in every particle of the house.

She winced in fright. She felt a hand clasped her neck and felt the warmth of breath approaching near her neck to suck her blood. With the scent, she must say, it was Eric. Her mind stopped thinking about anything. Her blood had become glacial, and that would be great for them—like a chilled beer.

She felt something sharp pinched in her neck; it was teeth. Rather than getting kisses from Mr. sexy, she got a pain in her neck.

But it was never too late. She heard a tumultuous roar. Her eyes were opened in a moment. A flurry of relief filled in her body, she panted when she found Ryans stood in the corner, shivering. Begging for mercy. The giant wolf was roaring devastatingly at them. They were looking purple. Eric's wound of wolf's feet on his right face was eerie, bleeding dreadfully. Rachel decided to creep out of the broken door through which the wolf would come. As she turned for a quick glance to the man she was loving. He looked no more slaying but quite frightening. She found the wolf was staring in her eyes. But not angrily, as he did to Ryans but with adore. She stood still; it seemed like she would feel the love in his fierce eyes. The wolf crawled towards her, but she didn’t dare to turn and fled. Like her body spellbound. She again winced, and her head bent down; pinkish sweat trickled on her face. She again sensed the warmth of breath on her face.

“Rachel…” she heard. “Rachel… What are you doing here?” She opened her eyes to see—Peter was standing on her face. She hugged him badly. Cried a lot — her brooded fear made her sob more badly. Ryans were still stood purple in the corner. Frightened.

In a moment, she realized where the wolf had gone. “Peter, where did the wolf go?”

Peter laughed hilariously. “It was me,” he said.


“You’re a werewolf, Peter. So, what were you doing among normal people?” Rachel asked Peter.

“Who told you, you’re normal? You’re a werewolf unknown from your capabilities. My mom and dad have completed their duty here of protecting you, so we left. But I love you, Rachel. Your protection wasn’t my duty, it’s my responsibility, now. It was a full-moon night, so Ryans were weak, but not today. They will kill you at any moment. Let’s go with me to our world. Everyone is waiting for their Queen.”

“But… Eric told me I’m a —" Rachel said in a shimmering voice. "I don’t think he was lying, did he?”

“Yes… You’re precious for both. You’re supreme. You’re equally capable of becoming Queen to any of them. Your mother was Vampire, and your father was a werewolf. You could do everything a werewolf and a vampire can,” Peter said. “Werewolf and Vampire are fighting to have you. A fight only brings destruction, so we had decided fifteen years for each and those who will take great care of you during that period, you will be Queen of the community. My parents represented werewolf, and so they were protecting you. So, we left after we had done, and it is the time for Vampires to protect you… But luckily for us, Vampires tried himself to harm you, so officially, you’re our Queen.”

Rachel felt giddy, everything was beyond her dainty brain. The Vampire and werewolf were revolving in her head. She couldn’t understand her importance to them. She peered at Peter’s eyes, and all apart she understood only love...

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